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 Ethoi Oinam

Ethoi Oinam

Actress profile : Ethoi Oinam

Name: Ethoi Oinam

Father's Name: (Late) Oinam Sanou

Mother's Name: Oinam ongbi Sushila

Address: Pishumthong Oinam Leikai, Imphal West

Date of birth: October 29, 19xx (Friday)

First music video: Haikhinu Thammoi directed by Hemanta Khuman

First film: Amukta Ani

Shira Shi Chang-nga chang, Henna Nungshijei, Amukta Ani, Nungshi Feijei, Eikhoi Pabunggi, Abethoi Angaobi, Machet Makai, Nungshi Feijei-2, Sanagi Nga-2, Khongchat, ABC Zero

 Ethoi Oinam

Ethoi Oinam

The trend of the Manipur film industry has changed a lot in the past few years. In quantity, around 60 to 70 Manipuri digital films were produced annually. But in terms of quality, the state's film industry is lacking behind comparing to others. Worth seeing movies came as low as 5 to 6 films only.

The industry in fact has been a boost for young enthusiasts. Talented actors showcased their skills and could attract a number of viewers from outside. Of course the chosen one comes in less number.

Most of them were introduced by someone just for glamour. Even as many of them were not groomed or taught what an actor should posses, they could somehow make a difference to the viewers. They are confident in taking a step towards this medium.

Among the new face in Manipuri film industry is young and beautiful Ethoi Oinam, the only daughter of late Oinam Sanou, a filmmaker. Following the footsteps of her late father and grandfather, talented Ethoi has so far acting in various Manipuri digital films.

Ethoi Oinam has acted in about 15 films that include Amukta Ani, Shira Shi Chang-nga chang, Henna Nungshijei, Nungshi Feijei, Eikhoi Pabunggi, Abethoi Angaobi, Machet Makai, Nungshi Feijei-2, Sanagi Nga-2, Khongchat, ABC Zero and others. Her grandfather Chandra was a person associated with Manipuri films. Chandra produced 'Urirei Madhabi' a celluloid film. Unfortunately Chandra's film could not hit the box office. But the songs of Urirei Madhabi are still alive till today.

 Ethoi Oinam

Ethoi Oinam

Oinam Sanou was the man who groomed his daughter Ethoi to the film industry. When Ethoi was studying class-I, she acted in a film of Sanou. Ethoi showed much interest in dance, music since her very early part of life. After acting in films at the age of 6, Ethoi was always a part of Sanou's productions.

Ethoi Oinam acted in more than 6 films as a child artist. It seems the blood in the veins of Chandra and Sanou was transferred to Ethoi too. Every song was an opportunity for Ethoi where she used to dance to the tunes of the songs. The mirrors are stage and camera for Ethoi. Both her father and grandfather was annoyed when they know that Ethoi is following their footsteps.

Unfortunately, Sanou passed away in the year 2010. The whole family was shocked. They never believe this could happen to their family. The moment left the family that the medium of films has left the family. But, Ethoi after losing her loving father decided to dedicate herself in films. She urged her mother to produce a music video of her.

Then came the moment where in Ethoi acted in her first ever music video in the year 2014. The title of the music video is 'Haikhinu Thammoi'. The music video directed by Hemanta Khuman was dedicated to her late father Sanou and was choreographed by Babycha Salam. This was a starting point for Ethoi in her career in glamour world.

So far, Ethoi Oinam has acted in more than 30 music videos. Then, her debut performance 'Amukta Ani' was in the box office. She would give the credit for her career to her father. She also thanked Hemanta Khuman and Babycha Salam of whom she owes for her career. Had she not met these two persons, following her father's aspiration would not have come the way.

Today, the long cherished dream has come in a positive way for Ethoi Oinam. She is one of the favourite actors of Manipuri filmgoers. She could find a place in the state's film industry. She believes she could satisfy the aspirations of her family and the people who have been behind her journey.

Her aim is to become a person who is always with Manipuri films. Even after her acting in films is over, she would rather become a producer too. So, she opined that her partner be a person who is associated with the medium of film or art.

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