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Mahesh Thounaojam

Mahesh Thounaojam

Name: Mahesh Thounaojam
Father's Name: Dr. Thounaojam Darendra Singh
Mother's Name: Thounaojam ongbi Pramodini Devi
Address: Keishampat Junction
Date of Birth: February 28, 1989
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 5'9''
Qualification: B. Tech (ECE) from Dr. MGR University, Chennai
Favourite Film: Avatar
Favourite Actor: Hrithik Roshan
Favourite Actress: Anushka Sharma
Favourite Dancer: Hrithik Roshan
Favourite Singer: Astif Aslam
Favourite Dress: Funky Formal
Favourite Colour: Yellow

Music Videos Acted: Engna Chikla, Nangna Nungshi kaina , Nanggi nungshi minok , Awaba Wakhal toklo, Pambana NgaoreHada Leirang , Ngaore ngaore eidi ngaore, Tinnara khangna unnaraga and others

Film Acted: mangalsigi ashada, Mission Telheiba, Manipur Express, Mihatpa-2, Bora U-chi, Khubak Khunam, Sayon Ahum, Lei-I sigi Wangmada, Waikhu, Chayetpaa Tomnao and others

Mahesh Thounaojam

Mahesh Thounaojam

With a passion on modern dance, Mahesh always thought of becoming one of Manipur's promising dancer . And with a passion, he stuck to this mindset in every work he did. But his parents did not want their only child to take up his dreams as they were concerned with the studies of their only ward. Mahesh's father who had retired as Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences(RIMS), Imphal never wanted Mahesh to depart from his studies and instruct Mahesh's mother (a housewife) to be careful about the studies of their only son.

Once Mahesh was accompanied by his father in a Dance competition where more than thousand competitors turned up, but beyond expectations, Mahesh was adjudged the overall champion and Mahesh thought the smiles of his father will be positive is his future endeavour. But his parents were not positive to Mahesh wishes as they are more concerned with his studies. During his studies in Chennai, Mahesh is known to many of the locals in Chennai, as a professional dancer. Apart from his Engineering Studies in Chennai, he practiced modern Dance, learnt Animation and had a very hectic schedule there. Mahesh father - Dr. Th. Darendra Singh, is presently working at Dr. Kamaraj Medical College in Pondicherry.

With an aim to make a person ready to face anyone in any profession, particularly art, Mahesh, a teenager, at his own determination, established the Mahesh Energy Institute of Performing Arts (MEIPA) on December 7, 2008. The idea behind the institute came up because when he wanted to learn some modern dances in Manipur, he could not find it Manipur. He was really inspired to start a Modern Dance Institute where no one should face the same hurdle, he faced while searching for a dancing institute in Manipur.

Not only a dance institute, MEIPA is also a learning place for acting, personality development, gym for men, communication skills, etc. More than 70 people have been associated with MEIPA since its inception. Some students have joined in films by taking character roles and some have performed on stages after their learning from the institute.

Even Drug Addicts have been groomed by the Institute in various art forms and they have avoided the habit of drug habits. Even though the services provided by this institute are enormous, there is still a lack of recognition by the authorities in this particular field of modern art. Mahesh wants the authority to know what modern dance is and give a due recognition in this art form. Besides, Mahesh said that modern dance is just a dance form, it doesn't mean that those associated with it have to lead a 'modern life' or a have 'modernized lifestyle'.

Mahesh Thounaojam

Mahesh Thounaojam

"Dancer and actors are brothers and sisters, a dancer is an actor and actors are dancers too"- says Mahesh . To Mahesh, a dancer is very much part of the music videos and also films as there is also some dance scenes in both the media. In 2008 while there was a ban on music videos, Mahesh was accidently dancing before a camera as he was not aware that a shooting of music video was going on. He thought he was just dancing to a tune of music. But that happened to be a music video of the song 'Thamoida tariba' sung by Ranbir Thouna and directed by Amar Raj. Since then, Mahesh was in touch with Amar Raj and more than 35 music videos comes to his credit.

The first formal offer for a music video was for the title song of Sorri Senjam's 'Nanggi Saktam Nungshiba helli' in which he co-acted with Soma. The music video was directed by O. Gautam.

Other music videos which Mahesh took part are
o Engna Chikla - sung and directed by Ranbir Thouna
o Nangna Nungshi kaina - sung by Mandakini and directed by Yoimayai Mongshaba
o Nanggi nungshi minok (latest music video of Kamala Saikhom) - sung by Awoi and directed by Setarjit
o Awaba Wakhal toklo
o Pambana Ngaore
o Hada Leirang
o Ngaore ngaore eidi ngaore
o Tinnara khangna unnaraga

After his appearance in various music videos, Mahesh further have the chance to taste the art of acting in films. In the year 2011, he acted in a film titled 'mangalsigi ashada' which was directed by Suvas E. He took the role of Naoba in the film and co-acted with Bonny Gurumayum and Bala Tensubam. Then he acted in the film Manipur Express directed by O. Gautam as Malem-nganba along with Bala Hijam. The film depicts the role of a present day Manipuri youth, who faces the present day scenario through the medium of media to overcome the unwanted law and order problem.

His recent film is Mission Telheiba in which he tries to transform the society connected with full of crime that begins from a female member of a family to the entire society. Artina Thoudam took part as his co-actor where he acted as Telheiba in this film.

At present, shooting for more than 8 films has been completed and will be released within this year. And shooting for 6 films are going on among which Mihatpa-2, Bora U-chi, Khubak Khunam, Sayon Ahum, Lei-I sigi Wangmada, Waikhu and Chayetpaa Tomnao may be mentioned.

In the film Chayetpaa Tomnao under Green Chillies film production for which thouni-thouram was held on June 20, Mahesh will be seen in a challenging character. The film will be directed by Amar Raj. Showing his affection to children, Mahesh aims to bring up a film of fiction on super heroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman related to history/culture of our land.

Even as family members insisted to concentrate on his studies in the initial stage of his profession, with the initiative taken for establishing MEIPA, joining music videos and films, Mahesh says that these things would not have come through without his parents. The most important thing in life occurs with the blessing from his parents, so Mahesh feels proud of having his 'great' father and mother. Mahesh feels that the students of MEIPA are now part of his family, he thinks that the students are his brothers and sisters, friends too.

"Our aim should be kept high so that we achieve our goals in order to make Manipuri films the best comparing to other films of the world" - Mahesh confided. He believes Manipuri films will excel in the near future if we are determined to do what we like and wish to do . On the other hand, Mahesh urge his fellowmen to respect each other and elders, one has to ignore egotism and that those associated with this profession are kept high.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on July 13, 2013


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