Kongbrailatpam Dinesh Sharma :: The perfect Bachelor of the town

Kongbrailatpam Dinesh

Dinesh, the epitome of talent and charm, is the embodiment of the perfect Bachelor in town. With his remarkable journey, he has achieved great success, yet he remains humble and believes there is still more to explore in his career. Dinesh aspires to touch people's lives and create unforgettable moments that will leave a lasting impact.......

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Name: Kongbrailatpam Dinesh Sharma
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Date of Birth: 18th December
Hair Colour: Black
Marital Status: Bachelor
Hobbies: Sports, Singing, Listening to the music and explore new songs and apart from them he also like acting and purcussion.
Foods: The indigenous foods of Manipuri ( Kangsoi, Morok Metpa and Singju, etc..)
Address: Sagolband Amudol Leirak, Imphal West.
Film Works: Thajabagi Wangmada, Nangsu Mouni, Ayekpa Kajal, Ahingi Phura and many more...
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The perfect Bachelor of the town

Brief Introduction: From a young age, Dinesh has harbored a deep passion for singing. Unlike many others, he never ventured into acting, choosing instead to stay within the boundaries of his musical talent. It was his mother who ignited this flame within him, serving as his inspiration to pursue singing. Although not a professional singer herself, she continues to be the songstress of their household, lending her voice to every occasion held within the walls of their home.

Dinesh's admiration for the legendary Bollywood singer, Mohamad Rafi, sparked his fascination with Hindi songs. Inspired by Rafi's music, Dinesh embarked on his own musical journey, eventually becoming one of the most charismatic singers in Manipur.

Dinesh, growing up in a humble family, faced numerous financial challenges. In a remarkable display of determination, he and his two friends each contributed 5000 rupees to form a band and launch his debut album. This marked the birth of his first solo album, "Manglangi Chanabi," in the year 2000-01. The entire music-loving community in the state showered him with praise, making him an idol for all. Dinesh's "Boys Next Door" appearance and his enchanting songs captivated the public's hearts. Despite receiving numerous offers to act in Manipuri Digital films during this period, Dinesh, being a shy individual, declined every opportunity.

However, his refusal to pursue acting caused significant distress for his mother, leading to her hospitalization for an extended period. Nevertheless, after carefully considering his mother's perspective, Dinesh made a life-changing decision to embark on a career in the film industry.

In the midst of the new millennium, he finally got his big break in the film industry. The film that catapulted him to fame was none other than "Thajabagi Wangmada," directed by the talented duo Oken Amakcham and Narendra Ningombam. Surjakanta, with his keen eye for talent, approached him with this incredible opportunity.

Today, he has become a renowned actor and a talented singer, driven by his unwavering belief in pushing boundaries and embracing new experiences in life.

Film Works: Today, he has already starred in more than five films, with two more eagerly anticipated releases lined up for 2010. Among the films that have already hit the screens are Thajabagi Wangmada, Nangsu Mouni, Ayekpa Kajal, Ahingi Phura (which holds the distinction of being the first Manipuri Digital film shot outside the country in Singapore), and Telanga Mamei. As for the two upcoming releases, fans can look forward to Dhrubatra and Ningthibi Shingel..

Memorable Filming Experience: Amidst the filming of one of his renowned songs in Thoubal, a sudden power outage halted the shooting temporarily. However, in a heartwarming turn of events, both the crew and the audience continued singing along, creating an unforgettable moment.

What do you feel about the current Manipuri Film Industry: It is his firm belief that the Manipuri film industry is in dire need of a transformation, as it currently lacks the essence of quality. Hence, it is imperative for every individual involved in this profession to be well-versed in their industry's history, embrace the necessity for change, and readily adapt to it.

Who do you like working: Everyone which he has come across till date be it - directors, his co-actors and crews.

Future Plan: He envisions a future where every song in Manipur undergoes a modernization makeover, breathing new life into the traditional Nat-Sankritan performances. With the introduction of innovative techniques, he aims to revolutionize the Manipuri film industry and enhance its current state.

Other Skills: Taekwondo, Karate, Thang-Ta and other sports activities.

Childhood memories: In the midst of his singing phase, he was assigned to a maestro to acquire musical knowledge. However, he consistently struggled to grasp the lessons taught by his instructors due to his extreme shyness. This timid individual lacked the confidence to confront unfamiliar faces.

Most Difficult Roles Done: Every single character he has portrayed on the big screen has posed a challenge for him, as he finds it hard to fathom that someone as introverted as himself can excel in the world of acting... (he laughs.......)

What do you do in spare time: In his spare time he keep exploring new music and songs.

Social Messages: Manipur is currently facing its worst state, primarily due to misunderstandings among its people. It is crucial for us to unite and not suppress one another. Both individuals with power and those without should have the opportunity to address the issues at hand. By doing so, we can create an environment where people can live freely without the prevailing fears that currently plague our state.


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