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Laimayum Suraj

Laimayum Suraj

Name: Laimayum Surajkumar Sharma
Nickname: Ibung
Father's Name: L. Kumarjit Sharma
Mother's Name: L. (ongbi) Panchabati Devi
Brother & Sister: one elder sister
Address: Nagamapal Paonam Leikai
Date of Birth: February 14 (Wednesday)
Qualification: B.A. first year
Height: 5'4''
Zodiac: Aquarius
First music video: 'Chamlabi' sung by Swamikumar and directed by Prem (2011)
First Film: Apaiba Leichil (2010)

Laimayum Suraj

Laimayum Suraj

Laimayum Surajkumar used to spend his leisure time with those who are engaged in films and music videos, with crews, with the actors, with the spot boys or else while shooting or editing. He never thought of joining films neither thought of becoming an actor but he was hanging around with the friends. But many of his friends urged him to join in films or music videos but he did not show his keenness and interest in it.

As time goes by, sometime around 2009, producer of Apaiba Leichil - Gunabati Devi from Kangjabi Thingel who is an artist of the Nokphade series called on him and asked to join in a Manipuri movie and accordingly after consultation with his family members Laimayum Surajkumar Sharma accepted the assignment for the film 'Apaiba Leichil' in a supporting role and further acted in a music video titled 'Ashira nahakki nungshiba'.

He unintentionally joined the film and music video without any knowledge of the art form either through formal learning or through consulation with experts. But, his sole guide was his self-confidence and also the support of his father, mother, brothers, sisters and his friends. Later on, Suraj happened to come in touch with a young and talented director, Hemanta Khuman and has been working on producing different music video albums. Suraj has acted in more than 15 music video albums till now and more and more assignments for new music videos are pouring in.

Suraj has to his credit of acting in a number of music video albums like:
o Chamlabi along with Jennifer, sung by Swamikumar and directed by Prem.
o Nungshibi nanggi with Jenifer, sung by James Kangabam and directed by Yoimayai Mongsaba
o Khanghoudana with Apsara, Soma, Universe, Rahul and directed by Gyanand
o Rashi leibi with Russia, sung by Chitra and directed by Hemanta Khuman
o Nangbu Uruba (remix) with Sweety, sung by Ashim Muivah and directed by Kishorjit Khuman (Alkes)
o Ningthibi nanggi with Biju & Naoba, sung by Naoba and directed by Gyanand
o Ashira mahakki nungshiba along with Bipani & Devala, Anish, Milan sung by Anish/Milan and directed by Kiran
o Leisha mapung pharakpa with Chandrika & Lucky, sung by Amarjit and directed by Hemanta Khuman
o Tapthakho with Soma/Bitan, sung by Pratima and directed by Hemanta Khuman
o Chimbal mayagi sambru with Sonia, sung by Birjit and directed by Hemanta Khuman
o Phumduna thamliba with Bala, sung by Sushmita & Anish and directed by Kirmil Soraisam
o Leplabasu eina with Soma and Universe sung by Bimol and directed by Hemanta Khuman.

Laimayum Suraj

Laimayum Suraj

It is indeed worth watching the music videos acted by Suraj, and today's trend of Manipuri music videos is fortunate to have this young talented artist among us. But, Suraj is not limited to this particular art form of music videos, there are also films in which he has acted and numerous assignment are on the offing.

Laimayum Suraj first acted in the film 'Apaiba Leichil' in a supporting role in 2010 and since then busy schedule had become a part of his life. One after another, various producers and directors had approached Suraj for new assignments. Suraj had also acted in a film titled 'Lamkhai' in a supporting role.

In the film 'Beragi Bomb' Suraj will be seen in the silver screen as Ahenba. He co-acts with Russia in the film which is directed by O. Gautam and slated for August/September 2013 release. The assignment for this film comes through Hemanta Khuman. The next release of Suraj's action will come through 'Amamba Sayon (resurrection) in a supporting role for which shooting has been completed and waiting a perfect date for release.

New assignment/schedule for about 3/4 upcoming films are fixed. But, he is watchful for his upcoming projects, because a film on a commercial agenda will not work accordingly for Suraj. He is more keen on the training process and the experience that he is learning while performing this art form of acting.

Acting in music videos differs from that of the acting in films. Suraj opined. In music videos, one has to act to the tune of the music and also displays one's acting skills while in films the actor has to make an immense skills of communication besides the acting skill of various moments and motives. The real art of acting comes in film according to Suraj. Films have a larger platform than the music videos, but the fright of facing camera in films are conquered after facing the camera for music videos. But the general obligation of an actor is to illustrate the reality to the viewers.

Even if one has no financial constraint to produce any film or music videos, she or he must not venture into the art if he/she lacks the knowledge. Otherwise such products might not be a part of elevating the standards of Manipuri cinema rather it may depress the image of Manipuri cinema. It would have been tough for Suraj if he had not follow the teachings/implication from the experts, he always remain in conversations with the experts so that he finds a proper place in the music videos and films industry. So, any aspirants need the companionship of the experts so that he/she excel in the field.

Laimayum Suraj

Laimayum Suraj

When the project was cleared for the shooting of the song 'Tapthakho', the team went on location for about two months to places like Andro, Pangei, Moirang and Lamphel area. As the music video has to portray the age-old tradition of the Meiteis, the research work was not an easy task, the team went to Andro and chat with Andro 'Ningthou' on the theme of the song. Suraj who took the main part for the music video says this was a complicated acting. From among the music videos he acted, this album required him to put in a lot of hard work. But the music video 'Tapthakho' directed by Hemanta Khuman has touch the hearts of many viewers and ,of course, a valuable lesson of experience for Laimayum Surajkumar Sharma.

Suraj hopes that the entire artist should be confident on the role/character and keep a scope for them in the industry so that the artist is recognized by the viewers. Obviously the music video/film will be considered meaningful, while its standard will also gets due recognition. The artists must be provided with a free and fair impression from all direction so that the artist can help in producing high class films/music videos. With help from all artists including musicians, vocals, singers, actors, crews, directors, editors, sound staff, etc. Besides, the talented artist must be trained in their particular art forms without which the production quality would be lowered comparing to others. And further, a film with the sole agenda for a commercial venture will never achieve its worthiness, so Suraj wants the producers to produce films based on quality and the upliftment of Manipuri cinema.

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This profile was first webcasted on August 02, 2013


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