RK Kaiku - heart-throb of the youth generation

RK Kaiku

His real is name is R.K. Somendro but today he is popularly known as Kaiku by the audience of Manipur and he is the heart-throb of every youth generation of Manipur. And he believes not to give response to those controversial matters in which he faces sometimes as long as his entire family members support and encourage him to move forward with his film career. His memorable histrionics include performances in films like "Ta Tomba The Great", Basantagee Nongallamdai", "Oiramle Mahaktumak" and others.

RK Kaiku
Name: : R.K. Somendro @ Kaiku
Height: 5' 6
Date of Birth: 3rd January
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Badminton
Foods: Vegetarian
Address: Thangmeiband D.M. (Dhana Manjuri) College Gate, Imphal, Manipur.
Best Five Movies: Harichandra, Tatomba The Great, Basantagee Nongallamdai, Edom Chatcharage and Payal
Film Works: Above 170 films ...
First Film: "Kalpana" which was released in the year 2003.
Fan Email: kaikur(dot)k(at)yahoo(dot)com
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Brief history: Kaiku was born at Dimapur(Nagaland) but later he was brought up at Imphal (his native place). And most of his education was done in Dimapur and had his graduation from D.A.V. College, Chandigarh at Punjab. Since birth, he was very enthusiastic in joining sports and also participated in various dramas and dances held during his school and college days.

But film never been his aim in life, however, he was introduced to the light of film by Muhindro (his uncle) and the owner of KAMS production house and it was due to his persuasion that he started to look his career in Video Albums and Film. And he also gives credit for all his success that he had received so far to popular cinematographer Momocha who put all his effort to promote him.

Today he has more than 170 digital cinema released while another 8-9 are on the credit which is expecting to release in the year 2010. And talking about his childhood memories he mentions that it was when he was selected to play the badminton in All India Badminton Inter State College Competition.



According to Kaiku "Ta Tomba the Great" a much hit cinema where he acted the role of abnormal person was his most difficult act he has ever come across. And his act was appreciated by the people of Manipur till today. Kaiku also does not believe in differentiating the producers, directors, co-actors and crew members whom he has been working till today since every one of them were his supporters and always encouraged him.

And in the future he will be devoting and contributing his life for the development of Manipuri cinema which can be compared with other film industry of the country and also could get appreciation by the audience of country and abroad. However, he objects the restriction which are imposed to every actors and producers as well as directors in highlighting the real face of the cinema and real stories to give impact to the society. Therefore, he appealed to the concerned authorities to lift the restriction.

Commenting on the present trend of Manipur cinema he noted that he would love to see Manipur cinema with best quality and more interesting stories which can also reflect to the society and the people of Manipur in order to bring peace and harmony in the state. And he also being a citizen of Manipur feels sorry about the situation which has been prevailing in the state since many decades and which makes Manipur a "Killing Field".

And he prays to God that Manipur will one day be free from conflict and have the enjoyment and growth in the entertainment sector. He further mentioned that Manipur could only restore peace if Manipuri mothers give love and affection to all their sons without differentiating one another.

Kaiku in his past experience in his cinema career was also trapped in hand of controversial issues and became a chit-chat for the public as well media community of the state. But he does not regret about such issues since he denied all the allegation made to him besides his family members and his wife are always in his side when such matters come infront of him.

Shooting being his profession Kaiku cannot stay away from it, however he loves to spend his time with his family and his daughter which she named her as "Angel". Today, the actor has stopped going out for shoot during the evening and Sunday as to spend his time with family members.

** Updated on September 1 2010.


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