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From a supporting Child Artist to an actress: Momoco is rising up

Name: Khangembam Rosnia @ Momoco
Height: 5' 3
Date of Birth: 20th March
Parents Name: Kh. Suresh / Kh. Ongbi Asha Devi
Hobbies: Listening to the music, dancing, acting, Watching TV and reading
Educational Qualification: Currently pursuing BSc(Botany) from DM college, Manipur
Address: Ghari Awang Leikai, Imphal West, Manipur.
Favourite Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif
Favourite Film: I Hate Love Story.
First Film: Star
Best Movies: Mikithi, Eise Kanano
Film Works: Handakta Nouna Khangnabam Eise Kanano, School Karusi, Pon, Lambisida, appeared in about 25 films.
Upcoming films Angoubi Macha, Mapok Mayee, Ima Laidhabi.
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Brief history:

Momoko is a vibrant and elegant young actress. An emerging star in the Manipur film Industry. Acting has been her child hood passion. Before landing in the Manipur film industry she used to be a dancer at a local theater (Achiba Theater) while she was in class 5 standard in high school.

She made her debut in a film entitled "Star" while she was in 7 standard. The role was offered to her by Surjakanta and appeared in the film as a supporting actress. It was a turning point in her life and so far she has appeared in about 25 films and still going.

Currently she is filming a film name "Wanted" "Imagi Laiphadibi" "Naoba Naobi". Recently finished a film "Mapokmei" and she has 8 more film contract.

She revealed that since her childhood days she has been always obsessed about acting. "I always feel like standing in front of the mirror and pretend as an actor" she chuckle. Her whole course of life was changed and her dream came to when she was offered a role by Surjakanta, she said.

According to Momoko, acting has been a difficult task for her till date. She feels that as an actor one's act must enthrall and give satisfaction to the viewers. She try to give her best shot for every act she has done.

Most Memorable Experience: It was while she was doing her 12 standard. Her examination collided with her shooting. Co-incidentally she had a role of a student in the particular film. Left with no choice, dressed in her real school uniform and bags, she acted and in the role, she threw her Biology books which she was going to appear for the next exam-day .

Like and Dislike: She hates persons using drugs and other intoxicant substances. She admire persons who has respect for art, educated and one who co-operate during her ups and downs. She also feels that every one in the film crew is nice to her. There is no specific like or dislike among the crew. According to her she learned from every one and share with them and every is equal to her.

Comment about the Film Industry of Manipur: Momoko feels that the status of Manipur Cinema has gone one step higher. Many Manipuri Film or Documentary stated competing in National and International arena. A little more Joint efforts and hardwork is what is needed to achieved the goal.

Message to the upcoming generation: Not to waste there time, come out and try to become a role model for the people in shaping the society towards a better future.

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Brief Introduction:

From the very beginning of her life Momoco started to show keen interest in acting so when she was studying in 5th Standard, she joined in a theatre and started her practicing in the theatre. Suddenly she was approach by the Director's daughter of the said theatre to show her talent in the film industry and she started to expose herself in the film industry.

On her initial journey of her career in the Manipuri film industry one day fortunately she met Surjakanta a popular Director of Manipur Film industry and he approach Momoco to act in her film. Therefore, she made her first entry in the industry in the movie known as "Star" as a child artist.

However, she has to stop her acting when her parents oppose her to withdraw to act in the film as she was unable to give her time in her education. So, she made a pause in her career and started indulging in her education and she completed both her matriculation and 10+2.

In the meantime she became a host of various programme that were telecast in the local channel of the state. Later, after completing her Higher Secondary education she was again allow to move forward with her career in the film industry.

Today, she has acted in more than five films and many are line up to release. Apart from it she is also a model as profession and she has done modeling from First Way Modeling School located at the city and she has walked the ramp for many times. Momoco also participated in Beauty Pageant and has also been crowned as Miss Pineapple that held in Moirang.

Which Music do you like most: Momoco loves to listen all types of music but every time she preferred Manipuri music as she believes that listening to the music of our own mother language is also a kind of preserving and promoting our culture.

Which actor or crews or director or producer you like to work: Every one of them is good so there is no difference and she would like to work with every one.

Commenting about of Manipuri film industry: Being in her initial stage in the film industry she don't like to give any comment right now. But she would like to develop the industry and take it to higher level.

Message to the people: It will be nothing but to give awareness programme among the youth of the state not to indulge in wrong steps like drug addiction, HIV and AIDS and many other illegal things.

Future Planning: To move forward with her career in the film industry and make a good fame.

** First Webcasted on May 10 2010 and updated on Oct 05 2010.


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