An interview with Bidyarani Laishram (o) - Singer

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Bidyarani Laishram (o) - Singer

Bidyarani Laishram (o)

Bidyarani Laishram (o)
Name: Bidyarani Laishram (o)
Address: Yaiskul Police Lane, Near MDU Hall, Imphal
Date of Birth: 13th April
Zodiac: Leo
Hobbies: Reading and Singing
Height: 4' 5"
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Dish: Iromba...
Favorite Film: Lamja Pashuram
Favorite Song: "Khomlang Laman Shinglam Loi Nangi" by Pahari
Favorite Actor: Kaiku & Manda
"Irom Shramila is the most courageous lady in the whole wide world. Another person of her likes will never be born and its really heartbreaking that our own people Are not acknowledging the sacrifice she has done for us and the society". - Bidyarani

Bidyarani Laishram (o) - Singer

Bidyarani Laishram (o) Hi Bidyarani.
Bidyarani: Hi. From which year did you start singing on stage?
Bidyarani: I started singing from 1984; my first song is "Tambinu kejei nungshiba, heiraga khangamloi eidi", under the music direction of Aheibam Shyam. Please tell us the name of your first album.
Bidyarani: "Ninghamdrouba" produced by A. Shyam. How many songs have you sung till now including those of the films?
Bidyarani: I have sung around 200 songs including film songs too. From whom did you draw your musical inspiration?
Bidyarani: My voice resembles a lot of Usha Uthup, so I would sing her songs at times and I am really inspired by her. Why did you choose music?
Bidyarani: I really like singing and it has always been my Love and serving my people by singing warms my heart. It feels like I have done something worthy of my life. What is your say on the changing scenario of full live orchestra to Karaoke culture?
Bidyarani: Karaoke can never be compared to live orchestras. We like performing while singing songs and it's just one of the best things and it can only happen with live orchestras.

Bidyarani Laishram (o) with Momocha

Bidyarani Laishram (o) with Momocha What are your future plans?
Bidyarani: I always want to sing and will keep on singing but as of now I am a little inclined to my business. As soon as I earn enough money I will open a studio and will record songs for those who don't have enough money to record songs. Whom do you want to give your credit to?
Bidyarani: My husband, he has been always there to support me. What are the troubles you often face while travelling for night shows?
Bidyarani: Nothing much. Even the police respect us for we are an artist. There is an ever increasing culture of piracy in Manipur. What is your take on that?
Bidyarani: This thing should be checked immediately, it demoralizes the artist and also eats up the fruit of our hard earn efforts. Any message to the youngsters of our society.
Bidyarani: My message is to all the parents. We need to know the needs of our children and we should be the one checking them from taking up bad habits.

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* This profile was first webcasted on September 29, 2011


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