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Gurumayum Bonny Sharma

No one needs to introduce him, his name is known far and wide throughout the state. He is the ultimate entertainer of this season, none other than Thuk Laoba Faobra, also known as Yaiskulgi Pakhang Angaoba. From his performances in Khelemba of Kunti-6 (Shumang Leela) to Yo Sanatombi of Yaiskulgi Pakhang Angaoba (digital film), he has portrayed characters that leave a lasting impression on the audience. Whether he plays the role of a villain or a hero, Bonny effortlessly embodies the essence of his character. Surprisingly, Gurumayum Bonny never imagined himself taking on the role of a villain!

Gurumayum Bonny
Name: Gurumayum Bonny Sharma
Father's Name: (Late) Gurumayum Rabindro Sharma
Mother's name: Gurumayum ongbi Surjamukhi Devi
Address: Keishamthong Maning Longjam Leikai
Date of Birth: May 27, (Friday)
Zodiac Sign: Keinya
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Favourite Dish: Kangsoi
Favourite Colour: Black and White
Favourite Dress: Casual
Favourite Actor: Antonio Banderas, Johny Depp
Favourite Film: A Beautiful Mind
Favourite Song: 'I have a Dream' of ABBA
Aimbition: To become a successful actor
Shumang Leela Works: Amamba Lambi, Leikang Thambal, Aruba Eechel, Loyalamna Kourakle, Kunti-6 (Mihatpung), Nongallamdaisida, Yeningthana Ngairi, Opium War and Pizza
Film Works: Lanmei Thanbi, Ahinggi Tandan, Ereiduda, Panthunggi Wangmada, Leiramkhige, Shak-khangdaba, Tingkhang, Dakpham, Leepun, Echagidamak, Kanano, Khomei, Phijigee Mani, Wanted Linthoi, Mapok Mayee, Ta Khamba, Khujingi Mamee, Yaiskulgi Pakhang Angaoba, Mangalsigi Ashada, ABC, Thouri, Sanamatum, Western Sankirtan, Mee haatningdaba Killer
Upcoming Film Works: Sekmai Turel, Africagee Leishabi, Nongdamba, Poloida, Pizza and Kanglasha Meitei
Gurumayum Bonny
Gurumayum Bonny Sharma

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in theatre, Gurumayum Bonny's journey as an artist began in 1995 when he joined the Bashikhong Dramatic Union under the guidance of K. B. Sharma. His father, the late G. Rabindro Sharma, was a renowned artist in the Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU) and a passionate film enthusiast. Meanwhile, his mother, Gurumayum ongbi Surjamukhi Devi, retired as a senior artist from MDU due to old age but continued to visit the union, offering guidance and support to young and aspiring artists.

Reflecting on his early days, Gurumayum Bonny fondly remembers accompanying his mother to the MDU hall to watch captivating dramas. These performances served as a catalyst for his own artistic aspirations. It was during a mesmerizing rendition of "Manjagi Kangthol" by Panthoibi Natya Mandir in 1993 that Bonny's dream of venturing into the world of modern theatre took shape. Fuelled by this inspiration, he eagerly joined the Bashikhong Dramatic Union in 1995, embarking on his own artistic journey.

Gurumayum Bonny Sharma in a scene from Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba Gurumayum Bonny in a scene from Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba

In 1997, he became a member of Panthoibi Natya Mandir and began working with Director Yumnam Rajen, immersing himself in the world of modern theatre. During his time at Panthoibi Natya Mandir, Bonny also had the opportunity to collaborate with Yumnam Sadananda Singh in Mime theatre and Khwairakpam Ratan in Physical theatre. While pursuing his dream of being a part of the theatre, he never forgot the wise words his father shared with him before his departure. "Follow the river and at last you will find the sea," his father would always say, a phrase that ultimately led to Bonny's success.

