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Sanabam Purnanand

Sanabam Purnanand

Name: Sanabam Purnanand
Nick Name: Naoba
Father's Name: Sanabam Gopal
Mother's Name: Sanabam Tamphaibemma
Address: Keishamthong Top Leirak
Date of Birth: June 16, ****
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5'6"
Favourite film: Ghazini
Favourite actor: Aamir Khan
Favourite actress: Kareena Kapoor
Favourite Director: RK Amarjit
Favourite song: Meereipak by Prakash Soraisham
Favourite Dress: Casual
Hobbies: watching TV, playing cricket, listening music
Film Acted in: School Karusi, Mathangdi-Story of Murder , Yenglusi Nongjabi, Mikuptuni Ngairiba, Angakpa, Kongkut ....

Sanabam Purnanand

Sanabam Purnanand

With the Manipuri film industry going up on a higher step day by day, many talented artists in young age have perhaps started replacing the old faces into the glamorous world of music videos and films. New faces are introduced in various productions. The inclusion of new talented faces into the silver screen on the other hand is an encouraging gesture to the film enthusiast and also provides a platform where the young artist can showcase their talents. But the new comer faces of the Manipuri film industry are most dominated by female counterparts than male faces.

Among them is one Purnanand Sanabam popularly known as Naoba who has step into the film world in the recent times. He has to his credits of participating in music videos, films and also the traditional play form 'Sumang Leela' where he gets the arena to show case his talents that the crowd could extracts some of it from Naoba. His debut music video 'Ho Leisabi' directed by RK Amarjit was a turning point of Naoba.

Since his childhood days, Purnanand has a passion for becoming one of the finest actors of the Manipuri film industry. But the question is how it will be possible without a good mentor or guidance from established persons in the film world. With the own bold step to be a part in the industry, Naoba joined a two years model class in RJ Film Academy in Imphal. Seeing the anxiousness, Pushparani a friend of Naoba from Thoubal Melaground asked him to act in music videos. Since then Naoba never stop thinking to participate in music videos.

And in 2009 Naoba got the opportunity to act in a music video titled 'hainakhiba wahei' under the direction of Ajit Wai (Cinema Tools). This was Naoba's first appearance in the screen. Next was the 'Ho Leisabi, ho phajabi, ho ningthibi thajamanbi maithong' which he co-acted with Soma, Bala and Prakash that makes Naoba recognized by all. After that Naoba acted in more than 45 music videos directed by renown directors like (late) Oinam Sanou, Amir, Sushna, Suvash, Seem, Surjit Khuman, Tomba Mayai and others. Some of the music videos in which he acted includes GP college, Yo tai, Kousing. Yekpiyu nanggi saktam, phajabi nanggi maithong, ngasidi eikhoi dadase. Schedule for many more assignments are in queue for now.

Once while Purnanand was on his shooting for music video, one director Rishi introduced him to Yoimayai through mobile phone and took the assignment for a film titled 'School Karusi'. In the film produced under the banner of Legend Studios and directed by Yoimayai, Purnanand took the role of Koko and paired with Momoko in his first feature film. Then he acted in films such as 'Mathangdi-Story of Murder' directed by Rakesh Roshan, 'Yenglusi Nongjabi' directed by Kiran, 'Mikuptuni Ngairiba' directed by Surjit Khuman, Michel, 'Angakpa, Kongkut and others.

Apart from music videos and Manipuri films, Purnanand is also a shumang leela artist. Since June 2011 he joined the Dedicated World Artists Association after Brajalal, Huikap Gokul and Okeshwor invited him to join the sumang leela group. He took the role of Nanaoba in the play 'Kanagi Maralno'.

Sanabam Purnanand

Sanabam Purnanand

In his steps in the field of theatre, renown film and drama artist Purneshwori who was also a school teacher for Purnanand was his guide, Purneshwori also introduced him to (late) Oinam Sanou to act in music videos. he then took the blessings from RK. Amarjit. Till now RK Amarjit is the one who has always brought up Puranand in his profession. Purnanand also learnt a lot of acting techniques from Sushma for a very long period. On one hand, the recognition he gets today might not have come without the consent from his mother Tamphaibemma. She never felt shy to approach any expert to seek guidance for her son. The response she got from the experts even made her to take a decision that her son must be one of the finest stars of Manipur. She wants her son to render every possible task in the field of theatre as long as he can.

Even as Purnanand take active part in shumang leela, music videos and films, his main aim is to confine himself in the silver screen. But it is not that he will depart from shumang leela and music videos right today. He is sure to give the best taste of his talents in acting while uplifting the status of Manipuri cinema.

In his initial stage of facing the camera, various senior artists use to advice and even scolded him when there are mistakes but it was a lesson for him. Facing the camera was not an easy thing he was surprise to stand and act before the big camera of Doordarshan. As days goes by he is accustom to face camera in front of many people. He now feels dissatisfied if less people watch the shooting process. The very day when his first film was released, though present to watch his first ever film he was the last person to come out of the hall fearing what the viewers would tell about his acting.

Purnanand likes to be a part in a film in a romantic role rather than taking other roles or character. He wants the producer to bring out films not in a commercial mode besides asking them to provide platform for the new artists so that the world knows Manipuri cinema. On the other hand Purnanand appeals the artist fraternity to be disciplined and set example for the people where the responds of support and encouragement will exists.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on February 23, 2013


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