Supporting Actress - Thongam Thoi Thoi Devi alias Mombi

Thoi Thoi

Mombi - A great comedian and a multi talented actor

Thoi Thoi
Name: Thongam Thoi Thoi Devi alias Mombi
Height: 5'2"
Date of Birth: 16th October
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Art acting/dialogue
Foods: Simple Vegetarian
Address: Changangei Ucheckon Tulihal, Airport Imphal, Manipur (India)
Film Works: appeared in about 70 films ...
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Mombi - A great comedian and a multi talented actor

Well known with her alias, Mombi, she is a multi talented actor, a rare talents that one could not commonly witness else where. She began her career in acting and theater arts before setting her foot in to film industry. Drama on stage and on Radio was one of her initial booster to her carrier as an actor in Cinemas. Although able to take all sorts of roles she is today well known as a great comedian of the Manipur capturing thousands of hearts and adding laughter with her act.

She can be described as a gift for the rising Manipur digital cinema. She has seen and part of Manipur cinema including drama, video cinema, celluloid cinemas. Approximately appeared in about 70 films and most of them a hit and still counting. Similar to her act seen on screen in real life too Mombi is a simple and jolly person. "As a simple human being I like to keep good relation between every religion, persons to keep the world as peaceful as it could" adds Mombi.

For her difficulties in filming with any actors or directors does not arises as she believed that mutual understanding, co-operate and adjustment to what ever she is given keeps her going. However, Diya Khwairakpam is among the directors of Manipur Cinema which she described as one of the best to work with, the reason for which is the understanding he had making work very simple, she said.

Besides Diya, Ojitkumar, Bimol Sharma, Romi Meitei are also very good director with good relations. Acting is her life as she has been into it since her childhood.

While sharing her memorable memories in her child hood days she said that receiving awards while she was young for best actress in drama was something that titillates her till today and another unforgettable moment she said was that she was once frighten life out of her by some of her colleague before a play called "Saroi Khonthok". The very day as she was a bit late for the play hurried towards the rehearsal room where every already prepared with their costume and mask frightened her like anything and that is the moment she still cant forget.

She said that Mombi actually was made popularized by her co-actor a well known comedian Gunna, a name by which she was teased her while filming. She said that family is one of the vital supports making her carrier in drama and cinema. Even as she is a married woman she still got full co-operation from her husband and her in laws. With all these blessing and supports she decide to push her carrier further and vows to act until she live this world.

According to her Manipur cinema is in its initial stage however competitive and believed that comparing to those days the industry gradually growing day by day.

** Updated on June 12 2010.


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