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* Daniel Chabungbam

OC Meira

OC Meira

Name : OC MEIRA (Oinamcha Meira)
Father's Name : Oinam Lukhoi (Chana Lukhoi)
Mother's Name : Oinam ongbi Nungthinchaibi (Chana Lembi)
Address : Chana Mayai Leikai, P/S. Yaingangpokpi
P. O. Lamlong, Imphal East, Manipur 795010
Date of Birth : 19 August, 1977
Spouse Name : Rajkumari Vijaya Sana
Children : Lucent Oinam
E-mail : ocmeira@gmail.com
Educational Qualification : MA (Manipuri) from Assam University, Silchar
Professional Qualification : Film maker, Journalist and Creative Writer

Activities :
(a) as Editorship
i) Editor-in-Chief IPAK (monthly Manipuri journal)
ii) Editor, NGAKLOU (Manipuri literary journal)
iii) Former Editor, MANIPURI (Manipuri journal for Assam University)
iv) Board Member, NEINAROL (Manipuri literary journal)
v) Former Sub-editor, Matamgi Yakairol (Manipuri daily newspaper)

(b) as Film Director:
Kathokpagi Shaklon (Documentary),
Sageigi Sanaarei (short film),
Tollabasinggi Tolen (short film),
Numit Mana Tadringei (short film),
Shak-henbi Iteima (feature film),
Phongdoknadringei (feature film),
Ngaina Ngaina (feature film),
Leiyisigi Wangmada (feature film),
Thamoida Kiramba Kisi (feature film),
Eegi Khongul (feature film),
Laan-thengnaribi (feature film),
Kanglaba Cheng-hi Mayal (feature film).

Ngaina Ngaina Shooting at Uchiwa

Ngaina Ngaina Shooting at Uchiwa


In their tiny house situated at the a place called 'Chana', the then famous artist of Shumang Leela like Inakkhunba and those artist who were famous for taking the role of Jagat Singh, Bira Singh, Abirkhan, Cheitei and others used to visit to seek knowledge of Sumang Leela from Meira's father Oinam Lukhoi who is popularly known as Chana Lukhoi. A small boy OC Meira stared at them to see their acts, he was asked to leave but he hesitate and watch another artist. Not simply watching them, he learnt the skills and again imitate along with friends of his locality.

Further, Meira participated in locallly organised functions and played in skit plays whether matching or not. These is how Meira loved Sumang Leela and other art forms. Apart from this Meira has a keen interest in conducting tambola games, conducting meetings and also announcing in programs through PA systems. As he doesn't want to miss any local programmmes or functions, Meira use to follow whatever his local elders command. His presence was always felt in almost every locality based programmes.

In his early period of life, OC Meira was associated with various colours of one's life, but that could not be his final profession. He served as pujari of Meiteis, followed his father in Meitei Wari Leeba programmes, wrote prose and peoms, worked as journalists, was part of various monthly journals, draw artitistic pictures, wrote lyrics and was part of various drama and Sumang Leela groups. But, he could not find an exact profession where he should be.

Meira is an approved artist of All India Radio Imphal. As a writer, he has written books that includes Ayukki Atiya (poem, 2007), Kaidongpham (essay, 2008) and Saktam Khara Wakhallon Khara (essay, 2011). He is the founder secretary of Ipak film production, Patriotic Writer's Forum Manipur and Sangai Film production. He is a member of Film Directors' Guild Manipur, Biramangol college Alumni Association, Writer's Forum Imphal, Ashei Waphong Yokkhat Lup, Sheihek Sheireng Sheipan Semgat Lup, All Manipur Working Journalist Union and All India Youth Federation Manipur State Council.

As time goes by, in the year 2010, Meira got the opportunity to be a director for the first time and directed a Manipuri short film titled 'Katthokpagi Saklon' being produced by Rakesh Naorem. With appreciation after his first short film, Meira decided to step forward as a film maker and thereby directed 4 (four) more Manipuri short films. Apart from this short films, Oinamcha Meira has to his credit as a director in more than 8 (eight) Manipuri feature films. So far, OC Meira has directed more than 12 films. He is associated with Manipuri digital films and is trying his level best to be one among the reknown film makers of the state.

Since his childhood, OC Meira always makes himself associated with the art of theatre, films and dramas. So, he never thought of leaving this profession. Instead, he was always present in Sumang Leela festivals, drama festivals held in parts of the state. His real guides are the artists from Sumang Leela groups, MDU and Rupamahal theatre groups. Not directly going to seek the art skills, Meira on watching their acting indirectly learn the art of acting. He also joined various Leela and drama groups. By taking the role of Jan Neta Irabot in a street play there was numerous applause from viewers.

After his association in the making of the popular sumang leela play 'Keishamthong Thoibi' written by his father Chana Lukhoi as a film, taking part in film making with Ranjit Ningthouja and after working as a chief consultant for the film 'Pacha' directed by kh. Bishwamitra, Meira began his venture in films. He wants to the test of making films. At this juncture, Meira happens to meet producer Rakesh Naorem.

Along with Rakesh Naorem, Meira for the first time directed a documentary film titled 'Kathokpagi Saklon'. Other short films-Sageigi Sanarei, Tollabasinggi Tolen and Numit mana Tadringei also come out after their joint efforts. Then Manipuri digital film 'Shakhenbi Iteima directed by OC Meira hit the market. Phongdoknadringei and Ngaina Ngaina directed by OC Meira and produced by Rakesh Naorem were also released during a short time.

Upcoming films from them are Lei-ee-sigi Wangmada and Kanglaba Chinghi Mayal. Lei-ee-sigi Wangmada is slated for February release while Kanglaba chinghi Mayal will be release in the month of April this year. And another film Eegi Khonggul for which shooting has been completed and is in the lab and waiting for schedule release. Under the direction of OC Meira, shooting for new films like Thamoida Kiramba kisi and Lanthengnaribi has been started and in near completion.

All these film are produced by Rakesh Naorem. If Meira did not meet Rakesh Naorem all this venture would have not been successful. Meira will be as Meira of his locality. But of today, Meira has become one of the successful filmmaker. Manipuri film viewer has an eagerness to know what new film of OC Meira will hit the screen.

* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on February 15, 2014


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