Brahmacharimayum Roji

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Brahmacharimayum Roji

Brahmacharimayum Roji

Name: Brahmacharimayum Roji
Father's name: Hajarimayum Robindro Sharma
Mother's Name: Hajarimayum Ongbi Premila Devi
Birth place: Tronglaobi Makha Leikai
Spouse's Name: Brahmacharimayum Kumar Sharma
Address: Brahmapur Nahabam, Imphal East
Date of Birth: 6th November, (Thursday)
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Dress: Traditional attire
Favourite Dish: Ironba
Favourite Actor: Nana Patekar
Favourite Actress: Vidya Balan/Juhi Chawla
Favourite TV Channels: Colours and Discovery
Hobby: Writing

Brahmacharimayum Roji

Brahmacharimayum Roji

As gifted with different forms of art and culture to the world, evolution of various artists is all around in Manipur. Many new artists are on the anvil by following the footsteps of our very serious yester artists. Among them is a lady who acts in films, in Sumang Leela and in theatre.

She is also a lyricist, a scriptwriter. Her stints in various art forms has made her name a common word among the art lovers. She is none other than Brahmacharimayum Roji. The art fraternity would not be complete without Roji. Among her work is the very distinct and indigenous art form Sumang Leela, where she was awarded the best actress from among the women sumang leela groups.

Roji was awarded best actress in the '5th Manipur Akademi Sumang Leela Festival 2016' among the women groups category. She acted in the sumang leela play christened as 'Purakle Paojel' written by Yumnam Rajen and directed by Jugolchandra Sharma. The play was staged under the banner of Women Art and Culture Association.

Roji has interest in art forms from her childhood age. She participated in school functions and got first and second positions. Her interest in various activities like recitation, skit play attracts one of her uncle Sanatomba from Khudekpi.

Sanatomba then introduce her to Somorendro of Sagolband. Somorendro further took her to Surjakanta's home, who is presently the chairman of Film Forum Manipur. Surjakanta's father Laimayum Bishnu Sharma taught her acting and this was Roji's first learning on acting. She then came to know with who are related in films.

Roji acted in the celluloid film 'Sajibugi Leihao' for the first time in the year 2004. The film was directed by L. Bishnu Sharma. Unfortunately, the film the completed was not release. Roji then got the chance to be a part of digital films after 6/7 years. Her first acting in digital film was in 'Tan' a short film.

She also acted in "Sharamchat". She has acted in more than ten music videos, seven short films and five teleplays. She played main role in about nine films. Among which Hoo, Sharamchat, Mashingkha, Nungshidrasu Nungshi, Icheton, Meiraba may be mentioned.

Films acted by Roji like 'Soren' directed by Jitendra Ningomba, 'Na pang-ee tajade' directed by Ranjit Ningthouja, 'Mai-on' and 'Nongalle' both directed by Surjakanta is coming in the silver within a few months.

Roji is presently associated with Panthoibi Natya Mandir. Earlier, Roji was at NT Theatre under Deepak Ningthouja. She has acted in 18 dramas directed by Deepak. She also acted in more than 11 sumang leela among which she is satisfied with the play 'Purakle Paokhum' which fetched her the best actress award of the 5th Manipur State Kala Akademi Sumang Leela Festival.

Brahmacharimayum Roji

Brahmacharimayum Roji

She accepts the character role given by each and every director under whom she works. She took a challenging role of a lunatic woman in the film 'Mai-on'. The script of the film was penned by Roji herself.

Fortunately, Roji enjoys a big support of her spouse. But, being a woman she comes across some tough situation. Going late at night to complete schedules, complete household works, serving parents is all she has to do. Besides, she has to be punctual for her appointments.

Roji is associated with various art forms. All art forms are different. Each form has its own uniqueness. She is pleased that she is working in Drama, Leela, Film, etc. She is enjoying different taste from it. Acting in sumang leela is a challenge, it cannot be repeated. It is absolutely live from all four sides. One needs to be very cautious while acting in Sumang Leela. In order to keep the tradition of women sumang leela alive, Roji has worked whole heartedly from the very beginning of joining this art form.

Women has succeeded in various fields and so there is a chance that this art form also succeeds. But, the patience in it is worth to keep.

For being a successful artist Roji gave credits to her maternal parents, her spouse for his never ending support and also allowing her to go according to her wishes, her guides whom she seeks knowledge.

Her first guide is L. Bishnu Sharma besides she took knowledge from Y. Rajendra of Panthoibi Theatre, Deepak of NT Theatre, Ruby Mangang, AK Bengol, Iboyaima, Lancha, Jugolchandra, Narendra Ningomba too. She also participated in various workshops and learnt various art forms under the guidance of Naba Wareppa, Gunachandra Sharma, Thanil Leima, Bidyapati, P Khose, etc.

Roji was adjust 2nd Best Actress award for the play 'Mapok Lang-on Ama' directed by AK Bengol and 'Naoshumdagi Mongpham' directed by Iboyaima Khuman, Best supporting actress from another play directed by Iboyaima Khuman and Best actress in a play directed by Jugindro. She was awarded Best of AMMIK 2011 and also best lyrics award.

Roji was nominated as best actress for the video film 'Thadoktuna Chatkhinu', best director for the short film 'Mating' also. Best Discipline award was conferred to Roji by Film Forum Manipur. She also received BR Ambedkar National Award in the year 2016.

Roji has pen down some plays too. Among which sumang leela plays 'Eetinpham' and 'Leelada Leela', films- 'Mai-on' and 'Nongalle' of which shooting is about to complete, short films- 'Mating', 'Thararoige', 'License Gun' and 'Pai Marimak' may be mentioned. Four lyrics were also written by Roji.

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