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Dee Abonmei

Dee Abonmei


Full Name: Deegomang Abonmai

Father's Name: (Late) Kaimundinang Abonmai

Mother's Name: Maisikamliu Abonmai

Date of birth: 13th August, 1959

Place of birth: Machengluang (Lamlaba), Tamei Sub-Division, Tamenglong District, Manipur, India

Educational Qualification: Passed HSLC(1986),
Passed Bachelor of Theology(1989)
International Child Evangelism Fellowship, Nasik(1986)

Religious activities: 1) Youth Secretary, Liangmai Naga Baptist Association, Manipur(1980-1990)
2) President, Liangmai Baptist Youth Union(Manipur & Nagaland, 1991-1999)
3) Teacher, Ching-Tam Evangelistic Training Centre, Imphal(2004-2008) 4) Teacher, Patriotic Bible School(2009 & 2010)

Following the footsteps of her grand-mother whom he doesn't have the chance to meet in his lifetime, Dee Abonmei who is a lyricist, a singer, a writer and a film maker began his journey towards the field of music and films after hearing what his grand-mother did. His grand-mother is a well known singer and composer among the Liangmei community who by hearts more than 1000 songs.

Thus, after producing about seven audio cassettes, three video albums and six films including two documentary films Dee Abonmei is the first film maker of Liangmei tribe. He has also written as many as seven books on different topics such as jokes, dictionary, translations and folk tales. Abonmei served as a Pastor for one year while he also served as a Lecturer at Chingtam Bible Institute during 2004 to 2007.

Dee Abonmei like his grand-mother has interest in music since his childhood. In a young age Dee Abonmei led the village and area choir team in festive occasions. Going through the world of music, Abonmei has performed in many places not only in Manipur but in Nagaland too.

In Nagaland, he has performed in Peren district headquarters, Injao, Changram and tening sub-division H/Q. The demand of Abonmei's performance is more in Nagaland than Manipur. Every Liangmei household who live in Nagaland are waiting for the day when his performance will come soon.

Dee Abonmei

Dee Abonmei

So far, seven audio cassettes in Liangmei, Nagamese and Manipuir language has been produced that includes
Ø Kadincham (1985) - Liangmei
Ø Akhang Ringting (1992) - Liangmei
Ø Rokhibi Ama (1993) - Nagamese
Ø Cry for Peace (1997) - Manipuri
Ø Na Korile Na Khabi (1999) - Nagamese
Ø Aruanglujiu Thiu-e (1999) - Liangmei
Ø Tasang Chara ja (2000) - Linagmei

He has produce three music video albums titled 'Nakli Pistol' (2000) in Manipuri and Liangmei, 'Recalling the Past' (2002) in Liangmei and 'Jisuna Biri Thakte' (2010) which is a collection of 14 songs of live performance. All the audio and video albums produced by Abonmei are based on Social issues concerning our social life.

Besides production of audio cassettes and video albums Dee Abonmei has produced five feature films including two documentary films which is released in 2012. The films are Wangsunge Kariating (2002) in Liangmei which means Laklani Yeningtha in Manipuri that tells the story of difference between rich religious leaders and poor religious leaders, Rangkang (2005) which means Money where Money breaks the relationship of a family, Mikdui (2007) meaning Tears that falls on one's happy moments, a documentary film compiled by him - Padma Bushan Rani Gaidinliu: 1915-1993 (2012) based on the life of Rani gaindinliu and the recently released documentary titled - Miukeng. Another film titled Tanpou Rowe is set for October release.

Dee Abonmei has also written seven books on different topics that includes
Teach Yourself Nagamese (2001), a translation in Manipuri
Christmas Christmas (2002),
General Knowledge of the Bible (2003),
Comparison between Bible and Geeta (2004) in Manipuri,
The English Liangmei Sentence Dictionary (2006),
A Liangmai joke book - Taduang nai Nuiha Chamkeng (2009)
and a book on folk tales of Liangmai called Characham (2010).
Another book titled Liangmai Smiths and Stories is under printing process.

Even as he is engaged in the production of audio and video albums, writing books his only aim is to be a film maker where he could do something for his community in particular. Abonmei is one of the pioneer among the Liangmai film maker who has more interest in making documentary films rather than making feature films with the idea of promoting and preserving the rich arts and culture of the indigenous Liangmei tribe.

A scene from Miukeng - documentary film on effect of Jhum cultivation

Miukeng - documentary film on effect of Jhum cultivation

Abonmei opined that the indigenous and minority tribe can also be saved by producing films based on the specific tribe by combining the past old tradition and culture with modern techniques or in a modern and dramatized form.

He stills remember the day when tears role down from his eye when his first film was released and screen before the public which was also a stepping stone for his journey in the world of films. He believes audio albums, video albums, films and books written and produced by him will serve as a messenger among all people to make this earth a better place to live.

1) Singer & song composer
1) All India Radio, Imphal
2) All India Radio, Kohima
3) Doordarshan Kendra, Imphal

Production of Audio Cassette:
1) Kadincham (1985),
2) Akhang Ringting (1992),
3) Rokhibi Ama (1993),
4) Cry for Peace (1997),
5) Na Korile Na Khabi (1999),
6) Aruanglujiu Thiu-e (1999)
7) Tasang Chara ja (2002)

Production of Video Album:
1) Nakli Pistol (2000)
2) Recalling The Past (2002)
3) Jisuna Biri Thakte, 2010 (Live Concert of Dee Abonmai)

Production of Books:
1) Teach Yourself Nagamese(2001)
2) Christmas Christmas(2002)
3) General Knowledge of the Bible(2003)
4) Comparison Between Bible and Geeta(2004)
5) English-Liangmai Sentence Dictionary(2004)
6) Taduang nai Nuiha Chamkeng(2009)
7) Characham(Folk Tale of Liangmai,2010)

Production of Feature Film:
1) Wangsune Kariating(2002)
2) Rangkang (2005)
3) Mikdui (2007)
4) Padma Bushan Rani Gaidinliu : 1915-1993 (a documentary film, 2012)
5) Miukeng (a documentary film, 2012)

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on November 18, 2012


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