Despite the challenging economic circumstances his family faced, Gurumayum Bonny contemplated leaving the Theatre industry and exploring alternative fields to make a living. He ventured into various endeavors such as selling pre-owned garments on the streets, crafting traditional meiphu and mora items, going door-to-door to sell journals, and even pulling a rickshaw to sell water in the neighborhood. These were the means by which he managed to sustain himself, living from hand to mouth.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Bonny never gave up on his passion for theatre. He tirelessly worked to earn a living while remaining dedicated to his craft. With the unwavering support of his family, Bonny emerged as a remarkable entertainer of this generation.

Gurumayum Bonny, while being a part of Folk Theatre under the guidance of Oja Rajen, was honored with the prestigious National Scholarship by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. In addition to this remarkable achievement, he showcased his exceptional talent and was crowned as the "Best Actor" in the One Act Play competition during The National Youth Festival in Hyderabad back in 2005.

Due to his family's economic situation, Bonny had to make a difficult choice. Despite his deep passion for Modern day Theatre, he decided to join Shumang Leela in 2005 to provide support for his family. Embracing this new path, he became a member of the Peace Maker Artist's Association and made his debut in the captivating Shumang Leela production called Amamba Lambi. Bonny's talent shone brightly as he went on to showcase his acting skills in a remarkable array of 10 Leelas, including Leikang Thambal, Aruba Eechel, Loyalamna Kourakle, Kunti-6 (Mihatpung), Nongallamdaisida, Yeningthana Ngairi, Opium War, and Pizza.

Gurumayum Bonny, whether portraying a villain or a hero, embraced every character he was given, despite facing challenges in adapting to different forms of theater art. Fortunately, Birjit Ngangomba and his fellow members in the Peace Maker Artist's Association provided invaluable guidance and support. Bonny particularly enjoys portraying the role of an eccentric individual on stage.

Gurumayum Bonny has become a prominent figure in the new Manipuri cinema, marking a significant step towards a fresh form of theatre. His journey in the film industry began with his remarkable performance in the movie "Lanmei Thanbi," which was skillfully directed by Chou-in-Lai. Since then, he has graced the silver screen in numerous films such as "Ahinggi Tandan," "Ereiduda," "Panthunggi Wangmada," "Leiramkhige," "Shak-khangdaba," "Tingkhang," "Dakpham," "Leepun," "Echagidamak," "Kanano," "Khomei," "Phijigee Mani" (a digital format film that won a national award), "Wanted Linthoi," "Mapok Mayee," "Ta Khamba," "Khujingi Mamee," "Yaiskulgi Pakhang Angaoba," "Mangalsigi Ashada," "ABC," "Thouri," "Sanamatum," "Western Sankirtan," and "Mee haatningdaba Killer." Bonny's versatile talent has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Manipuri cinema landscape.

Numerous other films are currently being shot, including Ngaokhodana Bony Babu, Yaiphare Yaiphare, Director Producer, Sekmai Turel, Africagee Leishabi, Nongdamba, Poloida, Pizza and Kanglasha Meitei, and more. Additionally, he has several other assignments with fixed schedules.

Gurumayum Bonny Sharma in a scene from Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba Gurumayum Bonny in a scene from Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba

Message from Gurumayum Bonny: Artists are assuming diverse roles in society, utilizing various mediums to make an impact. Bonny emphasizes that artists should not be solely perceived as performers and earners, but also as contributors to society in different ways. When peace reigns, people will truly appreciate the richness of all theatrical forms. If an artist is deprived of opportunities to showcase their talent for an extended period, it becomes a heavy burden to bear. Therefore, Bonny appeals to everyone to provide encouragement and support to all artists in their chosen profession.

A word to new artist: Joining the theatre is a decision that should be made after gaining a deep understanding of the art form and receiving guidance from experienced senior artists or completing comprehensive training. It is crucial for an artist to possess not only talent but also discipline and good behavior. Additionally, they must have the courage to confront any misunderstandings from the audience, as this is what earns them respect from all. An artist serves as a reflection of society, holding up a mirror to its triumphs and challenges.

** This post was uploaded on March 30 2012 and later updated on March 31 2012.


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