Kongbrailatpam Dinesh Sharma :: The perfect Bachelor of the town

Kongbrailatpam Dinesh

He is talented, he is handsome, he is shy and he is the perfect Bachelor of the town. Dinesh has come long way to fulfill his wishes, though he believes that he has to explore more in his career life which is yet to 'touch' people and make them an incredible moment in his life......

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Name: Kkongbrailatpam Dinesh Sharma
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Date of Birth: 18th December
Hair Colour: Black
Marital Status: Bachelor
Hobbies: Sports, Singing, Listening to the music and explore new songs and apart from them he also like acting and purcussion.
Foods: The indigenous foods of Manipuri ( Kangsoi, Morok Metpa and Singju, etc..)
Address: Sagolband Amudol Leirak, Imphal West.
Film Works: Thajabagi Wangmada, Nangsu Mouni, Ayekpa Kajal, Ahingi Phura and many more...
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The perfect Bachelor of the town

Brief Introduction: Since childhood Dinesh has the passion to sing song and never try to cross his limits in acting and it was from his mother inspiration that he started singing. His mother, not a professional singe, remains a singer in his house and sings whenever there is any occasion held at his home.

Dinesh was fascinated by Mohamad Rafi songs who was a famous singer in the Bollywood Industry of India (Hindi Songs) and it was the inspiration of his songs that Dinesh reach to the level as one of the most dashing singer in Manipur.

Dinesh being brought up in a poor family had to face various financial problems. In fact, for the lanuch of his first album, he along with his two friends contributed 5000 rupees each and form a band. And it was during those times that he launched his first ever solo album known as "Manglangi Chanabi" in the year 2000-01. And after that, he was lauded by the entire music lover community in the state. He became the idol for everyone and he was love by public for his "Boys Next Door" look and his lovely songs and it was during this period that Dinesh was poured with several offer to act in the Manipuri Digital films but he remain a very shy person he never accept to act in the film.

But his denial to act raise problems for his mother so much that she was hospitalised for many days. But one day after keeping the view of his mother, Dinesh decided to act in the film.

And he got his first film break in the mid of new millenium the film was known as "Thajabagi Wangmada" which was directed by Oken Amakcham and Narendra Ningombam and it was approach to him by Surjakanta.

Today he is well known actor as well as a singer who believes to move ahead and explore more in life.

Film Works: Today he has acted in more than five films and other two are line up to release in the year 2010. Some of the films which are already released are Thajabagi Wangmada, Nangsu Mouni, Ayekpa Kajal, Ahingi Phura (which was the first Manipuri Digital film to shoot outisde the country in Singapore) and Telanga Mamei and other two which are yet to release are Dhrubatra and Ningthibi Shingel.

Memorable Filming Experience: It was during shooting of one of his famous song at Thoubal when the lights went off and the shooting has to be cut off for a while when suddenly the crew and the public sang further along.

What do you feel about the current Manipuri Film Industry: He believes that there is a need to change in the Manipuri film industry which is presently lacking in quality. Therefore, every professional person should know their history as well as need to know the change and to adapt to it.

Who do you like working: Everyone which he has come across till date be it - directors, his co-actors and crews.

Future Plan: It is his "dream project" that one day he will bring modernization to every songs of Manipur and also to develop Nat-Sankritan by introducing new techniques and also to polish the present scenario of Manipuri films.

Other Skills: Taekwondo, Karate, Thang-Ta and other sports activities.

Childhood memories: It was during his singing period when he was sent to a master to learn music but always failed to learn from teachers as he was very shy person who never have the guts to face any stranger.

Most Difficult Roles Done: Each and every role he has done in film was difficult for him as he feels unbelievable that a very shy person can act in the film... (he laughs.......)

What do you do in spare time: In his spare time he keep exploring new music and songs.

Social Messages: Today Manipur is in the condition of worst place and it is due to misunderstanding among the people. Therefore, we should come together without suppressing. And people (with or without) power should be allowed to come up with the issues and let the people allow to live freely from fears which is currently prevailing in the state.


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