Hamom Sadananda :: A front-runner with loud cheers

Sadananda Hamom

Hamom Sadananda, a beloved figure among the audience of Manipur, has garnered immense praise for his exceptional performance in "The Sky of Autum" or "Ingelgi Atiya" - his debut film in the Manipuri Digital Cinema industry, which also marked a turning point in his career. Despite starring in over 100 movies, Sadananda now expresses his desire to scale back his involvement in Manipuri Cinema due to the industry's unwillingness to evolve with the current trends.... Read more below .....

Sadananda Hamom
Name: Sadananda Hamom
Height: 5' 7
Date of Birth: 16th Feb ( but did not wish to give the year)
Zodiac Sign: Kumba
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Singing
Foods: Non - Vegetarian
Address: Sega Road, Thouda Bhabok Leikai
Film Works: The Sky of Autum, Mami Sami, Thengmankhre Thabalse , Meera Memcha and many many more
No of Film: 96 (ninety six) in which some of his outstanding cinemas are The Sky of Autum series, Reporter, Mami Sami, Inga Nonglakta, Khuji, etc..
Upcoming Movies: 5 movies which is expected to release in 2010.
His first film: The Sky of Autum (Ingel gi Atiya)
Most Memorable cinema: The Sky of Autum and Mami Sami.
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Hamom Sadananda :: A front-runner with loud cheers

Brief Introduction: Sadananda, born in Thoudha Bhabok Leikai, Imphal, Manipur, had a challenging upbringing in a family below the poverty line. Despite facing various financial hardships, he was determined to succeed. Tragically, he lost his elder brother, Hamom Shivananda, who had been his source of inspiration. Sadananda received his education at Eden Garden and City School in Imphal, and later graduated from N.G. College, Imphal, affiliated with Manipur University.

For a long time, Sadananda has been deeply moved by the melodies of his late brother, Hamom Shivananda, who was a renowned singer in Manipur. Inspired by his brother's songs, Sadananda not only cherished them but also worked tirelessly to popularize and enhance their impact. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he shared the musical codes with his brother and dedicated himself to promoting these songs. During his high school years, two particular songs, namely "Nungshi Nari ngei Asuk Waba" and "Koina Paibi Chekla Goom," captivated listeners and became iconic hits of the 90s.

After his brother's unexpected passing, Sadananda stepped up to carry on his brother's musical legacy. Taking on the responsibility, he skillfully reinterpreted and performed all of his brother's songs, resulting in a remarkable resurgence of popularity among the Manipuri audience.

Sadananda, later on, emerged as a renowned and handsomely rewarded vocalist in Manipur. He then ventured into the world of Manipuri Digital Cinema and successfully contributed to over 100 movies, with another 5 eagerly anticipated for release in 2010. However, today, the artist has grown disenchanted with the current state of the film industry, feeling that it has not progressed significantly over the past ten years.

He mentions that while he won't fully pursue a career in the film industry, he will gladly contribute his acting skills if an interesting opportunity arises. Currently, his main focus is on his singing profession, as he strives to fulfill his dreams of promoting Manipuri Music and undertaking various social initiatives for the betterment of society. Additionally, he is eagerly working towards establishing a Musical Institute named "Shiva Institute of Music," which currently has around 200 students learning music under the guidance of Sadananda and two other music Gurus.

Most Difficult Role: Sadananda considers his role in "Mami Sami" as the most challenging one he has ever undertaken. The filming process took an extensive three and a half years to capture the essence of the storyline, which was skillfully directed by the renowned filmmaker from Manipur, Ningthouja Lancha. Remarkably, this film stands as a testament to the incredible achievements of Manipur's digital movie era.

Comment on the present trends of Manipuri cinema: Sadananda, having acted in over 100 films in the industry with many more lined up for release, is disheartened by the stagnant state of Manipur cinema. He believes that the industry is unwilling to progress, and as a result, he feels exploited in his professional life. One of the reasons for this is the production of numerous low-budget movies by debut directors who use artists as mere training materials, prioritizing their own financial gain over the growth of Manipur cinema. Today, Sadananda desires to distance himself from the era of Manipur digital cinema, but he remains open to acting in films that genuinely pique his interest.

His turning point cinema : The Sky of Autum.

Future Plans: In order to elevate the "Shiva Institute of Music" to new heights and advance the Manipur cinema, his goal is to persist in his singing journey. Additionally, He is determined to eradicate youth engagement in drug use. It deeply saddens him to witness artists being harassed in public spaces, and he strongly believe that educating the public on proper behavior towards artists is crucial.

Other activities: He currently holds a membership in Rotary Club, Imphal West, and serves as the brand ambassador for the "Heart to Heart Project" initiated by Rotary Club of Imphal.

Childhood Memories: Throughout his upbringing in a family living below the poverty line, he encountered numerous challenges that he still vividly recalls from his childhood.

Favourite Actors and Actress: He has no comment on singling out any individual actor/actress as he feels that everyone is outstanding.

Favourite Song: All the oldies songs as he feels that Old is Gold.... He laughs!!!

Favourite Movies: The entire movies that was played by him.

Favourite cuisine: Indigenous foods of Manipur like Eronba, Singju, etc.. and also chicken curry.

Social Message: Manipur is currently facing a grave conflict, where indifference towards the killing of individuals within the same communities has led to the endangerment of the Manipuri population. It is imperative for the people to unite and collaborate in order to restore peace and harmony in the state. Additionally, it is crucial to eradicate any form of discrimination based on social status and instead foster a society built on love and compassion. This approach will contribute to the overall progress and advancement of both the society and the state.


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