Is Kaiku ageless? A short take on the evergreen star

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Kaiku :: Pix Courtesy : Hueiyen Lanpao'

Since the dawn of "Digital Film Era" in Manipur, there is one actor who seems to have stuck in a frozen frame but with dynamic colours of longevity. It is not difficult to guess who this performer is given the fact that he has been around for about a decade and half with the Manipuri Film industry.

RK Somorendro, popularly known by his screen name Kaiku has made enduring impression in the world of new age Manipur films. He has grown along with the revolution in Manipuri film production and the great shift from celluloid to digital format.

For the last 15 years, ace local cinematographers have captured this "romantic icon" of Manipur cinema. Quite distinct in looks and demeanour, this star had made inroads into the world of films with unforgettable role as "Mani Matum" in "Basantagee Nongalamdai."

There is a charm to his wild and free screen presence and had even made spirited female leads and co-actors fall in love as if they were indeed in love.

If one could recall, this "King of Romance" began his walk into fame with a music video album called "Meichak Amagee." It did not take long for the Manipuri audience to immediately notice his screen talents and antics.

Since the ban imposed on screening of Hindi films in 2002, Kaiku flourished as the undisputed "King of Romance" and carved an indelible presence in the world of films.

This talented actor was born in 1977. He got married to Kiranbala in 1999. The couple is blessed with three daughters - Simran, Christina and Opera. It has been reported that during his career, malicious gossips were floated around with an intention to spike his acting career heading north.

However, he came out unscathed and the designs of the rumour mongers could not restrict his talents. The phase disappeared like the fading clouds over the horizon. Well scandal mongers, you can't stop him!!

Kaiku who made his debut with "Kalpana", was immensely helped by ace cameraman Mocha and film editor Mohendro in the initial start. Some of his notable performances include "Hari-chandra" and "Ta Tomba The Great."

Kaiku received SSS MANIFA "Best actor award" in 2015. He has continued to grow with each film and created an unshakeable fan following even outside the state and in immediate neighbouring states.

He continues attract thousands young cine fans and some even memorises famous lines from his films as a mark of keeping alive his spirit. No wonder, he continues to be the epitome of romance in this digital era.

Wishing you good luck for your future endeavour!


* OC Meira & Steffi Soibam wrote this article for Hueiyen Lanpao
This article was webcasted on August 15 2015.


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