Brajalal: Sweet comedian of Manipuri cine world

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Brajalal:  Sweet comedian of Manipuri cine world'

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In films and theatre, Comedy is generally understood as the art of making the audience laugh by the entertainers through subjective intentions of imitating comical characters. Use of satirical hints at situations where the characters ultimately triumph over adversity has also been part of what we call comedy. Comedians are known for their ability to use visual, aural, verbal jokes carefully timed and delivered for maximum impact.

In today's hurly-burly world, comedy acts as a great relief from stress while at times serving its purpose of questioning prevalent norms of the society. The comedians allure the audience depending on given situations and they use their talents as the medium to entertain themselves and other apart from taking a break from their busy life as well.

Though there are few Manipuri films that can actually be clubbed into this broad genre or category, Manipuri films are generally considered incomplete without traces of lighter side of life. To fill in such roles, there are so many comedians donning the mantle of exceptional talents.

When we talk of comedians in Manipur, one cannot help but mention Aribam Brajalal, a popular comedian of Manipuri films. He is liked by all due to his screen presence. Brajalal is known for evoking laughter both on and off the screen. His ability to evoke funny moments and situations has attracted hundreds of fans.

Born on April 1, 1976 at Kwakshiphai, Bishnupur District, Manipur to late Aribam Bidhu and Aribam Ongbi Binasakhi, Brajalal became popular with the film called "Churanthaba." He played the role of Churanthaba (a fabled character) in the same film.

He began his acting career as a stage artiste introduced by Laishram Bidyananda in 1996 and was with Ereicha Theatre, Bishnupur. Brajalal had no formal training on acting. He just attended one workshop sponsored by the National School of Drama as part of a team of 10 artistes selected from Manipur. This actor also loves music and singing.

In 2000, he bagged an award for his role in "Apunba Saktam," a play in which he played the role of a hill resident. This particular play was made into a video film and it eventually became a big hit.

Brajalal has worked in over 40 films till date. Some films worth mentioning are Emagee Sanathoi, Chirom Leikai gee Leishabi, Traffic Thourani, Leishiwon, Fongdoktri Ngei, Eleven Hours, Meisha, Numitna Thorakpada Liklana Kaphouwee, Yaifare Yaifare, Ushin, Feerep, Bema Bema, Sabi Sanou etc.

He also scripted Meisha, Bema Bema and Sabi Sanou and continues to be a "Sumang Leela" (Courtyard Theatre) artiste. Brajalal is now a father to his beautiful one and half year old son Mangangsana.

He currently leads a contented life with his wife Sandhyarani Chingangbam. We love to see more from you Brajalal, Good Luck!

* OC Meira & Steffi Soibam wrote this article for Hueiyen Lanpao
This article was webcasted on October 2 2015.


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