Priyogopal : Profile of Senior Film and Theatre Artist (August 2017)

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Priyogopal is engaged in both theatre and film. He used to analyse the character of the role in a serious manner. He played in both radio serial and film of 'Dharmagi mingda imagidamak'. In the film Priyogopal played the character of an eldest son.

A scene picturising the ritual ceremony on the death of her mother where he head was tone for the film. Viewers appreciated much on the performances of this particular film which was directed by Romi Meitei. A senior asked whether who played the role of his mother was his real mother or not. The senior even blessed for what he has acted. Priyogopal played the role of a dunkard in the film 'Lanphamda Ibeni' directed by Romi Meitei.

Viewers enquired whether he was really drunk in making of the film. In the film 'Tillaikhombi' Priyogopal took the antagonist role of a cabinet minister. He too got much appreciation for this role. The role even nominated for the SSS Manifa 2016.

Priyogopal has acted in Tayai, Mamado Leishabido, Akaiba Likli, Panthunggi Wangmada, Lanphamda Ibeni, Pizza, Pizza-2, Leibaklei. He also acted in shorts films like Nung amadi yerum, Anganggi Ningai Lepkhre and Colours of Water. This short films was directed by Romi Meitei.

The film Nung amadi yerum was selected in the 42nd International Film Festival of India in 2012-13. The film Leibaklei directed by Shyam Sharma was adjust the best regional film award in the Film Festival of India held at New Delhi in 2013.

The film 'Anganggi Ningai Lepkhre' was premiered not only in India but also abroad. The film Colours of Water won the first position in 4th Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival. Priyogopal was confered Best Supporting Actor (male) of the year in the 8th RJ Film Vision Special Award 2013-14.



Priyogopal is an approved artist of All India Radio Imphal since 1978. As a radio artist, he has played in social. historical, folk plays and serials among which Jahera, Chahi Taret Khuntakpa and Tharosangbi may be mention. During his professional career in radio as an artist, a play titled 'Hotel Boy' wherein he was a part was awarded second prize in the All India Radio Drama Competition.

In the present status of film in the state, Priyogopal stated that when there were only celluloid films it takes much time and the qualities were not compromised. But in today's technological world, a number of digital films were produced during a short span, many changes have also ocured. But the films produced within a short period compromised the quality of the film.

Here, quantity has made manipuri films less worth watching. If they are more concern in bringing out quality films rather than quantity, then our young and enthusiastic, creative director's production would fetch more national and international fame. In short films, many directors were honoured at various national level film awards.

Priyogopal said that, he never got a script before the start for the film. The director would tell about what the story is all about and the dialogue at the spot. Then the character would be conceptualize instantly. Some director distributes the script to the artist. If we got the script before the shooting then I could have atleast analyse about the character. This will surely lead to become a good film as well as a good artist.

The young artist must keep in mind that one should work whole heartedly by giving respect to the guides. Upcoming various artist are all talented and have their own skills. But in the field of art, there is no ending in learning. Everyday is a learning day. An artist must be very far away from egotism.

A well talented will not have a space if he or she has no discipline and respect. One cannot lie in art. An artist must also remember that film is a medium to give entertainment or education to the society.

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