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Artina Thoudam

Artina Thoudam is now the new heart-throb of cine lovers. With the hope that she could show her skills and talents by contributing to the film industry, she is stepping ahead towards a new future of her life. She is confident that she will occupy a seat in the film industry.......

Artina Thoudam
Name: Artina Thoudam
Nick Name: Guneshwori/Abe
Father's Name: Thoudam Bihari
Mother's Name: Thoudam Ongbi Loidang Devi
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Date of Birth : March 22
Zodiac: Makar
Educational Qualification: XII Arts
Favourite Dish: Iromba
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Dress: Skirt
Favourite Actor: Samberiu (Korean)
Favourite Singer: Alka Yagnik/Sonu Nigam
Film Works: Autobiography , Thoi , Apaiba Leichil , Punshi Chuppa Nangse Eigini , Chakthekpee, Khomlang Laman , Nungshi Lamjel , Pizza and others...
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Artina Thoudam posing for the camera
Artina Thoudam posing for the camera

In recent years, cine-goers of the state have come across a fast moving development in the film industry of the state. The development of film industry in this tiny state Manipur is a momentous opportunity for the talented youths to showcase their skills and hidden talents. The viewers are also satisfied on witnessing the talents of various new artists in the Manipuri film industry. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a number of new actors and actresses have shown their talents in many possible ways.

Among them is a 20 year old,cute and attractive Artina Thoudam, who is now the new heart throb of cine lovers. With the hope that she could show her skills and talents by contributing to the film industry, she is stepping ahead towards a new future of her life. She is confident that she will occupy a seat in the film industry. She is sure to attract the viewers in a way she likes, but we have to wait for the moment.

Once an uncle from her locality introduced her to Surjit Khuman who is a director in the year 2001 and subsequently she joined the film 'Autobiography' for the first time under the direction of Surjit Khuman by taking the role of Kaiku's younger sister 'Thoi'. She also acted as a Doctor in the film 'Phijang Marumda' under the direction of K. Bimol Sharma.

In the film Apaiba Leichil directed by Kiran Koijam, Artina took the main role while she also took supporting role (along with Bonny Sharma) in the film Punshi Chuppa Nangse Eigini under the direction of Premananda. In her latest film 'Chakthekpee', she co-acted with Gokul and took the role of Nungshitombi. She also plays as Thariktha in the film Khomlang Laman directed by Subhas Pebia. She has too acted in the film 'Lamkhai' directed by Medhajit.

Artina Thoudam posing for the camera
Artina Thoudam posing for the camera

More than seven films acted by Artina are still in the shooting and editing phase and will be in the market soon. The films include Chanu directed by Bimol Phibou, Nungshi Lamjel by Nilladhaja Khuman, Mongpham and Meehattaba Killer by Chou-en-lai, Nongjabi by Kiran Koijam and Loyalamgi Malangba directed by Kiran Koijam. Shooting is also going on right now for Pizza where Artina acted as Pizza; Phagee Phageedagi, Kanglasha Meitei, Nungshiba Joke Natte, Producer/Director, Eigi Brother are other films in the pipeline. Artina has signed contract in more than 4 films for which the schedule for shooting has been fixed including Waa Waa Laonu.

Apart from films, Artina also acted in various music video albums totalling around 20 music videos. Nungshiba Karino, Lakle lakle ngasidi is mentionable. Though she acted in music videos, she prefers to be in the film industry more than music videos.

Loidang, mother of Artina is one who always cares for her daughter. Artina's mother looks after her while going out for shooting in different locations during day and night bearing the heat and darkness. Her mother is concerned about the career of her daughter. Her family lends big support to her endeavour to be a role model in films. "I am old and weak, I am concerned about her future career, I am worried who will look after my daughter when I am not able to look after her ....", Loidang said.

Till now, Artina has acted in many films without a proper training but only with the skill and talent she has possessed in herself. The knowledge she got through shootings with various senior artists are the ideas she always kept in mind. She never forgot the suggestion and encouragement. The senior artists are the guide for her.

She says she is still learning and that learning never ends in her life. She has learned different knowledge from the senior artists because she has a habit to ask the senior artists whenever she has doubts.

Artina Thoudam during a film shooting Artina Thoudam during a film shooting

Artina loves to play the role of being an optimist, being a strong and courageous women, rather than being in sorrow. But she insists she will never hesitate to take any character whatever she is assigned to. So far, Artina has played different characters in various films.

Artina is of the opinion that nowadays instead of watching movies being imported from other state, the movie lovers of the state has keen interest in watching Manipur films. This shows that the level of Manipuri cinema has developed a lot and has come up to a higher level.

She further expresses that the rumour-mill circulating about Manipuri actresses has a bad impact on the mind of female artist especially to the new female artists. So, Artina appeals to the people not to spread rumours and mis-understandings but instead lend a helping hand to the state artists.

"The artist renders services to the society, is a messenger on different situation of the society" - Artina says and she wants the people to have a heart for the artist so that artist can work to bring a change on society.

** Daniel Chabungbam wrote this article for eRang
The writer is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This post was first posted on June 08 2012 and later updated on June 9


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