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Reshmi Sorokhaibam

Reshmi Sorokhaibam

Every new film in Manipur has new and talented actors today. While many new talented actors are also lined up to take part in new films too. It is a known fact that Manipuri films have reached at the national and international levels. Though all these achievements come from joint efforts of different individuals, Manipur is today among the states of Northeast India in producing a large number of films.

At least four to five films are produced in a month while in festive season the number increases. As the number of films gradually grows, a number of new actors/faces erupt with one or the other different characters.

Among them is cute, smiling and jolly, 19 years old Reshmi from Yaiskul. She is ready to face all the challenges of being a Manipuri actress and conquer the heart of cine-goers. Reshmi resides next to the renowned Screen playwright, Laimayum Dhanachandra and many film actors could be seen gathering at her neighbour.

Standing behind of being shy, she used to stare at the film makers, actors to observe what they are doing because Reshmi was fond of films, dramas and Shumang Leela since her childhood. She had the capacity to imitate any actors after looking at them.

Dhanachandra also knows that Reshmi has a keen interest in films but did not take along with the actors as he thought that a right time for Reshmi will surely come one day.

Name: Sorokhaibam Resmi
Father's Name: Sorokhaibam Ranjan
Mother's Name: Sorokhaibam ongbi Merina
DOB: 26th February 19xx
Birthday: Sunday
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Address: Yaiskul Hiruhanba Leikai, Imphal
Marital Status: Single
Education: BA 3rd Semester, Kamakhya Pemton College.
Hobby: Watching TV, Movies
Favourite Actor: Gokul Athokpam
Favourite Actress: Abenao
Favourite Dish: Eromba
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Aim: To become a successful star

Stage Drama: Lamkhei Wathok: Lamjing Arts and Culture Association
Irabot: Manipur Dramatic Union
Haoba Konu: Manipur Dramatic Union

Music Video Albums:
Shegairo, TapnaTapna, U Thambal, Funny Boy, Maram Leitana, Nungshi Shaktam, Waa Lotlage Khanna Lotlaba, Nangi Nungshi Natouda, Thawai

Films: Shakhenbi Eteima (2012), Phongdoknadringei (2012), Ngaina Ngaina (2013), Meehatpa-2 (2013), Lingjel (2013), Nungshibagi Laman (2013), Bamon Echal (2013)

Forthcoming Films: Nungshibagi Shambal (2014), Khamnu (2014), Enehal (2014), Huranba (2014), Chinthiba Chinthibee (2014), Hingbagi Mahao, Toro

Reshmi Sorokhaibam

Reshmi Sorokhaibam

E-pao: Could you share your personal bio data with us?
Reshmi: I am 19 years old, born of Feb 26, 1995. My mother's name is Sorokhaibam (o) Merina and my father's name is S. Ranjan Singh of Yaiskul Hiruhanba Leikai, Imphal. I am the eldest and I have one younger sister and one younger brother.

Currently I am pursuing in BA third semester at Kamakhya Pemton College, Hiyangthang. I have also done a film acting course under the legendary actress, Seema Bishwas.

E-pao: How did you enter in the film industry?
Reshmi: When I was 17, one of my relative named Okendro Khundongbam introduced me to Ipak Films' Rakesh Naorem. Then Rakesh took me to the place of director, OC Meira where I was offered a supporting role in the film Shakhenbi Iteima. It was my first ever opportunity to cast in a film and the happiest moment of my life.

I really appreciate Okendro for his endeavour from which my dream of becoming an actor was fulfilled. After playing a supporting actress in the film Shakhenbi Iteima, I took part in Phongdoknadringei and Ngaina-Ngaina produced by Rakesh Naorem and directed by OC Meira of Ipak films.

Since it was my initial career in films, I didn't take the lead/main role. Later, Dhanachandra took me to Kishorekumar and got the chance to act in the film Mihatpa-2 and afterwards I was offered by various directors for their upcoming movies. Then I took part in Jitendra Ningomba's Lingjel, Moirangthem Inao's Nungsibagi Laman and RK Lalmani's Bamol Ichal.

E-pao: Being a young girl, what made you stand in front of camera without any fear?
Reshmi: Apart from films, I have appeared in music videos too. I first acted in the music video titled 'Segairo'. Other music videos are tapna tapna, u-thambal, funny boy, maram leitana, nungshi saktam, waa, lotlage khanna lotlaba, nanggi nungsi natouda and thawai.

Various roles in music videos and films led me to a certain height where I could divulge my talents while facing the camera. At present, I have acted in seven films which will be released shortly. They are RK Lalmani's Khamnu, Jitendra's Nungshibagi Shambal, Chingkhei's Huranba, Moirangthem Inao's Enehal, Chinthiba Chinthibee, Hingbagi Mahao and Kirmil Soraisam's Toro. I am sure that a number of cine-goers are waiting to see my acting in these upcoming films.

E-pao: Are you satisfied with your present status in the Manipuri film industries?
Reshmi: Even though I have acted in different films and have been praised for my acting I still long to act in many films as I can. I am still dissatisfied with the present status I got in Manipuri films. My career in film would be where I take the lead/main role of each and every Manipuri film.

Obviously, I will wait for that particular moment and am still learning from the senior and renowned artists. Within this short period I am sure can attract many viewers but I'll never sleep to fulfil my career.

E-pao: Apart from film industries are you also taking part in other form of arts?
Reshmi: Apart from acting in particular frames, I am associated with live stage drama with different characters. Presently, I am an artist of Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU). I took main role in the play 'Irabot' and Haoba Konu of MDU. I have also acted in the stage play Lamkhei Wathok of Lamjing Arts and Cultural Association

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