Dona Sandam - A Young and hard working actor

Dona Sandam

Dona is a hard working and diligent artist. He made his debut in the film called "Sandya".... and now has started taking his first lead role in in the film "Lonnabi Macha" .....

Dona Sandam
Name: Dona Sandam
Height: 5'8
Date of Birth: October 28
Zodiac sign: Scorpion
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Reading, Watching Television
Foods: Kangsoi
Address: Kakwa Nameirakpam Leikai
Film Works: Appeared in about four films which included "Sandya" "Leiramkhige" "Lipul" "Lonnabi Macha".
Role: Supporting role
Upcoming film: "Yairipoki Thambalnu Amaga"
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Brief information: Dona is a hard working and diligent artist. He made his debut in the film called "Sandya". Unlike others his tales is somewhat different. According to him acting was once an unseen dream and he never expected to become an actor. It was as if fortune guided his hand. He was approached by a gym owner, where he used to work out, for his production (Sandya).

Since then his whole course of life was changed and gradually began to fall in love with the Film World that he now has started taking acting lessons.

He and some of his colleague is setting up a routine acting class with the help of Sushma, an assistant working at the Chorus Repertory Theater (a theater founded by Renowned Playwright and Theater Director Ratan Thiyam).

He has started getting offer for taking Lead Role, his first lead role is in the film "Lonnabi Macha" and more on the list. Currently he has three films in list of his contract.

Dona Sandam

Dona Sandam

Experiences in Filming: Dona said that he had to struggle a lot at the early stage of his career in the Industry. He recalled that his debut film was the toughest he had so far experienced while filming. During this period he himself was involved arrangement work with the production group besides acting "I was like actor cum equipment crew member" he smiled. However he expressed extreme happiness for the support extended by his family.

Working with low profile company was another sweating story said Dona. One has to get involved and help in every shortcoming besides adjusting with it.

At the same time, shooting could be fun he said. Learning and sharing from senior artist is exciting. When it comes to acting like most new comers he too revealed that emotional role is challenging.

About the Film Industry: He observed that sustaining with film career will not be any easy task for the time being as for him - it is the love for film that kept him going on. At the same time the Industry is gradually improving and it still is doing.

Dona Sandam

Dona Sandam

Message: Appeals to the general public, to respect in what they (Manipuri Film industry) are doing so that the Industry can develop.

He observed that most of the people fail to encourage the film artist besides showing their immaturity. People sometimes criticize and even disturb them when shooting is going on and that is the ugly part, said Dona.

Credits: He gives his credits to his family and teachers for their support and guidance.

** Webcasted on December 25 2010.


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