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Jenifer Loukham

Jenifer Loukham

Name: Jenifer Loukham
Nick Name: Babi
Father's Name: Loukham Tondon Singh
Mother's name: Loukham ongbi Puinabati Devi
Address: Sagolband Kangabam Leikai, Imphal
Date of Birth: December 25, XXXX
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 42
Favourite Actor: Bruce Willis
Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie
Favourite Model: Lara Dutta
Favourite Song: Whiskey Lullaby
Favourite Singer: Shreya Goshal
Favourite Dish: Fish
Favourite Colour: Pink and Red
Favourite Dress: Frock and Jeans
Hobbies: Reading, dancing and watching TV
Ambition: To become an ideal teacher
Music Videos: Nangna Nungshi Kaina and other 14 manipuri music
Film Acted in: Lamjel, African Leisabi and others

Jenifer Loukham

Jenifer Loukham

Jenifer Loukham might be petite but she is a sweet and a very charming girl who is now on her way to has become the new face of Manipuri cinema. She has been inspired by the fantastic performances of many talented actors in genres of drama, shumang leela, music videos and films.

With her artistic bent and well complimented by an inherent taste and aptitude in art, she is encouraged to become a distinguished artiste in the manipuri filmdom not only to promote art and culture of our soil but also to enact moral values in her portrayals on social themes.

Drawing deep impressions from the notable actors of Manipuri cinema, Bollywood, Hollywood and the south-east Asia, Jenifer looks forward to do something capable and worthy and earn herself a place in the world of arts. For that, she carefully looks for the theme and story that is sensible enough to induce moral lessons into the minds of the youths in particular.

Sensing her keenness in dancing and acting, Jenifer Loukham's parents have been at all times supporting Jenifer to avail better prospects in her profession. Interestingly her Nene Sana, Nene Ramani, Emashi and Aabok (aunties and grand-mother from her family) takes individual responsibilities and interests on Jenifer while Yoimayai Mongshaba and Rishi paved the way for her in the art form called film. With the blessings from her parents and her guides, she says that she "hopes to perform the best to their wish" and is confident that she will surely do it.

She remembers when she faced the camera for the first time. She felt a little bit of 'stage-fright', yet she cautiously and courageously overcame it to gain confidence and do her best. Once this stage was over, she says that it was like "feeling the ray of hope reflected on her endeavour".

Jenifer Loukham first acted in a music video titled 'Nangna Nungshi Kaina' along with Mahesh. The shooting went smoothly on the sets. With the applauses she received after her first music video, she has gone to act in more than 14 manipuri music videos so far. Surprisingly, all the music videos she acted in are liked by the audience and has became hits. At present, more that 27 new assignments are on her hand of which 19 are set to be released very soon.

Her performance in music videos are noticed and soon a supporting role in the Pilu Heigrujam's "African Leisabi" was offered to her. This movie has been recently released. Her next project is to portray the role of the main actor in the film titled 'Lamjel' directed by Yoimayai.

At the very moment, Jenifer is preparing to appear for her tenth standard board examinations.

Jenifer Loukham

Jenifer Loukham :: Pix - Tiken Photography

Rather than working on a particular role or character that suits her choice, she is ready to portray her character as an ideal feminine role that predicts a role of a woman of head and heart. She wishes people at large should react against moral degeneration and wanted to be a part of a feminine role in films. She thinks she would act in a role of a social activist. She suggested that the script writers and the film makers for more stories/scripts that emphasize the social values of Manipur.

On the own feelings about acting, Jenifer says "acting is more or less imitating the real life characters. Not all actors may be suited to play any character. As such choice of character is important for the actors to give a satisfactory performance". In acting, she feels that one has to analyze the character in the society, feel it for herself or himself, stir up the emotion, take it up seriously with concentration and give it out profusely as if the consequences are real. It is indeed not an easy thing for a person having no taste and aptitude but the experience counts in acting fairly", she adds.

The success behind Jenifer's profession is the hard work, perseverance and strong determination. And the credit for her success goes to her parents without whose consent she would not have proceeded forward. Then, the teacher and gurus from whom she gained a lot of knowledge and experience. She also counts the encouragement and moral support from her dear and near ones for her recognition in films as her profession.

According to her opinion about the present status of Manipuri cinema, Jenifer finds that Manipuri cinema is flourishing by leaps and bounds and that it is not any less than its counterparts in the region with respect to choreography, music and sequence enactments. However, Manipuri cinema is lagging behind technically. Most of the film songs are also melodious or entertaining but the only thing is the lack in traditional tune. She likes more of the scripts and stories to give message to the youths particularly in our society.

Somewhere in the future, she wishes to become an ideal teacher because she feels that a teacher is perhaps the most important part of the community where education is the foundation for building up the future generation to set up an ideal society.

In a message to the society, she urged that the modern society is infiltrated with moral degeneration so one should be bound by conscience guarding him or herself against the evil thought and harmful deeds. Accordingly, her message is to have a consideration for others.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on March 22, 2013


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