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Yumnam Arun

Yumnam Arun

Name: Yumnam Arun Singh
Nick Name: Ningthem
Father's Name: Yumnam Bihari Singh
Mother's Name: (Late) Yumnam ongbi Ibechaobi Devi
Address: Langmeidong Mamang Leikai, Thoubal district.
Date of Birth: Saturday, February 27 ...
Height: 5'9''
Favourite Actor: Shah Rukh Khan
Favourite Actress: Katrina Kaif/Kajol
Favourite Film: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Favourite Song: Nungshi Nangse Nungshi sung by Pushparani in the film Panthunggi Wangmada
Favourite Singer: Pushparani
Favourite Colour: Purple and White
Favourite Dress: Casual
First Film: Nangtana Helli (2005)
First Sumang Leela: Kunti-4 (2004)
Film Acted in: Chingjaogum Lepliba Thamoi, Eigini Khanna, Tellaba Punshigi eeshei, Thawaigi mani, Panthunggi Wangmada, Dakpham, Yaifare Yaifare, Khonglaga Khang-gani, Phoknadringei

Yumnam Arun

Yumnam Arun

Yumnam Arun first started his acting career in 2001 by acting in a music video titled 'Manglanda Laktuna' sung by Ranbir Thouna and directed by Suvas Elangbam along with RK Amarjit and Ishomani. He had a long cherished dream to be a part of film industry of Manipur. He then participated in the DAWN 2002 contest with the help of Elangbam Jitenkumar Singh founder of Millennium Institute of Sciences and Mathematics teacher Meghachandra Singh. Suvas E who is now a renown director of Manipuri films brought him the application form for participation of the Dawn contest. So, Arun knocks at Diya Khwairakpam's door to learn dialogue for the contest. Arun was awarded the Dawn Actor 2002 in the event organised by Bright films Manipur. The year 2002 saw a good success and a turning point for the film enthusiast like Yumnam Arun when it comes to his much anticipated dream of the glamour world. After winning the dawn actor titled Arun was more keen on taking the acting profession. He joined diploma courses in Fashion Designing and Make-up at the Blue Ocean Academy.

Arun was invited to join a Sumang Leela group by Jitenkumar Naorem, so he joined the Peacemaker Artist Association in 2004 and acted for the first time in Kunti-4 (Hoo changdraba Hakchang) where he took the role of Nungshiba Sehgal. So far Arun has acted in more than 20 Sumang Leela as an artist of the Peacemaker Artist's Association. He has performed in plays like Kunti-5, Kunti-6 as Mangal, Restaphen as Restaphen, Gusmaogi Khudol as Aman, Aruba Eechel, Amamba Lambisida as Arun, Bordi Yourakle, Ei Yumsigi Mamani, Ekhenglakta Piranggi Wakat, Pizza as Mangal, Sambrei Managi Chinghi Manam, Ee-ngen-gi Nini Panba, Nupigi Thamoi and others.

For his outstanding performance as Restaphen in the sumang leela play 'Restaphen' he was awarded 2nd Best Actor in the Sumang Leela festival 2005 organised by Manipur State Kala Akademi. He was also awarded the Public Choice Awards by Manipur State Sumang Leela Council in 2009. But all these would not have come alive without the consent from noted Sumang Leela director Birjit Ngangomba which Arun gave almost all his credits to him. He is a director for many artists but for Arun, Birjit Ngangomba is incomparable to anyone as a director for his profession as well as mentor for his life.

Yumnam Arun

Yumnam Arun

After watching his performance in the sumang leela Restaphen, Yumnam Sharat of Dashu Films offered him to cast in a Manipuri film, so in the year 2005, Arun became an actor of Manipuri film. He first appeared in the film 'Nangtana Helli' as Suraj and co-acted with Sonia which was directed by Oken Amakcham. Arun has so far acted in more than 20 Manipuri films. Chingjaogum Lepliba Thamoi, Eigini Khanna, Tellaba Punshigi eeshei, Thawaigi mani, Panthunggi Wangmada, Dakpham, Yaifare Yaifare, Khonglaga Khang-gani, Phoknadringei are some of the films acted by Arun. Right now shooting fo films like Ngaina Ngaina, Surrender, Tokpa Laandagi is going on and will be releasing soon. Another 4 new assignments are also in his hands waiting for schedule. Dakpham-2 may be mention among the new assignments.

Despite being a successful actor in films and sumang leela, Arun has to his credit for his performance in more than 40 music videos.

Undeterred with the painstaking tasks of going in to the glamour world of film, Arun never forgot the support and influence that his family offered to him in his initial stage. His success and recognition would have been on the diminutive side without the help and support of his parents and relatives. His family members encourage him when he steps to his dream of films. But the saddest moment of Arun suddenly came when her mother who always blessed him for his endeavours left him on January 26, 2009. Losing his mother is the biggest lost for Arun.

Arun claims that he acts according to the character/role he was assigned with. Let it be villain or any character he is ready to face it. He doesn't want to stick to a particular character as he feels that Art has no boundary.

For the promotion of Art particularly films and sumang leela, Arun observed that imitations go a negative way while our tradition and culture is rich. When we uplift our tradition it automatically promotes our films and sumang leela. Only then, Manipuri films will be recognized globally and we will find a place to expose ourselves to the outside world. But on one side we do have a skeptic feeling when it comes to economy, fearing the poor economy of our state, good quality films are yet to come out. Many enthusiasts are afraid to join the profession of art as they don't see a good future. So, a film policy is also the need of the hour.

Urging the talented youths of Manipur to join and participate in films and sumang leela to expose their hidden talents, Arun maintained that a moment's thought and planning before joining the art is a must. Zero knowledge entrance to art might take you to a negative route rather than your quest for an acclaimed recognition.

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This profile was first webcasted on February 25, 2013


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