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Chinglen Thiyam

Dabbling roles from Comedian to a Villain: Chinglen Thiyam

Chinglen Thiyam
Name: Chinglen Thiyam
Date of birth: 1st March
Hobbies: Writing songs and playing with kids, pets
Marital status: Married
Height: 5'8
Favourite food: Any Pork item!
Address: Khabi Mayai Leikai
Character/Role: Villain, Comedian
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Brief Introduction:
Brief information: Chinglen Thiyam is a veteran actor filled with loads of talents a person could possibly imagine. He is popularly known as "Commando Chinglen", a role from one of his play titled "Thawaina Punsi Damak" wherein he appeared as an aggressive police commando. He has been conferred with the award of Manipur state Kala Academy four times in the in the field of acting (supporting roles).

He appeared in over hundreds plays, seven appearance in celluloid films, four times in video film and over 40 films in digital cinema and still counting. His career in acting began since at the very young age.

Love for Acting: He discovered his love for acting in the year 1962, for the first time in his life he got the opportunity to be part of a play during a sports meet in his locality where he was given a role of an old man. Since then coupled with his college studies he enrolled in a forum of artist (Sumang Leela) called "Young Popular Jatra Association" in the year 1972 and made his debut in a stage play titled "Imaton" and begins his career.

His popularity gain overnight and it is far from over and one of the popular characters of him till date known to everyone is as "Commando Chinglen".

Memorable Experience: While sharing his memorable experience, he narrated his shocking incident occurred to while ready for a play. He was dressed up as police commando, his popular character, with fake weapons waiting for his turn to be on the main stage (Sumang Leela in Manipur is often stage in an open ground with the main stage in the middle surrounded by crowd).

Standing just besides her was a mother carrying her child on her back waiting for the play. On seeing him the child started to cry out loud subsequently the mother poured out her anger using impolite words on him for his aggressive looks that scared the child, he laughs.

Worked with: Even as he is becoming a big name in the booming digital cinema industry of Manipur he continues to act in Sumang Leelas. He is among the veteran actors who had the opportunity to work with great names in film industry and plays (sumang leela) which unfortunately not seen in live by today's generation like Tomba Sharma (actor), Jugeshor (actor), M. Binod (actor), Iboyaima Khuman (actor), Dhanabir (actor).

Best Role: He said that one of the best play or role of his life is "Keisamthong Thoibi" (a play which was later converted into film). He has a role of a Brahmin in this film and it is also another popular film till today. According to Chinglen Thiyam, his philosophy is that "he does not want to disturb any one, mutual understanding and respects to very individual or communities" like wise he also applied the same theme on his works. He has no problems working with any one and comfortable with all the directors, actor, actress etc. in the Manipur film industry.

Unlike his aggressive roles, in real life, he is very much like his comedian character. He loves playing with kids, pets especially dogs. He loves dogs that he gave two of his dogs his surname one "Moti Thiyam" and "Balu Thiyam".

Acting is not the only limits of his talents. He is also a lyricist and a director and pushing his career further with it.

Aim: Moreover his aim is to become a great director and lyricist. He has written over hundreds of songs for Sumang Leela, in short most of the songs used in the play are his work. At the same time directed four plays. He is also hoping to direct films in the near future.

Message: His message to the enthusiastic youngsters is to educate themselves properly besides talents in acting to uphold the Manipur Film industry to the national and international arena.

He gives all his credits for what he is today to his late teacher Laishram Sama Singh Uripok Huidrom Leikai for his guidance.

** Updated on August 11 2010.


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