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Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram :: Photography: Rashingam Ngoruh

Name: Soma Laishram
Father's Name: (late) LaishramMani Singh
Mother's Name: Laishram (ongbi) RK. Tamphasan Devi
Address: Keishampat Dhobi Machu Leirak
Date of Birth: January 5, XXXX
First film: Phijang Marumda (as supporting actress)
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing Reading
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts from CMJ University

Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram :: Photography: Rashingam Ngoruh

Soma Laishram ... she doesnot need any introduction!!! She is well known as a model, an actress and also as a singer. With an initial career in singing and dancing from her childhood days, she gained reputation in the field of art. Soma got her dancing lessons from Guru Thounaojam Lata and others. She had anchored for children programmes in DDK Imphal and for Manipuri Film Eshei also in DDK Imphal.

Soma also appeared in teleplays, drama and is anchoring as a programme presenter in DDK Imphal till today. She took up the task as a news reader but have to quit due to the demise of her father. Her father was a keen watcher of her daughter's news reading programme. But her father passed away due to BP stroke and thereafter, Soma quit the news reading task.

Later, Soma Laishram with the help of her cousin Neena Takhellambam who is a choreographer and a model began to shape her career as a model. Soma participated in the beauty pageant of Orange Queen 2009 contest and bagged the title of 'Best Catwalk'. The inspirations that were showered upon Soma led her to participate in the 8th Mega Miss North East 2010 in Guwahati and bagged the '2nd Runners Up title' and 'Best traditional costume'.

This 22 year lass who has became a popular face in Manipuri music videos and films, a ramp queen and also a singer is endowed upon with various talents. Within a short span of her career in acting, Soma got many appreciations for various character she protrayed. As her popularity rises, Soma is considered one of the finest and accomplished actress in the silver screen of Manipuri films. Her debut performance in the film 'Phijang Marumda' (produced by RK Tamphasana) in the role of an MBBS student of Sikkim Manipal University made her career spring forward to becoming one of the best actor of Manipur. Notably Soma Laishram is one of the most popular actor of today's Manipuri Cinema which does makes her schedule very busy.

After making debut in 'Phijang Marumda' (directed by K. Bimol Sharma) as a supporting actress, Soma started taking leading role starting with the film 'Loiba Tare Ta Raju' under the direction of Pilu H.

Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram :: Photography: Rashingam Ngoruh

So far, Soma has acted in more than 30 Manipuri films and there are also many numbers of new assignment. Films which Soma has acted so far includes
1. Phijang Marumda : Director - K. Bimol Sharma
2. Hangam Maru Pokhaibi : Director - L. Surjakanta Sharma
3. Ema Lai Pjadibi : Director - Kirmil
4. Leima : Director - Ojitkumar Elangbam
5. Loiba Tare Ta Raju : Director - Pilu H
6. Mikup Tuni Ngairiba : Director - Surjit
7. Ang Tamo : Director - Pilu H
8. Pizza : Director - Romi Meitei
9. Angakpa : Director - James Angom
10. Lanpham : Director - Vir Bhadra Yumnam
11. Oja Da : Director - Praphullo
12. Thajagi Mahing : Director - Romi Meitei
13. Ani Ani Mari : Director - Jitendra Ningombam
14. Yotsabi Makhon Ahum : Director - L Rajesh
15. Taku Ramther : Director - Ojitbabu
16. Tandan : Director - Suvas E
17. Lan Leipakta Leiphao : Director - Prakash L
18. Sana Di Sanani : Director - Ranjit Ningthouja
19. Ei Mi Ki : Director - Jackson
20. Chirol : Director - Jiten Oinam
21. The Lake : Director - Johnson M
22. Blackman : Director - Ningthoubi Eshok

Upcoming films of Soma Laishram:
1. Meethingai : Director - Prakash L
2. Khongul Leeba : Director - Mocha
3. Eegi Khongul : Director - O.C. Meira
4. Pakhangsari : Director - I.S. Gurung
5. Hoo Chage : Director - Denny Likmabam
6. Thabal : Director - Gyanand
7. Singnaba : Director - Ram Bashan 8. Amamba Sayon : Director - Johnson Mayanglangbam

Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram :: Photography: Rashingam Ngoruh

Very recently, Soma has rendered her spunky voice in a new music video titled 'Angaoba Malang' which she also acted in it. Soma was seen taking a negative role in the film 'Pizza'. By taking this role, Soma opined that the role protrays negative impact that is felt in the society.

Soma Laishram feels that one should have confidence, courage and co-operation between artists while he/she should be socially minded and should have respect for others.

Soma also wants to save the community of the state which might be become extinct. So, she appeal each and everyone to stop killing each other. In a way to promote our rich traditional heritage, Soma wants to use traditional outfit in the films. To show our collective potential, Soma really wants to develop the Manipuri film industry. But, the choice of the viewers is very important in making a film success.

Apart from acting, Soma Laishram has a strong reputation in modelling too. She had walked on ramps in various fashion related extravaganza in the state. But she is worried about the lack of proper promotion in this field of Modelling. Soma offers tips to upcoming young models - 'One who wishes to become a model should work on vital statistics, diet, looks, personality, good character and a commanding spirit'.

On her message to the youths of Manipur, Soma feels - "the youths besides exercising their will, should also think for the future of our society .... While enjoying your life to the fullest, the outcome of the enjoyment should have a fruitful result".

Lastly, Soma said that transparency in the governance must be a top priority while she hope for a drug free society in the future.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on June 21, 2014


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