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Classics are generally known for their ability to perpetuate admiration and authority. Creative individuals look at them for inspiration to add colour to life. The classics are also known for their endurance and consistency. They produce a tradition that is capable of transforming cultures and adding new found values. Many old classic Manipuri films were made by people endowed with original ideas through brilliant efforts.

Many of us at E-Rang are still smitten by works of great Manipuri film makers who had made a mark for themselves around the globe. In fact, we at E-Pao.net thought of paying a great tribute to those brave souls who pioneered the art of film making in Manipur. Of the many ways of doing the same, is to recall those nostalgic moments that created history.

We have few objectives set out for E-Rang classics:
a) To bring back to life the glorious years of Manipuri film making,
b) To exalt and cannonise the works of the pioneers,
c) To inspire the growing number of new age Manipuri film makers and
d) To bridge the gap between complex and simple ways of film making.

In an age when the new generations have experienced a technological revolution in film making for better or for worse, we at E-Pao.net wishes to enliven the strength of the ideas through some simple and rare images of those great men and women who have become models and icons.

Hope, you all will share our passions too!

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