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Aphao Yumnam

Aphao Yumnam

Name: Yumnam Tikendrajit Singh
Nick Name: Aphao
Father's Name: Yumnam Nabakishor Singh
Mother's Name: Yumnam Binashakhi Devi
Address: Mutum Phibou Awang Leikai
Date of Birth: 21st January, ****
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 175 cms.
Qualification: Graduate
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, chatting with friends
Profession: Music Director, Singer and Actor
First Audio Album: Mitchi Mitna

"I will sing till my last breath (Ei eeshei shakhini sidrifaoba sak-khini)"

These are the words that inspire the musical journey of one of the young and sensational singer of Manipur - Yumnam Tikendrajit popularly known as Aphao. Participating and winning awards in village level and state level competition at the young age of 12/13 while studying in Class VII in 1993 and 1994. Now a famous singer, Aphao first performed at the stage of BOAT when he was studying in Class X by organizing his own musical nite titled 'Tikendrajit Nite' in the year 1997.

With just 8 songs on his first ever musical show, Aphao could hardly get the audience attention as it was his first stage show. Aphao was confused whether he should further sing or not ..... Aphao realized walking through the journey of music was not an going to be an easy task.

However, the musical journey of Aphao got a big bump with the support and encouragement from his elder brother, Bimol Phibou, one of the leading film maker, director and lyricist. Thus, Aphao decided to continue and work hard in his journey of music with his brother Bimol who was a guiding force in each and every walk of life for Aphao.

After concentrating on his studies to complete his graduation and after a gap of some years, Aphao again began his journey in music and produce his first ever music album 'Mitchi Mitna' (both in audio and video) which people came to somehow recognise him. With his first musical album that turns out to be a stepping stone, Aphao never let the opportunity go down by approaching famous artist to seek their help and support. Taking chances with hope by working together with famous artists of Manipur, Aphao started working under Gopi (reknown music director) and started singing as a playback singer for the film Maanja and Ningol Leima.

As a playback singer, Aphao was noticed by many, when he sang Nangni nangtani athoiba nangni miyamna pamjaba and yenglammi marou leibi mityengna for the film Maanja, and eigidi nangtani mapok khuding thungnabei ichelna taamkhrabasu for the film Ningol Leima. After that, in almost every musical shows in Manipur, Aphao was invited to perform live on stages.

Aphao has been a 'playback singer' in as many as 70 films that includes Cheinakhol, Eshwar masu angaobani, Fagi fagidagi, Oooh the great, govindagi sarik makhol, heinoujom yumbal telangga yahip, keidoungei loigani imunggi laanjao, mangalsigi ashada, thajagi mangal, papagi cycle, kunti, sanamatum and more.

Besides, Aphao began to work as Music Director from the early part of 2008 when he was invited for his first music directional debut for the film Huranbadu mapuni directed by Diya Khwairakpam. After that, he was 'Music Director' in films like Eigi ming raghu, ngairamge eina, gaari driver, 11 hour, dakpham, ahing mamei, mapok mayee, eereiduda, eigi morambee, mikithi-2, Apha-hen, thabalgee mangal, tamthiba alias nungshiba, yaiskulgi pakhang angaoba, khomei .

Aphao is also working as Music Director in the upcoming films like Nupa sabee, thajagi maihing, da aphao, yaifare yaifare, daku rainbow. Music directional process is also going on for films like Dakpham-2, Keirol Leikai, Khongnang Boat, Warakki tayal, Meeram. Totally, Aphao has work as Music Director and also as playback singer in as many as 100 films.

Aphao Yumnam

Aphao Yumnam

Popular numbers of Aphao are

Ø Narol Eerol Thai mai
Ø Nakhoi khulgi khunjindani eina nangbu ngaijaba - Yaiskulgi pakhang angaoba
Ø Sininglaga sirone nangbu - 11 hour
Ø Wagetani naitom hingba pamlabadi - Eigi ming raghu
Ø Nangna eigidamak lepiraba - Mapok mayee
Ø Nungshiba heitrabi chinbalduna - dakpham
Ø Sitlare ashaba nungshit - ahing mamei
Ø Nungshiba saba lai - thabalgi mangal
Ø Maihing kabi thaja - tamthiba alias nungshiba
Ø Nungshigi yotlhing - mapok mayee
Ø Leinambu leirangna yenbara (with Madhuri) - ahing mamei
Ø Ngao-i-he chak-ee-he (with mandakini) - 11 hour
Ø Nanggi nungshi wakhalda ahing nungthil anida (with pushparani) - Kunti
Ø Tamna uriba (with Sorri Senjam) - Papagi cycle

Aphao Yumnam

Aphao Yumnam

Inspite of heavy hectic schedule in music direction and singing, Aphao has acted in a film directed by a lady director - Santa Potshangbam titled 'Da Aphao' as the main character Aphao and co-acted with Abenao. The film is slated to be released on October 16 2012 . He has assignment for acting in three upcoming films. Aphao has a hope for being the people's favourite choice for this particular song written by Baby Keisham which he sings along with Pusparani for his upcoming film "Da Aphao" that goes like this:
Mitna Noklaga Wadi ngangdana
Saktamduni aina laatliba
Mityengduni eina ngaoriba
Muu-na muu-na yengba mityengduni ngaoriba
Yaton ubi nokpana henna pamjabi
Eeng tappi natouduni eisu chakliba
Mityengdudani hingliba

For his journey in the world of music, Aphao gives his first credit to his elder brother Bimol Phibou one of the leading film maker, director and AIR approved lyricist without whom Aphao might not be in the arena of Manipuri music. Together with brother Bimol, for film and music, they have a common vision to work for the development of Manipuri film and music. Bimol Phibou has been a Music director for films like 11 hour, Dakpham, Ahing Mamei, Wasak, Mapok Mayee, Tamthiba alias Nungshiba, Papa gi Cycle, Thabalgi Mangal. Nevertheless, Aphao never forgets the support, encouragement and help that his parents, family members, intimate friends and well wishers have extended to him.

At present, Aphao is busy in directing music for films in his home studio called AIMS (Aphao Institute & Musical Studio) at New Checkon Puleiromba Leikai in Imphal East. Around 35 students, old and very young, come to seek Aphao's guidance in learning music.

Aphao's message: "All people are in different professions and have different ideas, but we are all human, one must not let others down, we must have our own freedom to be alive, then we could have a developed and civilized society."

Attention! Aphao is back on September 23, 2012 at Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre performing live. Be there to experience music and the sensational voice of Aphao.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on September 18, 2012


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