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* Interview by Team E-pao

Sushmita Mangsatabam

Sushmita Mangsatabam

Name: Sushmita Mangsatabam

Address: Luwangsangbam Awang leikai

Birth Date: 8th December

Hobbies: Playing Guitar and Painting

Height: 5'5''

Fav Food: Champhut, Kangshoi.

Fav Song: Complicated

Fav Film: August Rush

Fav Color:Black and White

Sushmita Mangsatabam at a concert

Sushmita Mangsatabam at a concert

Sushmita Mangsatabam is a young rising popular Manipuri singer in Manipur. Her songs and performances have mesmerised many and have become the darling of millions. Drawn into singing at a very early stage of life, in a short span of time, she has been able to carve out a place for herself amongst the contemporary singers in Manipur. The young singer who is climbing the popularity chart at a high speed shares some of her thoughts to eRang at

Following is the excerpt of the interview.

E-pao: When did you start singing?
Sushmita: I started singing by the age of 13. At that time I was enrolled in Grade 8 of Secondary Education.

E-pao: What was the reaction of your family when you started opting for singing as a profession?
Sushmita: During the initial days, members of the family were not very enthusiastic to the idea of me becoming a singer. However, my mother stood behind and encouraged me to pursue the career I have chosen. But this is not to deny the fact, that after crossing the initial hiccups, all the members of the family come together, stood behind me and supported whole heartedly.

E-pao: Could you share some your memorable/ happy moments?
Sushmita: If I have to say, coming together of the family members and supporting me and the fact that people appreciate my voice and style of singing should be my memorable/ happy moment.

E-pao: Is there a tradition of choosing singing as a profession in your family?
Sushmita: No, I am the first in the family tree.

E-pao: Who were/are your musical inspirations?
Sushmita: I like the singing style of Brian Moore and influence by him to a certain degree in my singing.

E-pao: When was your first solo musical album released?
Sushmita: My first solo was released in 2011 at Yaskhul.

E-pao: Could you name some of the male singers with you are comfortable or enjoyable in singing?
Sushmita: Amongst the male singer, I find singing with da (brother) Uttam more comfortable and enjoyable.

E-pao: Did you come across inconveniences while performing night shows?
Sushmita: Yes, I do come across many inconveniences while performing in a night show. Particular mention can be made of the incident (that happens quite often!! ) when the vehicle you are travelling breaks down in a no men's land in middle of the night and the fact that you have to negotiate the 'men in uniform' most of the time is a nightmare.

E-pao: If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?
Sushmita: Frankly speaking, this thought never cross my mind. As of now, I cannot imagine or think of any other profession except singing.

E-pao: What has been the happiest and saddest day of your life?
Sushmita: Let me put the saddest day first, one particular night we were going towards Noney from Nungba. Suddenly, the vehicle breaks down and we cover the whole distance to Noney by walking. We reach there in the morning, at that moment, I thought of quitting or leaving singing.
On the other hand, the happiest moment is the one when the people enjoy and appreciate my singing.

Sushmita Mangsatabam at a concert

Sushmita Mangsatabam at a concert

E-pao: What qualities do you want in your life partner?
Sushmita: A person having a certain level of understanding of music and understand the people working in that profession. He should be sensitive to the feelings of the artist, artists in the larger sense, and should be open to ideas so as to enable to bring a mutual understanding between us ... these are some of the qualities, I looked forward to my partner.

E-pao: What are your plans for the rest of 2012?
Sushmita: Yes, I do have some !! I am thinking of bringing out an album where the scripts of the songs are mine and a video album where I act along with singing.

E-pao: Do you have any plan of becoming an actress for films?
Sushmita: Yes, I do have. Apart from that, I want to be associated with singing, dancing, acting and painting till the last days my life.

E-pao: What has been your biggest achievement in the field of singing?
Sushmita: Till now I have not got or achieve any award or any formal recognition.

E-pao: How many songs have you sung?
Sushmita: I have sung approximately more than twenty songs including both the films and albums.

E-pao: Any Message to your fans...
Sushmita: I feel happy and elated by the fact that people are enjoying my music. I want to assure them that I will continue to sing and hope that we will enjoy together.

E-pao: What is your opinion to the changing trend in Manipur of using 'karaoke' instead of usual musical orchestra in musical performance?
Sushmita: I prefer to perform live with the full orchestra. That gives an 'extra feeling' of singing and performance. On the other hand, performing through karaoke lacks that intensity and the involvement of the audience.

E-pao: Finally, to whom would you like to give the credit for your success?
Sushmita: If I have to give credit for the success of my singing it have to be my mother, without whom all this could not have be a reality.

* This profile was first webcasted on April 17, 2011


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