Hamom Sadananda :: A front-runner with loud cheers

Sadananda Hamom

Hamom Sadananda who is widely sung by the audience of Manipur for his outstanding performance in "The Sky of Autum" or "Ingelgi Atiya" - his debut film in Manipuri Digital Cinema industry as well as turning point of his career. However, after acting in more than 100 movies, today Sadananda wishes to reduce his acting in Manipuri Cinema with the present trends of the industry which is unwlling to develop... Read more below .....

Sadananda Hamom
Name: Sadananda Hamom
Height: 5' 7
Date of Birth: 16th Feb ( but did not wish to give the year)
Zodiac Sign: Kumba
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Singing
Foods: Non - Vegetarian
Address: Sega Road, Thouda Bhabok Leikai
Film Works: The Sky of Autum, Mami Sami, Thengmankhre Thabalse , Meera Memcha and many many more
No of Film: 96 (ninety six) in which some of his outstanding cinemas are The Sky of Autum series, Reporter, Mami Sami, Inga Nonglakta, Khuji, etc..
Upcoming Movies: 5 movies which is expected to release in 2010.
His first film: The Sky of Autum (Ingel gi Atiya)
Most Memorable cinema: The Sky of Autum and Mami Sami.
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Hamom Sadananda :: A front-runner with loud cheers

Brief Introduction: Born at Thoudha Bhabok Leikai, Imphal, Manipur, Sadananda was the second son of Hamom Mohindro and Hamon Ongbi Indubala among the five siblings and was brought up in the family of below poverty line and the family has to face various financial scarcity. At his early stage of life, he lost his elder brother Late Hamom Shivananda who was his inspiration to the success of his professional life. And he had his formal education from Eden Garden and City School located at Imphal and graduate from N.G. College, Imphal under the Manipur University.

Since long ago, Sadananda was inspired by his late brother Hamom Shivananda's songs who was the then a famous singer of Manipur. And later, he also share the codes of songs with his brother and had to struggle several obstacles to promote and develop these songs. Two of the notable songs which are titled as "Nungshi Nari ngei Asuk Waba" and "Koina Paibi Chekla Goom" became the most incredible songs of the 90's when he was studying in high school.

Later, after the sudden demised of his brother, Sadananda took the responsibilities to take up his brother's songs in the higher level and due to this reason, Sadananda again re-sung all his brother's songs and fortunately the songs again shine in the box office of Manipuri audience.

Later, Sadananda became one of the most famous and highly paid singer of Manipur and finally step towards the Manipuri Digital Cinema industry and has almost done more than 100 movies and another 5 movies are lined up for release in 2010. Today, the artist has lost his interest in acting with the present trends of cinema industry which he thinks has not developed much from last one decade.

He says that although, he will not "completely" act in the film industry but will share his acting in the film industry if something interest come on his way. Now, he will be focusing on his singing profession to complete his dreams to develop Manipuri Music and other social works for the betterment of society. And he is also looking forward and putting his efforts to set up a Musical Institute called "Shiva Institute of Music" and now has approxiamately 200 students learning music under the guidance of Sadananda and other two music Gurus.

Most Difficult Role: According to Sadananda, "Mami Sami" was his most difficult role which he has done so far since the cinema took almost three and half years to complete the shoot to feel the reality of the storyline which was directed by the renown director of Manipur - Ningthouja Lancha. And fortunately, the film was the most incredible movie made so far in the digital movie era of Manipur.

Comment on the present trends of Manipuri cinema: After acting in more than 100 cinemas in the industry and another many are line up to release, Sadananda feels that the Manipur cinema remain in the same status which is unwilling to develop and due to such issues he felt that his professional life is being exploited. And another reason is the producing of various low budget movies by debut director who are using the artists as their training materials and earning the money, instead of trying to increase the market of Manipur cinema. So, today he wants to move away from Manipur digital cinema era but will continue to act in cinema if something which interest him come in his way.

His turning point cinema : The Sky of Autum.

Future Planning: To continue singing and to take the "Shiva Institute of Music" at higher level as well as to develop the Manipur cinema also to completely eradicate the youth involvement in using drugs. And another thing is that he is upset for the artists who are being teased in the public places, which he also want them (public) to teach the proper education to behave well with the artists.

Other activities: He is presently a member of Rotary Club, Imphal West and he is the brand ambassador of "Heart to Heart Project" under the initiative of Rotary Club of Imphal.

Childhood Memories: Well several things came across in his lives as he was being brought up in below poverty line famliy and he still remember various hurdles which he had faced in his childhood.

Favourite Actors and Actress: He has no comment on singling out any individual actor/actress as he feels that everyone is outstanding.

Favourite Song: All the oldies songs as he feels that Old is Gold.... He laughs!!!

Favourite Movies: The entire movies that was played by him.

Favourite cuisine: Indigenous foods of Manipur like Eronba, Singju, etc.. and also chicken curry.

Social Message: Today, Manipur is in the sitaution of high conflict where people do not care in the killing of people among the same communities and which is the reason the Manipuris are becoming extinct. Therefore, he wants the people to come and work together to bring peace and harmony in the state as well as he wishes the people not to differentiate according to their standard status but to live with love and affectionate for the betterment and development of the society as well as state.


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