Sonia Hijam :: Talented and Naughty: The Elusive Screen Beauty

Sonia Hijam

Sonia is the girl-next-door beauty and most notably referred to as the "naughty girls heroine". Her memorable films include "Naughty Girl, Best Friend, Telanga Mamei, Mamoudo Hingchabido, Leibaklei" and others.

Hijam Sonia
Name: Hijam Sonia
Height: 5' 5
Date of Birth: 1988
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Music and Watching TV
Foods: Fish
Address: Kongpal Khaidem Leikai
Film Works: Naughty Girl, Best Friend, Telanga Mamei, Mamoudo Hingchabido, Leibaklei and many more...
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About Myself: I'm a fun loving person and I prefer to visit various place. Playing with my dog "Rani" is just another wonderful time. People might have considered me as slightly introvert, but this is just the way I'm. I highly regard the respect of humanity.

Talented and Naughty: The Elusive Screen Beauty

She is one performer the Manipuri film fraternity can not ignore for she has traversed the alleys and the by-lanes that most young actors have in the state. There are numerous reasons for her to not just stand still but shake the screen platform. She is the talented Sonia Hijam of the once supposedly controversial film "Naughty Girls". Most up-mobile teenagers of the time simply loved the film. For a long time she would be remembered as the "naughty girls heroine" rather than her actual name. Few people know that she was already popular hitting the ramp before rolling over into the digital film world. Sonia's other films include Best Freind, Telangka Mamei, Mamoudo Hinchabido, Leibaklei etc.

It took Sonia a role in a play to get noticed. The film fraternity took cognizance of her raw talent and she was immediately offered a role in "Nangi Saktam" directed by O. Gautam. "I was doing theatre and other shows before entering into the world of Manipuri digital film world. It was Mr. Brojen, who is also popularly known as Light Brojen of Wankhei, who introduced me to his contacts and urged me to be part of the film fraternity. That was how I got a role in Nangee Shaktam, directed by O. Gautam", she says exuding confidence.

Sonia's road to popularity was marked by her subsequent roles in different films. She recalls, "It was Subhas E's Naughty Girls that made me a known face in Manipuri film. It was also during the shooting of this film that I had picked up memorable experiences. I did not know whether I was doing good or bad. I could hardly make sense of the crew members' comments and wondered if what they were telling me during the shooting of the film was a compliment for my work or were they critical of my acting skill. Sometime I had to cry over the fact that I could not make out whether my performance was good or bad."

Talking about her co-actors and artistes, she says that all of them are doing their best and she can see their performances improve in every new projects. She says, "I don't have any particular favourite co-actor. I love working with all the actors. Everyone has something new to give to the Manipuri film world." When asked if she had faced any difficult moments while performing a film, Sonia says, "The most difficult role I had performed so far was acting as a mad woman in one of my recent movies."

Having undergone numerous trials and tribulations of testing herself and also tests put on her by people associated with the film industry, she is confident of her own approach to performance. There are things that she cares about the Manipuri film world. "One thing that worries me about Manipuri film world is that, despite development in technology, I feel there are fluctuations in delivering commendable works. The situation is made even more worse by the rampant digital film piracy in Manipur", she rues and says that she will be happy something is done about it.

She does not recall having any bad experience while going outdoor for film shoots despite the ever increasing episodes of everyday turmoil in Manipur. Apart from her current status of being an actress, Sonia is just like "the girl next door" having her own memories and dreams. She recollects, "The only memory that strikes me almost everyday is the one I experienced when I was preparing for my Higher Secondary School Leaving Examination. I was studying on my bed and was studying under the candle light. Something happened and the next thing I realized was that my bed caught fire from the candle and it was on fire before I knew it. It was both frightful and funny too. I had to shout for help before the fire was put under controlled."

As a young woman, Sonia too has dreams closer to her heart. But she wants them fulfilled one at a time and and she is not in a hurry to achieve the goal sooner than expected. "I don't have big dreams but I do have dreams and I think I shall not reveal them all as of now" she says with a smile that seems to speak louder than words.

What else does she love doing apart from acting? She smiles and says, "Besides acting, I also love doing household chores while I am not outdoor for film shoots. I am a fun loving person and I prefer to visit various place. Playing with my dog "Rani" is just another wonderful time. People might have considered me as slightly introvert, but this is just the way I am. I have high regard and respect for humanity". And this lady not only weaves screen dreams - she is a skilled weaver and can make handloom fabrics too.


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