Hijam Bala :: Youngest and vibrant new entrant into Manipur film industry

Hijam Bala

She is hardly 17 years of age and doing her 11th standard, Hijam Bala is head over heel in love with Manipur Cinema and made her debut in 'Telanga Mamei' a Manipuri film as supporting actress and she was also once choosen the Oriflame Face. Today she is considered as the most youngest and a vibrant new entrant into Manipur film industry..

Hijam Bala
Name: Hijam Surbala alias Bala (commonly known by everyone)
Fav. Colour: Purple
Fav. Outfits: Traditional outfits
Fav Dish: Ooti Asangba ( Indigenous food of Manipur)
Fav. Film: The Road House
Fav. Actor and Actress: Josh Hartnett (actor) and Catherine Zeta Jones (actress)
Fav. Singer: Dinesh (male) and Mandakini (female)
Fav. Song: "Ngaore Eidi Shumhatle Nangna"
Hobby: Listening to the music and reading magzines as well as novels
Aim in life: To be a teacher
Address: Sagolband Salam Leikai, Imphal West, Manipur.
Film Works: Telanga Mamei, Khangdreda Nongdamba, Panthungi Wangmada and many more...
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Youngest and vibrant new entrant into Manipur film industry

First cinema: Telanga Mamei (as supporting actor).

First solo cinema: Khangdreda Nongdamba.

Upcoming cinema of her which is expected to be released in 2010 : Panthungi Wangmada and another three more films.

Bala wants to give credit to Romi Meitei, Irom Maipak and her parents for her success.

Comments from parents: Both her father and mother are very much delightful by her fast learning of acting and performing infront of camera as well as curiosity to explore more. Hence, her parents will be supporting and encouraging her to impart her talents in the Manipuri film industry and also to contribute some of her arts to the society. However, being a parent they want her daughter to first complete her studies as to have the proper knowledge of education.

Bala's most critical act: Every serious role that she did in the film.

Bala's most enjoyable act: Every shot of song sequences.

Comment from Bala regarding her act : Being interested in dancing and acting since her childhood, Bala came into the limelight of the Manipuri film industry with the grace of her uncle Irom Maipak as well as her parents and Almighty God. But still today she faces various form of obstacles during the shoot - like when she is not able to act the exact role according to the directors' wishes and she has to retake many times during the shoot.

And she felt that it is due to her weakness in acting as she is not a professional trained actor, though she is now on the track to cope up with all such issues and fill the gaps to make director satisfied of her work and she gives this duty as her first priority.

What Bala Hate Most: When the people or audience who have exprienced and watched many of the Manipuri cinema sometimes use slang languages when commenting about the films or the actors who are acting in the movie, apart from that teasing and mocking of artists at the public places.

Therefore, she requests the people to give them support and encouragement to these artists who are imparting their effort in contributing the Manipuri film industry to serve the people of Manipur with little entertainment instead of making fun of them.

Besides, Bala also earnestly requests the youth generation of Manipur to immediately come out from the world of using intoxicants and drugs. The youth generation of Manipur today has almost ruined their life with the using of drugs and which is the factor today Manipiur has highest number of using drugs as well as increasing in HIV and AIDS.

So, we should not distract our mind in such stuffs but we need to come together with single mindset and know our duty to bring peace and harmony as well as development of the state.


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