Thokchom Bonium - An Actor profile (June 2014)

* Daniel Chabungbam

Thokchom Bonium

Thokchom Bonium

Name: Thokchom Bonium
Father's Name: Thokchom Loken
Mother's Name: Thokchom ongbi Bedamani
Address: Kongba Nandeibam Leikai
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Dish: Fish with Bamboo shoot
Name of Shumang Leela acted: Brindavan Chatlamdai, Eigi Ishwar, Wrong number, Melody, Pizza-2 ...

Thokchom Bonium

Thokchom Bonium

From small locality and villages stage... Song performances on stage to anchoring of musical shows...From various stage performances to the traditional form of courtyard plays(sumang leela)... From sumang leelas to the screens of films and music videos, this is Thokchom Bonium journey to becoming a popular face of the Manipur Silver Screen.

Thokchom Bonium, born to Thokchom Loken and Thokchom ongbi Bedamani of Kongbam Nandeibam Leikai is the second sibling of his parents. He is among five sons and three daughters. He is a graduate in Arts. After studying in Jamini Devi Primary School, Meitei Mayek High School, Ch. Iboyaima Higher Secondary School, CC Higher Secondary, Bonium went to DM College of Arts and completed his graduation. He is 25 years old now. Born and brought up in a large but a poor family, Bonium came across a number of ocassion where he tasted some of the darker side of managing one's survival struggle. After overcoming these struggles, Bonium was motivated to sing.

He didn't leave a single moment without humming to a song thus overcoming the dishearten moods of being born in a poor family. 'Maikei khangdra punshisina kanabuno houjik ngairiba hanglibani wahangsi ithanta paokhumsisu wahangni eingondadi' is an oft-repeated words echoed to his heart while living his journey of life. He even sang these lines while making mats in order to help his family income. With his little sister on his back, Bonium used to make mats (Phak), then came a time where he could perform at his locality's Yaosang Sports Meet and other function.

Thokchom Bonium

Thokchom Bonium

He had seeked knowledge about music from one Chingakham Gyaneshwor, who also hails from the same locality where he resides. Seeing his enthusism and inclination in learning music, one of his local brother used to urge Bonium to seek the art of music further and thus Bonium learnt the nuances of music for a year from Manipur's melody King Nongmaithem Pahari. He had also learnt music from Swamikumar and Asem Bimola. And Hamom Sadananda is the man behind for letting Bonium stand up on a stage and perform what he has learnt so far.

Bonium, while giving performances on stage as a singer and as an anchor joined 'Imphal Jatra Association' for the first time and acted in Brindavan Chatlamdai, Eigi Ishwar and Wrong number shumang leelas. The person behind's Bonium exposure to the world of Sumang Leela is none other than comedian Guna. Bonium gives credit to comedian Guna for all the taste of the art of Shumang Leela Theatre and also for the exposure through this medium.

After his exposure in Sumang Leela, Bonium later joined 'Tomthin Artist Asociation', where he has played very important roles in plays like Waroishin (Kunti-7), Dharmagi Langdai, Leisabi Machu and Nungsiba Thiba. But even after acting in these plays, he could not establish himself as a distinct character of his own. Here comes the moment, where Bonium feels ashamed of himself. But, he remembers the moment when Guna used to ncouraged him. And if he hadn't met Sadananda in the field of Music and Guna in the field of Sumang Leela, his journey in art might not have seen the day.

Bonium went to scriptwriter Dinesh Tongbram's place and with enchanting words, he urged the scriptwriter to write a script, where he could establish a character role in Sumang Leela. Seeing his eagerness and optimistic approach, Dinesh Tongbram wrote the play 'Melody' and gave Bonium the character of 'Lakpa' who plays a womaniser with many mobile phones in his possession. Thus, Bonium took this opportunity to become a popular artist.

Later, Bonium by keeping in mind the faith of his patrons, continue to stick to this particular character in the play Pizza-2. The word 'potti kappe' uttered by the young ones to the grown ups these days, with or without knowing its literal meaning is the trademark dialogue of Bonium in the play Pizza-2. Bonium acted under the direction of (late) Birjit Ngangomba in most of his plays with Tomthin Artist Association. Under the guidance of the reknown director, Bonium could become one of the succesful artist in Sumang Leela performances.

Bonium later joined 'Sangai Artist Association' and acted in the play 'Neirehe' but his chapter as an artist of Sumang Leela came to end. Nevertheless, Bonium is not too far away from the world of Acting. He has stepped into the glamorous world of Manipuri cinema.

Thokchom Bonium

Thokchom Bonium

Even as he comes as a singer, as a program presenter or as a Sumang Leela artist, Bonium's favourite art is to act on the silver screen. He tried many times to become an actor in films but he never got the opportunity. As time goes by, he had a chance of anchoring 'Hello Hello' programme in ISTV Network and then as a programme presenter in interviewing various films artists. Thus, Bonium became familiar with many film artists of Manipur.

By taking this opprotunity, Bonium acted in a Romi Meitei film 'Red Rose' in a small role. In order to attract film director and producer, he used to spend a lot of time in front of many studios even to the extent of an entire day. But he had no chances. After acting in Red Rose, he acted in some more films and music videos. But that was not his goal.

Unexpectedly, he was offered a protagonist role for a film titled 'Meerang Mahum'. With an aim to act in this particular film, Bonium left Sumang Leela. The film is directed by Ajit Ningthouja and produced by Olivia Shija. Shooting for this film has been completed and is presently in the studios for its final editing process and is going to be released within a short period of time.

In this romantic cum action film Meerang Mahum, Bonium have tried whatever he could. He hopes that this film will really become a stepping stone for his film acting career and he believes that he will surely get an arena in Manipuri film industry soon. Meanwhile, Bonium was awarded 'Best Actor' for the music video 'Ingao Ngaojabi' in All Manipur State Level 2nd Music Video Festival, jointly organised by Film Forum Manipur and Manipur Film Development Corporation. The music video was directed by Ajit Ningthouja.

Thokchom Bonium - a new face in Manipuri films is a hard working, confident person. One will surely see Bonium shines in the near future.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on July 20, 2014


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