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Amar Raj

Amar Raj or R.K. Amarjit was a famous actor in the 90's era when the Manipur audiences were having the taste of celluloid cinema before the advent of digital movies in the state. But suddenly, when the celluloid era was completely erased from Manipur, the actor had to stop acting and later he acted again in digital movies and directed several cinemas which have been acclaimed by Manipuri audience and today he is considered as one of the popular director of Manipur Digital Cinema Industry.

Amar Raj
Name: Amar Raj/ R.K. Amarjit
Profession: Actor/Director
Date of Birth: 1st March,
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
First Film: Naoshum in the year 1988 (video format), Thambal as supporting actor in the year 1993 (celluloid) and his solo cinema is Eral Oirage in the 1994 in celluloid and for his performance in the said cinema he received the best actor award in 3rd Manipur State Film Festival.
First digital cinema: Telaba Punshigi Esei in the year 2002.
How many cinemas so far: 17 for celluloid and more 20 cinemas for digital cinema.
How many cinema he has directed: More than 30 cinemas and another five is yet to release.
Address: Keishamthong Top Leirak.
Some of the blockbuster: Eral Oirage, Eigeeni Khanna, Aroiba Natte, etc. in celluloid and Lamhenbi Thamoisina, Thamoigi Wahangduni, Meetki Kajal and many more.

Brief Description: By birth, Amarjit was keen to show his interest in acting and participated in various dance and drama organized in his locality and institutes. His dream came true when he got his first break in the celluloid era during end of 80's where he got to act as supporting actor in "Eral Oirage" in the year 1988 and later got his first solo in the year 1993 in the film Eigeeni Khanna and got Best Actor Award in the 3rd Manipur State Film Festival.

But suddenly when the entire industry of celluloid declined from the state, he had to stop acting in the cinema and start producing various album songs. Again, when the entire state was announced that filming of album songs was closed down, he stop producing the music album too!!!

Amar Raj with an actress

Later, when the Digital Manipuri cinema was introduced in early period of millennium, he got offers to act in several cinemas and later he produced as well as directed in the many cinemas which are found to be popular and acclaimed by the Manipuri audience. Today, he is well known by the audience as an outstanding Director apart from being a good Actor.

Future Planning: To produce and direct more cinemas.

Comment about the present trend of Manipuri cinema: Well the present trend need to polish, everyone knows that the cinemas which are being filmed in the state does not have the quality comparing with other national or international cinemas. Even with low infrastructure and low finances, large quantity of cinema are being produced every year. However, he believed that it will change very shortly in the industry.

Best Actor or Co-Actor as well as crew: Everyone one in the industry.

Amar Raj directing

Social Message: Time is very limited and with the globalization everyone in the world are running for their own benefit as well as country or society. So, as a director or actor he wants everyone to come together and love each other affectionately and keep peace in the state.

Favourite colour: Every colour.

Favourite dish: Indigenous foods of Meitei.

Favourite outfits: Casual.

Onscreen or off screen: Both.

Amar Raj with an actress

Like and Dislike: Honest and dishonest respectively.

How you feel when people applauded you with your cinemas: I feel proud of myself when I realized that the audience of Manipur and some parts of North Eastern people like my work and appreciated.

Are you trapped in controversy from the past: No comment.

To be an actor and later director how was your experience in the film industry: I am a struggler and my struggle to fulfill my wishes is still on and to be an actor as well as director is not easy task, I have came across with various obstacles but my willpower never let my spirit down.

As a senior actor in the Manipuri cinema industry what you would like to give message to the follower or newcomer in the industry: Though the present trend of Manipuri film industry is not that much high standard, it still has a big scope to explore in the field of cinema. And if we work together, we can bring changes in the film industry.

** Updated on September 11, 2010.


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