An interview with Arunapati Phairenbam (Internet Queen 2011)

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An interview with Arunapati Phairenbam - the E-pao Internet Queen at the Miss Manipur Contest 2011 (See a Photo gallery of the award function in here )

Arunapati Phairenbam

Arunapati Phairenbam

Name: Arunapati Phairenbam
Address: Moirang Maya Leikai
Age: 17
Date of Birth: June 16, 1994
Height: 5'6 half
Favorite food items: Junk food
Educational Qualification: Pursuing 12 standard at RK. Sanatombi Memorial School
Hobbies: Singing, Modelling
Miss Manipur 2011 Profile: Click here

R.K. Hemabati

Arunapati with the title of E-Pao Internet Queen How do you feel on winning the Miss Manipur internet queen 2011 title?
Arunapati:: I am extremely happy and also thank for sponsoring this award. What inspired you to compete in the Miss Manipur beauty pageant?
Arunapati: I took up the challenge to test and expose my talents and also with the hope to wear the prestigious Miss Manipur crown. Have you ever been in other contest or shows rather than the Miss Manipur? If so can you mention the name of the contest?
Arunapati: Yes. This is my third time contesting in a major beauty pageant contest. I have taken part in the 'Orange Queen' contest twice besides appearing in some local shows. You are studying in 12 standard at the same time you have taken up modeling. What is your future plan? Do you want to become a model or concentrate in your studies?
Arunapati: I keep Modeling as the secondary option when compared to with my studies. I would like to become a doctor but if I were to pursue modeling I would like to become Miss World or a Top model. Why modeling a secondary option?
Arunapati: There is no market for modeling industry in Manipur as of now. One will not be able to sustain oneself with modeling. Since when did you start taking up modeling and from where did you get the basic knowledge of modeling. Have you ever been in modeling classes?
Arunapati: I was in 9 standard when I first step into the world of modeling. I didnt get any classes. Due to my enthusiasm, one of my cousins sisters provided me with tips and guidance on stage performance and other relevant things on how to become a model. Do you have any future plan or interest to joint the Manipur Film industry
Arunapati: No I don't have any, I prefer Bollywood to Manipur film industry, I have rejected several offers. What is the reason behind your lack of interest in Manipur film industry?
Arunapati: I prefer not elaborating on that but I see some complication.

Arunapati Phairenbam

Arunapati Phairenbam What do you gain from competing in the Miss Manipur contest?
Arunapati: I gain a lot from joining the contest. Body language, art of interaction, stage performance etc to name a few apart from being a platform for creating friendship. What is your opinion on Irom Sharmila's movement who has been fasting for over a decade to repeal AFSPA 1958?
Arunapati: I really admire her unique fight. It is very encouraging and feels proud for what she is doing in highlighting the strength and power of what women can do. All the women community should come together as one to support her cause and create global awareness of what she is doing. What do you want to do for the society?
Arunapati: I would like to uproot corruption, Patriarchal dominance culture and bad political influences. Do you think that modeling can fit in a conservative society like Manipur?
Arunapati: Yes I think so if people are given the positive awareness of what modeling is credible of. According to my point of view, this is a platform for exposing our talents and at the same time a platform to build confidence by overcoming the staged fright. The lack of awareness is the main factor why modeling as a career cannot prosper here. However, the industry is slowly gaining its momentum these days and hope someday it will succeed in expanding its market. Any message that you want to give to the society?
Arunapati: I believe the aphorism 'Give Love to Gain Love' and this is a vital tool to keep the society peaceful and harmonious. Any word for
Arunapati: I thank for such an encouraging contest. This provides exposure and platform for the deserving local girls. I hope they continue organising it in the future. whom do you give your credit for your success in winning the Internet queen?
Arunapati: I want to give the credit solely to for this.

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* This interview was done by Leivon Jimmy Lamjkang for eRang Team in mid June 2011 . This article was first webcasted on June 26, 2011


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