Danny Likmabam :: A veteran in Manipuri Digital Film

Danny Likmabam

Danny (as he is popularly known) is a veteran in Manipuri Digital Film with more than 100 films under his belt! He is also a versatile actor persuing acting in Shumang Lila as his other form of art. With a serious look in his face, Danny says that "acting is not a game" .. Read more below .....

Danny Likmabam
Name: Danny Likmabam
Permanent Address: Wangjing Bazar, Thoubal District, Manipur
Present Address: Naoremthong, Imphal West, Manipur
Date of Birth: 1st March
Hair Colour: Black
Marital Status: Married
Hobbies: Listening to the music and watching movies as well as acting
Film Works: Dharmagi Mingda Imagidamak, Kunti, "Olangthagi Wangmadasu and many more...

A veteran in Manipuri Digital Film

A Brief Introduction: Danny was born and brought up in a middle class family with altogether eight siblings. Though he got his much needed education and graduated from a reputed college of Manipur, he have never been influenced by the education he has got but was inspired by various artists and singers who did performances both off-screen and on- screen. And it was then Danny took this decision towards acting.

However, acting came into his life after a long period of struggling which started working as a drummer in the year 1997 in an Orchestra for Shumang Lila ( Dramas which is famous in Manipur). And he continued to devote his life for Shumang Lila for quite a long time. "Mem Shahebki Sari" was his first ever Shumang Lila where he got to show his talents as an actor. To this date, as he has been recognized by the public of Manipur for his acting in Shumang Lila he still continue to shine in both Shumang Lila and films.

After working in the Shumang Lila (Read about Shumang Lila here) , Danny later got an offer to act in album songs which were a favourite zone for the public of Manipur during very early of millennium when showing of Hindi films and related to it were banned in Manipur. And from there itself he was poured with various offers to act in the Manipur digital films and he got his first commercial break in the year 2001 for the film "Lanmei" which was directed by Oken Amakcham and the film got the censor's approval on April 13, 2002 and it was released from 24th May, 2002 and lasted for more than 45 days.

Today, Danny has already acted in almost more than 100 Manipuri digital film including one celluloid film of Manipur and even though he has been claimed as the "best actor" in the film community, Danny cannot part his ways from Shumang Lila and still he is associate with various Plays Association, which he feels he will continue contributing throughout his life.

And talking about his Childhood memories, Danny recalled an experience when he joined 'All Manipur Young Pioneer' as a volunteer in the year 1986. The Association was mainly to develop the knowledge of every child in the state and in 1988 he went to Czechoslovakia (abroad for the first time) for camp and was also awarded the "best camper" of the camp.

In future, he wanted to be a Film Director to change the scenario of current Manipur digital film.

And regarding the roles he did till date, Danny maintained that acting is not a game at all since it also make them sometimes very irritated when a single step got wrong and it has to be retaken. He said that there was not a single acting role which was easy and he thanked the Almighty that he was able to act in different forms of characters in his stint of more than 100 films.

Some of the films which has due to release in the next year that is 2010 are "Dharmagi Mingda Imagidamak", "Kunti", "Olangthagi Wangmadasu", etc. and one celluloid film known as "Pupu" (which is based on "Pena" a traditional musical instrument).

When he was asked to give his comment in connection with the present trend of Manipur cinema, Danny expressed that the present trend of Manipur cinema needs to be changed as it has lost its value and luster. Therefore, in future he would be working with all his efforts to bring a change in the Manipuri cinema, be it artists and technicians and every crew members of the cinema to make cinema an outstanding even though it has not been able to compare with Bollywood or Hollywood.

Giving the social messages, he said that if the acting which he is devoting presently could atleast help to clear some "dirts" for the society then it will be big for him who has been working with the arts present in him.

Danny, today live with his wife Jenny, at his residence situated at Naoremthong, Imphal with his two children and he further wishes to act in films which also directly help his entire family income.


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