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A leading actor, Olen is most known for his stereotypical roles of a village lad or a very down-to-earth person. Winner of many "Best Actor" awards, his performances are often loud and impressive. In most films, his persona takes a strong presence and he is often credited with bringing lighter moments to any serious film too. Memorable performance include "Laallasi Pal", "Dr. Yaima", "Nangna Mama Oibiyu", "Lakhipiyari", "Chang-see Chang", "Radharani" and others.

Olen L
Name: Olen L
Height: 5' 10
Date of Birth: 1st March
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Watching Movies
Foods: Non - Vegetarian
Address: Shangakpham, Chingmeirom
A Brief Intro: Started as a Theatre Artist and Member of "Orient Drama Union", Imphal. Achieved Best Actor Award 2005, Male Actors of the year 2005-2007, Film Academy Manipur, Best Actors Award 2007 (Festival of Manipur Cinema 2007) Orgd. by Film Forum Manipur.
Film Works: Doctor Yaima, Lakhipiyari, Radha Rani and many more.
Others: Participated in aound 15 Drama, 2 short play, 3 Celluloid Film, (Yenin Amadi Likla 2007, International Film Festival, Goa 2007. Panorama) 11 Video film released, nearly 100 digital Films, nearly 50 films on process, 8 hindi serial and 10 Manipuru Tele Serial (DDK)


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