Announcement for past pupils of Little Flower School

Dear all,

I am Nandini Thockchom of Class of '86. I have been visiting the school on various occasions and one of the recent happening is the Golden Jubilee celebration which falls on 16, 17, 18 October 2008.

One task assigned to the past pupils(PPs) is collection of funds for a smooth and creasefree celebration. While the present students and teachers are running from pillar to post in arrangement of logistics, sequence of events etc etc, I volunteered to appeal to all of you(with the firm hope and confidence that you will spread on the message) who are in around and away from manipur to contribute generously.

Since it is just round the corner, I suggest we act fast. No doubt we are busy with our proffessional and personal lives, and though this act will be like a drop in the ocean, I feel that we all take immense pride passing out from that school and thats why this message.

I would like your ideas on this and comment and also actually come out with some concrete contribution. What is being done now is collecting money from agreeable PPs by a handful of teachers who does not even have all the names of the PPs.

I had also suggested that we can come out with a resource directory kind of thing of the PPs and exhibit it which will contain our fotos, add, what we are doing, family blah blah any spl. achivements.

With even a lukewrm response, Konika of '83 batch and I shall try to put that up. So Please fill me in.

Nandini Thockchom,
Director, Child and Gender Unit
Forum for Indigenous Perspectives and Action (FIPA)
Jupiter Yambem Center, Paona International market
Imphal West 795001 Manipur, North East India
Tel: 91 9863170481
email: nthockchom(at)gmail(dot)com