Soyam Sweety - from Guwahati to Manipur's film Industry

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 Soyam Ningol Kangjam (o) Sweety

Soyam Sweety

Name : Soyam Ningol Kangjam (o) Sweety

Father's Name : (L) S. Mani

Mother's Name : S. Sakuntala

Spouse Name : Kangjam Amar

Place of Birth : Ganeshguri, Guwahati (Assam)

Present Address : Lamboikhongnangkhong

Day of Birth: Wednesday

Favourite Actor: Gokul and Kaiku

Favourite Actress : (Late) Seema

Favourite Film : Amuba Chandan

Favourite Role : tragic role

Favourite Colour : Black

Ambition : A film artist

 Soyam Ningol Kangjam (o) Sweety

Soyam Sweety

Born and brought from Ganeshguri in Guwahati, Sweety is very fond of dance, music, theatre and films. She is well acquitted with Bihu dance of the Assamese, sings Assamese songs very well. She also has a melodious voice. During her school days, Sweety performed on stage various forms of dance, she also sang on many occasions.

But, she is not pleased with her affairs with dance and music. Her sole aim and wish was to be an actor in Manipuri films. But, never served the purpose because of the presence of a very different community where most people belong to Assamese and Bengalis.

As she was born in an Assamese dominated locality, she could hardly find to someone who would guide her to fulfill her aim and wish. Understanding the scenario at their vicinity, her parents did not allow her to further proceed to the path of her aim. Defying the stand of her parents lends to make her scold as a disobedient child.

Her parents even beat her. Her parents could hardly change the wish of Sweety. Rather she never let lose every platform to showcase her talents without any assistance from others.

Sweety's journey of a delightful life with the self attestation in art forms in the busy and noisy Guwahati concludes. She tied the knot with Kangjam Amar at a very tender age just after she passed her matriculation from Maria Montessori School, Guwahati in 2005. Her aim to act in films was with her even after she was married.

But, the status of a married woman in our society was a hurdle to expose her aspiration to act in films. The determination of Sweety over her curiosity in films could finally turn her husband and family members to support her. Sharmila one of her cousin sister morally supports to the wish of Sweety. With all this support Sweety's very dream since her childhood came to reality when she was made to faced the camera.

 Soyam Ningol Kangjam (o) Sweety

Soyam Sweety

She stills remember the day; it was on June 14, 2014. Sweety faced the camera for a simple role as a married woman for a short duration for a film 'Amukta Ani'. The film was directed by Romi Meitei. The very moment was the happiest moment for Sweety.

It was not because of her role in the film but because it was a moment her wish come true for the first time. Later, co-act with Olen in the film 'Tas Nangtani' directed by Amar Raj. She took the role of a wife of a police commando in the mega TV serial 'Cheinakhol' being telecast at ISTV network. She further took the role of a teacher in the film 'Jam Makhong' directed by Sudhir Kangjam.

She will be seen in more than five new releases. Among her upcoming films, she will be seen in a role of a lady doctor in a film title 'Lukhoi Oina' directed by Samananda.

Her character in films shows that she is good to see her taking role of a married woman. She is confident to squall the hearts of many various by taking this particular role. She is not determining whether she will succeed or not.

As she is married although young did not consider of taking a lead role according to her choice. Even then she accepts each and every responsibility the director gave her.

She likes to act or work in every possible way so that the films hit the box office. Though her wish of acting in a film is fulfilled, she has not satisfied with it.

Her next aim is to make her six year old son Rishi become a popular actor in his coming days. Thus, Sweety's aspiration to become a successful actor could be fulfilled through his son. She too believes this will come her way. And this is the reason, why Sweety always looks sweet and smiling.

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