Sory Wahengbam

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Sory Wahengbam

Sory Wahengbam

Name: Wahengbam Rasheshwori

Nick Name: Sory Wahengbam
Father's Name: Wahengbam Angouba Singh
Mother's Name: Wahengbam Ayingbi
Address: Mayang Imphal, Konchak Makha Leikai
Date of Birth: Wednesday, October 7, 199X
Favourite Colour: White and Yellow
Favourite Actor: Kaiku and Gokul
Hate most: who do not keep commitment
Love most: Elder sister
Qualification: Arts Graduate
Height: 5'3''
Family members: One elder sister, four elder brothers and last among six siblings

Sory Wahengbam

Sory Wahengbam

Rasheshwori is an art enthusiast. In addition from her choreography works, she is an actress in the field of theatre, drama, Sumang Leela, music videos too. She had a shy and reserved attitude in her childhood days, but while in her teens she love dancing, acting. Due to her shyness she can't disclose to her parents. She has no relatives to take her to the field of art.

Her parents want her to become a sports person and let her play judo. As she did not like sports, she did not play for long. Her elder sister, who knows what Sory likes, took her to Film Academy Manipur for a course. She then participated in theatre workshops by which she could somehow start going to her desired field of art.

Sory used to follow her friends in shooting for film to gain some knowledge about it. With support from her elder sister and an elder brother she first acted in a music video 'Nungshibi Nangtani'. Under the direction of Niladhwaja Khuman, Sory's first film was 'Ashithel", but unfortunately the film was never released.

After which, Sory acted in a short film Nongthang Leima with the help of Jasmine. She also acted in the short film Khujinda Gopi directed by Bishwamitra as a supporting actress. With the help of Brahmacharimayum Roji, she took a supporting role in 'Maiwon' which is directed by Laimayum Surjakanta. Mai-on was her first acting in a feature film.

Sory Wahengbam's first step towards theatre was at Imphal Theatre. Her first character in theatre play was as Sanarei in Tajmahal of Imphal Theatre under the direction of Loitongbam Doren. Then next was in the lead role under the direction of SK Mangang of Apunba Saktam Artist Association's Ashibagi Wakat. She also acted for Khenjonglang Theatre's 'Rickshaw amasung Nongmei" and "Matric Pass" under the direction of S Thaninleima. She could gain much knowledge working under these renowned theatre directors.

In films, Sory Wahengbam has acted in Mai-on, Iya Yai, Ningthou, Palem Ima, Four in One, Piyainu and others. Her other works include choreography besides acting in Theatre, Sumang Leela, Music videos, films, etc. Her choreography knowledge was from her association with Film Academy Manipur and ARDAC Group.

Later, Sory Wahengbam got sugestions from Bachan Chongtham. Her choreography works in music videos can be seen in Haine Lamloi, Khoidarure, Nungshi Machuni, Nungshigi Waheina, Yaosang Yaosang. She has also done choreography for Leppiraba Nangna, Nangna Thajani, Korouna Thoklakpada, etc.

She has participated in theatre festival, international youth festival held at Guwahati, Kerala. Shooting for films was also done at Shillong, Silchar, Guwahati, Tamu (Myanmar).

Sory Wahengbam credits for her journey in the field of art is her elder sister and second elder brother, her family members, her gurus, her guides and her well-wishers. Her journey was not at all easy. Though family members did not discourage her, there was none to guide her. Her elder sister was her only guide in her initial journey, but now the whole family members support her. With all their help she wishes to be associated with art forever. But, everything depends on her luck.

Her relations with art were started from 2011. So far, she likes the character the film 'Palem Ima' among the films. In theatre, she is satisfied in her role for the play Matric Pass where her co-actor Lalu also helped a lot. The crowd of the play also always appreciated for her role in the play. For artists, the appreciation from the crowd means a lot.

Sory Wahengbam doesn't make friend with those who do not like art. She hates drug addicts. She always loves to act in films. She appeals everyone to respect artists. Everyone must respect and support the artist so that we live peacefully and prosperously. She opined that social media is a good medium because it can expose one's talent; it shows the painful lives of many people and in turn could help each other in their hard times. It is also a medium where we can share our thoughts. It is a knowledge bank where we can learn many new and good things. Sometimes it also gives a negative aspect. Rumours are being spread through social media. So, one should use social media very carefully.

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