Rongmei Actress Pui Jianna Thangamliu alias Pui

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Rongmei Actress Pui Jianna Thangamliu

Rongmei Actress Pui Jianna Thangamliu

Rongmei Actress Pui Jianna Thangamliu alias Pui

Name: Pui Jianna Thangamliu alias Pui
Father's Name: Lannaimai Gonmei
Mother's Name: Aduwana Gonmei
Address: Toushang Part-3, Noney District
Born: Friday, 199X
Qualification: XII
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Dish: Chicken
Favourite Actor: Bala
Hobbies: Listening Music, watching movie, watching Musical Concerts, etc.

Pui Jianna Thangamliu

Pui Jianna Thangamliu

Films from Rongmei tribe is still very less. We have come across some films from Rongmei community. Production of Rongmei films though is at a very initial stage, some actors from the community have come up in the fascinating world of cinema. Among them is a new artist that belong to the community.

She is none other than Pui Jianna Thangamliu which people lovingly called her 'Pui". Her family members have keen interest in films and music. But, other won't know it. Pui also has an interest in films and music.

Though she has interest in films and music she wants to become a singer where she could enthrall the crowd. But her destiny does not come her way, her vocals could not let her become a singer. She remains what we say 'a bathroom singer'.

Born in an interior part of Noney district called Toushang, Pui is a rongmei girl. She was brought up in the scenic beauties of the hilly village. The talents she associates was also groomed within herself during her childhood in the village. Though, singing was her hobby she dreamt of becoming a popular film artist. But that did not avail any opportune moment to be in the world of films. On one hand, her family's economy is not encouraging. But, she has an optimistic approach, jolly, simple and also still young.

Pui has acted in 6/7 Rongmei music videos and a Rongmei film. Her first ever acting film was in 'Puina Pui Dai' which means step daughter or step son. Released in 2017, the film was directed by Kachangthai.

The film was premiered on a same day at New Delhi, Imphal, Noney and Tamenglong. The film is still a superhit film among the Rongmei inhabitat villages of Manipur and Nagaland. Music video titled 'Makam Tuna' in which Pui acted is among the most watched music videos of Rongmeis.

Pui Jianna Thangamliu

Pui Jianna Thangamliu

Her most notable happiest moment was when she was assigned for the 'Makam Tuna'. This was her first moment when she stood before the camera and crews. She stills remember the first day of her life acting in front of the camera. From the very moment. Pui has now become the most sought rongmei actresses and was also offered for many upcoming projects.

Among the new assignments, Pui even had the assignment for acting in a manipuri feature film 'Relation'. This is her first assignment for a manipur film where she took the lead role. 'Relation' is produced by Universe Hidangmayum under the banner of Shri Shri Mahaprabhu Achouba film productions and it is directed by Maibam Bankim. The film was released recently.

Pui acted as a rongmei women who was married to a truck driver. The film was a new experience and also a new challenge for Pui. But her acts was very satisfactory. On her first ever acting in manipuri film, Pui said that she get a new and large experience which she has never faced earlier. She wondered and very much excited when she was approach with the assignment.

But due to gap in communication and others she felt a little fearsome. While shooting for the film, other artists, director, producer and other crew members were very supportive to her. This encourage her a lot. This really is a new experience.

She likes acting in roles of being a jolly woman and also sometimes like to play the role of a teenage boy. But she will not hesitate being assigned by directors. She will worked hard to achieve what the directors wants. Whether she suceeds or not, she wants to go a long way in the world of films.

If we could hunt and offer to film enthuasist of other communites, manipuri films will have wider market besides the emotional relations among the communities will be strenghten. This will also give a new taste to the viewers of manipuri films. Let Pui shine bright in the glamour world of films and become a messenger of peace and harmony in Manipur. Wish her a prosperous life.

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