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Hidangmayum Universe

Hidangmayum Universe

Name: Hidangmayum Universe Sharma
Nick Name: Boboy
Father's Name: Hidangmayum Dev-anand Sharma
Mother's Name: Hidangmayum Phajabi Devi
Address: Heirok Part II Bazar
Date of Birth: Sunday, 2nd January 1988
Height: 5'8''
Favourite Dish: Yongchak and Kangsoi
Favourite Colour: Red, Black and Green
Favourite Actor: Aamir Khan/Bishwamitra
Favourite Song: Laan pamde eikhoi
Favourite Singer: Suren
Ambition: to become a good and perfect actor

Film Acted in: Upai/Pambei, 23rd Century, Hingchaba 2, Toro, Mihatpung, Good Bye Nazma, Tungwai, Dangerous, Kangla Karbar 2

Plays Acted in: Pongee Chekla, Ram Leela, London Marry, Yairipok Thambalnu

Hidangmayum Universe

Hidangmayum Universe

Since childhood, Universe always thought of joining in film, drama, theatre. He never missed any opportunity in participating in various competitions held in around his village. He also took part in dancing in the Lai Haraoba festival in his locality every year. In the year 2003, in response to an advertisement in the local newspapers calling for selection of artists of the Imphal Jatra, he joined the audition but was not among the shortlisted candidates. Universe on that very selection day realized that nothing can be done without experiences.

But he never keeps up trying out to join any theatre group. His desire was out of control, Universe went straight away to Iboyaima Sumang Leela Sanglen where the audition was going on and requested to allow him to take part in the audition even though he was not among the selected candidates. But his request turned futile.

When there was a huge demand in Manipuri music videos in 2000-2001, Universe also planned to make a music video but did not succeed as he faced a lot of problem. On seeing his desireness in art and acting one local brother Singhajit (Jackie) who works as an artist in Chakthekpi party introduced Universe to L. Surjakanta Sharma a prominent film maker and worked under him as a spot boy and as an artist in his serial play 'Khamba-Thoibi' and also in films like 'Hayengna Kanana Pan-gani' and 'Yumleima Lamleima'. Then, he got training on acting from Laimayum Vishnu Sharma who is the father of L. Surjakanta Sharma.

Hidangmayum Universe

Hidangmayum Universe

After his association with Surjakanta till 2006, Universe then walks into Freeway and Blue Ocean Academy (model institutes) for modeling. There he got numerous opportunities to expose himself by walking on various ramp shows. In the meantime, Universe also learnt mime art and drama from Hanjabam Tombi Sharma (Tombi Kokchao).

Once one of his friend Keshorjit who is working together with Universe at Blue Ocean Academy introduced him to the Director of Manipur Artist Touring Drama Party Elangbam Joychandra Singh. Under the supervision and care of Elangbam Joychandra Singh, Universe Sharma joined the drama party and took main roles for various plays. He also participated in various Drama festivals which is held in the state as well as outside. Plays like Pongee Chekla, Ram Leela, London Marry, Yairipok Thambalnu may be mention.

In a bid to get more and more knowledge in theatre, he attended a workshop at Leimayol Art Centre and took part in plays like Paona Brajabashi, Ariba Sadapti and Yokchabisu Imani under Leimayol Art Centre. He further joined the Manipur Dramatic Union and took main roles in plays like Abhimanyu, Sabi Yumpham, Kamala, Kangla Yaipung, Bir Tikendrajit and Irabot.

After his hard earned knowledge in the field of art, drama and theatre, Universe works and act in music videos and films. His first acted in a music video titled 'Nungsiramgadra Mana' along with Minerva. So far, he has acted in more than 30 Manipuri music videos while 10 music videos is coming out soon.

Further, Universe has also acted in various films like Waashak, Hayengna Kanana Pangani in a supporting role. But now, Universe has become one of the leading actors of Manipuri cinema. He takes leading role in various films which is scheduled to be released soon. Upai/Pambei, 23rd Century, Hingchaba 2, Toro, Mihatpung, Good Bye Nazma, Tungwai, Dangerous, Kangla Karbar 2 may be mention.

His journey in the field of theatre though in its initial stage has now turned into reality with the encouragement from fans, supporters and family members. Costume designer Galif, make-up artist Surjakumar (Dasur) and film artist Sangeeta has help Universe in one way or the other. Apart from them Universe share his thanks to all who had helped him in times of need in his life and particularly in his profession in art, drama and theatre.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on May 11, 2013


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