Biju Ningombam- the new face of Manipuri digital screen

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 Biju Ningombam

Biju Ningombam

Name: Ningombam Biju

Father's Name: N. Kunjabihari Singh

Mother's Name: N. Bimola Devi

Address: Kakwa Selungba Leikai

DOB: Thursday, 26th December, xxxx

Zodiac: Cancer

Siblings: Last among three sisters along with a kid brother

Qualification: BSc First Year

First Music Video: Fajarabi Nanggi Maithong

First Digital Film: Meerang Mahum

First screen appearance: Ningol-Ka teleplay of DDK Imphal

Favourite Singer: Pusparani

Favourite Curry: Mangal Kangtak (Dried and grinded peas)

With her enormous skills in acting and the outer beauty of herself Biju Ningombam as on the verge to become as one of the most favourite actress of the Manipuri silver screen. Her inherent qualities was the reason for Biju to be attracted to many cine-goers.

Biju is a little girl who loves to dance to the tune of music. She would urge her parents to put the TV wherein she follows to the music. Encouraging her love of music, one of her nephew brought a form for undergoing a dance course. Accordingly, at the time when Biju was studying class VI she took a course from Guru Anganghal Dance and Music Centre, Keishamthong. She started learning classical folk dance under instructor Memcha of the centre.

But after learning dance for one month she did not continue because her parents thought that her studies will be affected. However, her talents led to the participation of 42nd All India Multi-Lingual Short and Folk Dance Mahotsav 2010 which was held at Allahabad. At the Mahotsav, she took the role of Radha and won the Best Actor Award. Then came her career as an artist.

 Biju Ningombam

Biju Ningombam

When she was still studying class VI, her first screen appearance came as a child artist in a teleplay 'Ningol Kada' which was telecast on DDK Imphal. After a four year sabbatical and when she was preparing for her class X finals. Biju acted in a Manipuri music video 'Phajarabi Nanggi Maithong' directed by Dhirajit and produced by one of her cousin brother Bullu. At the time when Bullu approached for the role, her parents though not willingly showed their positive gesture allowing Biju to face the camera. This makes Biju smiles as in the beginning her parents would reject in her career. Later, she also acted in various music videos.

So far, biju has acted in more than 20 music videos while many are also lined up for release and shooting. Other music video acted by Biju includes Ningthibi Nanggi maithong, Lairembira Nangbu, Nangbu Nungshibagi ihulda, Umang-gum and others.

One of her music video director Ajit Ningthouja offered Biju for a supporting role in a film. Acknowledging the talents of Biju, Ajit offered a role for the film and Meerang Mahum became her first film. She has also acted in music videos under the direction of Ajit Ningthouja. In films, she faces the camera with a new approach of dialogues and acts even as music videos show cast her dancing scenes. Most music videos are displayed with dance scenes.

Different acts do prevail in both music videos and films. But as for Biju she somehow could manage in both genre. Biju is yet to find a unique character and style of her own. She has developed herself from peers, directors and seniors to what an actor requires to arouse the cine-goers. She really enjoys working in films. So far, she has also given her best stints to all the roles she was offered.

Even though Biju is a new face in Manipuri cinema with only three releases, she is becoming one of the most sought after actor among the audience. She has acted in two films 'Ashi Leibakki Hero' directed by Chou-en-lai and 'Thamoi Yening Hullare' by taking main roles. In the film Meerang Mahum, Biju co-acted along with Nandakumar. She took the main role of the film Ashi Leibakki Hero along with Rahul. Apart from this films, shooting for the films like Chou-en-lai's Nungshi Pheijei, Hemanta Khuman's 'Eikhoi Pabunggi' and Ajit Ningthouja's 'Kongol'. Her other films about to be released are Romi Meitei's 'Tamphayai' and 'Abem-Abung' directed by O. Gautam. She has also been assigned for another two three films too.

 Biju Ningombam

Biju Ningombam

Biju is not confined to a role or the other. She could manage herself to what the director want it to do. She even does not choose or select a particular kind of character. Every role is a challenge for Biju, so she acts successfully on the roles offered to her. By acting in every role or character, Biju believe that she could learn something more as an experiment. She use to examine what the famous actors of Hollywood, Bollywood and others are doing in films. She has a love in acting of one of the famous Bollywood actress. She, however, prefers acting as a less and soft spoken character in a serene nature.

About the affairs in Manipuri digital films, Biju stated that if the actors are informed in advance about their roles, themes and dialogues they would have acted better and raise the standard of Manipuri films. A state film policy, organizing regular seminars, workshops, advocacy, fresher courses and appreciation programmes will help to raise the standard of Manipuri films.

Despite being a sought after actor of Manipuri cinema, Biju on a different profession wants to serve the people. She dream is to become a doctor to serve humanity.

Biju's message came at a time many are involve in cyber crimes. Biju said social networking sites should be utilize to uplift a cause or share good things with our loved ones. She is against creating fake accounts, creating fake pictures and using it a derogative manner. Biju urges to stop giving negative comments in order to assassinate one's character.

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This article was webcasted on September 11, 2015.


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