Script Writer - Kumarjit Y

Kumarjit Y

Kumarjit Y
Name: Kumarjit Y
Height: 5' 6
Date of Birth: 1st March
Hair Color: Black
Profession: Artist / Screenplay Writer
Hobbies: Reading, Writting, Movies
Foods: Non Vegetarian
Address: Thangmeiband
A Brief Intro: Started as a Theater Artist and Member of Apunba Saktam Artist Assn. Imphal. Participated in around 40 plays as Performing Artist. Achieved best Actors Award in 1986 and 1987 in All Manipur Folk Drama Competition. Worked in 7 Manipuri Feature Film in Celluloid formate.
Film Works: Worked in 34 Manipuri feature film in Digital format and penned 22 screen plays.


Who is the Best Actress?

  • * Abenao
  • * Binata
  • * Devita
  • * Kamala
  • * Manda
  • * Sonia
  • * Sunila


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