Pearson Anal : Film Maker Of Anal Tribe

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Pearson Anal

Pearson Anal

Name: Sng Pearson Anal
Nick name: Bebe
Occupation: Film maker
Date of birth: 17th March 1988
Influenced by: Akira Kurosawa, John Ford and Quentin Tarantino.
Zodiac sign: Pieces
Hair: Black
Birth place: Chandel
Religion: Christian
Marital status: Single
Language: Anal, Meiteilon, English and Hindi
Hobbies: Singing and Travelling

Family background:
Father's name: Sng Wurngam Anal
Mother's Name: Langhu Ayanao Tankhul

Drink: Red tea & Mango juice
Hollywood actor: Nicolas cage
Dress: T-shirt and Jeans
Like most: Mountaineering


Pearson Anal

Pearson Anal


Pearson was born on 17th march 1988 at Lambung village in Chandel district as the fourth of sixth children to Sng Wurngam Anal a retired CEO Autonomous district council and Langhu Ayanao. After passing his Matriculation from Anallon Christian Institute Chandel, Pearson went to Patkai Christian College, Dimapur for his +2 studies and took up Music as his main subject in 2003-2005.

After completing his +2 he further went to Shillong and did his degree from St. Dominic's college under NEHU, simultaneously he also did Multimedia course from ARENA MULTIMEDIA for three years with specialization in graphic designing and video editing. In the year 2008, he shifted his base to National Capital region Delhi got admission in Asian School of Media Studies and completed Masters in Cinema. Though not a bright student he always concentrates on his studies and works hard. He was appraised by his seniors and staffs in his entire study periods. With an aim to become a film maker he started making films during his student life, he has made numbers of short films, documentary films and some commercial ads.

Apart from film making, Pearson has mastered in Photography and graphic designing. Singing is his hobby and many songs of Pearson are also available in the market and some are yet to released. The theme song of his latest Anal film Peral Thingbol(Secret Tree) is sung by him. In the year 2005, Pearson began to step-in to the art of film making with zero knowledge along with his friend Thawar and made a horror film called ALEKANING (The Return). Thought it was not up to the expectation, the movie really gave impact to the viewers especially to children.

In fact, Pearson could be the youngest film maker in Manipur landing in the field of film at the age of 17. He was inspired by film makers like Akira Kurosawa, John Ford and Quentin Tarantino. After completing his course in film making Pearson decided to make local films in Anal dialect rather than joining Bollywood and Manipuri film. He understands everyone needs entertainment through which it can promote one's culture, identity, tradition as well as spreads awareness and messages on different issues.

Showcasing our cultural identity is also the main aim of Pearson while making films. He believed that in film there is no boundary if the film is good it can go anywhere. With this hope and determination he took the courage and challenges and start making film under the banner Kholmi Film Production in Chandel titled "Peral Thingbol" which has been recognized by the citizens of Chandel mostly Anal tribes. The first ever film in Anal dialect can be noticed when KL Sunny directed and produced a film titled "Kalarsi" long back in 1996. The second direction of Sng Pearson "Peral Thingbol" is the 9th Anal film ever produced.

But imagine how a young, energetic and film enthusiast like Pearson could work from a remote district headquarters of Manipur called Chandel where no one finds a movie theatre. Pearson along with his crew in spite of rain and coldness they go from village to village to screen the film. Besides, with a single camera, cast, limited crew members, low budget estimates, equipment, the task of Pearson was so hard that he always look after from head to toe of all his productions.

But, Pearson was never disappointed though it fails in marketing because those people who have seen his work always encourage him to make better films in the future. The strength of Pearson and his entire team is the support and encouragement from the people. He always wanted to entertain the people with the little talent that God gave him...

Apart from the hard labour during making of films Pearson finds moment of happiness when he finds people encouraging his endeavor in bringing out films in his Anal dialect. When the film Peral Thingbol was released one of the happiest moments of Pearson was the outcome. Thus he plans to bring out more and more films with good quality with the aim of promoting the tradition, art and culture of tribals particularly the Anal tribe. Even as he is yet to receive any assistance from the government and the concerned department the viewers of Chandel area has got a different taste of watching films produced from their own area and also their own director of the area. Besides, Pearson is confident that if a person has a will in his work he will achieve what he aims.

SYNOPSIS: The life of Momo suddenly changed the day he met Khikhi a beautiful and a God fearing woman. Momo as the leader of the gang has convinced his gang to quit and look for a better life but, his idea was not agreed by the gang and they broke-up. Momo lives a normal life but things went different after he was trapped into the hand of inspector Mochung Thalta, the most fearsome character in the film. He was electrocuted and become mad but this mad man knows his own remedy PERAL THINGBOL.

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* Daniel Chabungbam is presently working as Manipur Correspondent of guwahati based Frontier TV 24 x 7 news channel
This profile was first webcasted on January 18, 2012


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