February 11, 1958

A Primary School was started in a little house called "Nirmalabas" in the heart of the Town, with the first Sisters, Sr. Cleofe, Sr. Agnes Kurkalang, Sr. Cecilia Doyle with 138 students the following year Sr. Mary Mascarenhas joined them. The new school soon began to function and in four years the strength rose to 476 with 10 boarders. The house was too small and Divine Providence came to the Sisters aid.

With the help of God the new school began to function to the great advantage of hundreds of children. Nirmalabas could not hold them, so the Sisters planned to shift their Institution about 6 kilometers away, to a huge paddy field at that time, which belonged to R.K. Mangessana the royal family, and it was blessed by the late Bishop Marengo.

The family of the King was very close to the sisters, and the Rani would often invite them for a cup of tea to their house, and would feel it was a blessing to have the sisters in the royal. The construction of Little Flower School seemed long and tedious, materials were difficult to get, but the means was cordially given through Divine Providence from the Headquarters - the Provincial House. The sacrifices of the first Sisters are recorded in heaven.

Little Flower School, then at Nirmalabas
Little Flower School, then at Nirmalabas

Everyday the sisters from Nirmalabas would walk all the way to the site with a little tiffin box, and they would remain whole day to supervise the work. The big boulders were brought from Churachandpur in the truck that belonged to the Salesian fathers. The sisters had to struggle to make both ends meet, so to raise some money they would stitch uniforms for the poor children, pants for the boys which would take three days at most to complete. The sisters those days faced the difficulties that beset them bravely.

In the course of time, the relentless efforts, the sacrifices and perseverance of the sisters bore fruit. The impossible became possible, for the sisters, continually guided by the Heavenly Father and carried on with their noble mission with zeal and enthusiasm and knew nothing about impossibilities.

In 1962 the construction was completed and the Sisters were happy to transfer the children of Nirmalabas to Little Flower School with the strength of 476 and 10 boarders’ classes from Nursery to Class X. As the number of pupils increased and the school grew in quality and size it was important that the school be recognized as a High School.

The M.E. School was recognized by L. Ch. Singh the then Inspector of Schools, Manipur on 1st November 1961 by the Government of Manipur. The High School was recognized by the Board of Secondary Education Assam SEBA on 19th January 1966. The first batch of Matric students who appeared for the Board Exams were 5 with 3 First Divisions, 2 second divisions, cent percent result. From then onwards the students appeared as Regular students in the H.S.L.C. examination.

It always comes in handy for a lady to know some basics of needle work and so followed the needlework class. "Hold your needle this way, never put the needle in your mouth, the Sisters would whisper in silence. Needle work class would never be a time of gossiping- a most crucial discipline for young ladies together with a skill.

In the month of June 1977 saw a new activity awaiting us. It was found necessary to give a more integral education to the village girls who had no possibility in attending schools. It was the enthusiasm and zeal of Mother Marchetti which made it possible to start this special group. Thus the Grihini (Vocational) School for adult girls was started under the guidance of a trained Sister in tailoring.

The first batch of students did a six months course at the end of which they were given diplomas. They were taught to weave, knit, embroider and tailor. Sr. Superior, Nelli Nunes the then Superior showed keen interest in providing all the necessary equipments. Too great a number is not possible for the individual follow up of the girls so a limited numbers of 25 are taken at every batch.

LFS, Metric first batch students
LFS, Metric first batch students

Today Little Flower School can be proud of the part it has played and the significant contributions it has played in molding the character of thousands of girls who have gone passed through its portals.

Those who have studied in Little Flower will recall with vivid details the various qualities that the school had helped them to inculcate. Qualities like faith in religion, discipline, politeness, decency, hard work, dignity of labor, teamwork, importance of silence, cleanliness but most importantly human values .All these were relentlessly driven home in order to make it an integral part of the lives of each student.