An interview with Halley Laithangbam

* Interview by Pinky Okram

Halley Laithangbam

Halley Laithangbam

Halley Laithangbam from Imphal is all set to fire the ramp. He is driven by passion and motivation for the work he loves doing the most. He is among the people who run behind their dreams and never stop running until and unless achieves the dreams. Yes he is none other than Hallaey Laithangbam, presently residing at Mumbai. He has completed MBA in Mumbai itself. It is very tough for north east people to enter into this field, because the lifestyle itself is very different. But Halley has proved that if passion and desire is strong enough, then there is nothing which cannot be achieved.

Here is a small talk with Halley Laithangbam........

1. How many shows have you participated?
Answer: - Sorry I can't remember the exact number of shows. But approximately 20 - 25 shows in different parts of India I have done so far. And at Present I am engaged for few more shows to be held in these coming months. I do print ads, TVCs also.

2. Any significant title you received?
Answer: - Yes, I have received few titles
    a.  Mr. Pune 2010 2nd Runner up
    b.  Man-Hunt Manipur 2002 1st Runner up
    c.  Mr. Fresher 2005 during my MBA time
    d.  2nd position in CASCALL 2003
    e.  1st position in CASCALL 2004
    f.  3rd position in EUPHORIA 2005
    g.  Best Choreographer award in 2005

Halley Laithangbam

Halley Laithangbam

3. When did you step in this profession?
Answer:- I must say...I have started in 2002 but I couldn't focus100% into this modeling field as I was quite busy with my studies and jobs. But at the moment I am totally into modeling. I am based in Mumbai but I do travel around according to my assignments/needs.

4. What are the challenges in this profession?
Answer: - There are lots of competitions and challenges. One needs to take risk at the beginning while entering into this profession as it's little uncertain. We need to look good from every angle and stay fit all the time. To look good and to stay fit we need lots of money & hard work. But truly saying unfortunately most of the models' parents don't encourage their children to be a model. They don't support financially also. Reason being there's no fixed income like 8 hrs a day job.

Only few of the lucky birds could reach the top. After getting the recognition also they still need to work very hard to live up to peoples' expectation. So to become a model is not a child's play. After getting participated in few fashion shows at colleges, she/he can't consider herself/himself a model.

Fearlessness is the first virtue Lord Krishna commends to Arjuna in chapter no. 16 of the Bhagavat Gita. I believe in this statement. So we need to be fearless if want to achieve our goal in life.

5. According to you what are the advantages and disadvantages of modeling profession?
Answer: - It totally depends on luck, hard work, passion and the network/ambience of that person who wants to be a model. The advantage of being a model is if she/he has the talent for acting and if luck favors she/he could be a star in future by utilizing her/his talents in positive ways. She/he would be getting more fame besides could make more money out of it. On the other hand the disadvantage of being a model is life could be little uncertain for some people if he/she takes it for granted.

6. What the girls most of the time wants you to wear?
Answer: - No girls have advised me so far regarding this matter. I guess they want me the way I am!!Lol.

Halley Laithangbam at the ramp

Halley Laithangbam at the ramp

7. By throwing all the cultural consideration how could you manage to survive in this profession?
Answer: - I highly respect my culture and tradition .Also I love and respect my work. People from North Eastern parts of India are born with their own style quotients. We are so lucky and so free that there are no unreasonable boundaries in life.

We believe to be good to others, helpful in action and we are free to wear anything unless it looks weird. And everyone is free to choose their own profession in their own way. Being in this profession I don't think I am doing anything which is against our culture.

8. How is the modeling life?
Answer: - Full of ups and downs as I am still a struggling model. I met various kinds of people from different backgrounds, had gone through different kinds of good & bad incidences, travelled many places and learnt a lot of lessons from life. But still this is just the beginning...a long way to go! Finger cross.

9. How do maintain your body and physic?
Answer: - I always eat foods on time; I usually avoid sugar, oily stuffs and eat very less salt. I love to eat fruits and drink lots of water. I do work out 6 days a week and sleep at least 7 hours daily. Honestly saying I don't take anything like protein powder or tablets etc. I prefer natural ingredients.

I prefer lots of juices (it could be any kinds of fruits or raw carrot/cucumber/gourd). I eat 100 gm of boiled smashed potatoes, sometimes pumpkin. I also love to eat spinach twice a week. I prefer eating chicken by boiling, not with spices.

10. What are the struggles that you have faced to reach present position?
Answer: - Many a time my Mom asks me to leave this profession and to pick up a proper job. It's quite difficult to convince her. So I need to work really hard to prove her that this is also a profession through which one can make life out of it with fame. I love challenges in life. I have participated lots of competitions. I won few of it and failed many times also.

Still I never thought of giving up. There's a beautiful saying "A Winner Is Not One Who Never Fails but One Who Never Quits." So I need to be very much optimist and I am. I read lots of proverbs, beautiful quotations and I have been collecting many questions which were asked in Man Hunt contests/ Beauty pageants. And most importantly I am trying my level best to stay fit all the time.

Halley Laithangbam winning accolades

Halley Laithangbam winning accolades

11. You being from North Eastern part of India, anytime did you feel that you have been left out?
Answer: - No never. The trend has been developed and changed a lot. India is a multi racial country. Industry demands different looks so I take it as an advantage instead. Many people like me in the industry because people from North Eastern part of India are very rare and we have international looks. I feel so lucky being a Manipuri.

12. The best comment ever you received?
Answer: - When I met Sandip Soparkar (Salsa/Bollywood's renowned dancer) at Citadel Mr. Pune 2010 contest, he told me that I am one of his favorite models among our Mr. Pune 2010 contestants. That was one of the best comments I could mentioned.

13. Any message you want to convey to the new generation?
Answer: - Always be good to others, helpful in action, kind in words and concern for everyone. God Bless.

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This profile was first webcasted on September 13, 2011


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