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Dancing all the way: Yanglem Rita is a new face in the industry. She has appeared in 4 film so far....

Name: Yanglem Rita Devi @ Bebe
Hair color: black
Date of Birth: October 3rd
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Watching TV, Dancing
Educational Qualification: Currently pursuing BSc. Second year at Liberal College
Address: Luwang Sangbam Mayai Leikai
Role: Supporting Actress
Film Works: Thengmankhre Thabalse, Mikithi, Imagi Laman Singlamdre, , appeared in 4 films.
Upcoming films Asi Awanthada Di Thadoi Ahum (in a lead Role)
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Brief information: Yanglem Rita is young and vibrant actress whose stubbornness for the love of dancing overcame all the hurdles to cleave into the film industry. She has appeared in 4 film so far and did her debut in "Thengmankhre Thabalse" others films includes "Mikithi", "Imagi Laman Singlamdre" and "Asi Awanthada Di Thadoi Ahum" (her latest film as a lead actress).

Although she is a new face in the industry but getting all the way long to stand where she is today comes with a price.

Acting, dancing or film stuff has never been a pleasing word for her father. Much against the wish of her father, she continued to live her dream (Dancing), she manages to participate in school or local functions without the knowledge of her parents and there was time when she even suffered bone injury at her leg after receiving beatings from her father, she recalled.

But her father had to concede to her stubbornness finally and now every one is on her side, she grind.

First Film Break: One of her aunt, Binarani who was producing a film "Thengmankhre Thabal" directed by Romi Meitei, gave her the opportunity to appear in the film and then starts her journey in the film industry. She currently has three proposals for video album.

Although new she is making her presence felt, at very early entry she won the best camera choice award sub-title at Dawn 2006 besides that she also played a lead role in a teleplay called "Ichadagi Isuna Hena Nungsi" for the DDK.

Career Choice: If she has to choose education, she aims to become a teacher - on the other hand if film is the choice she will do it to the extreme limit, adds Rita.

According to her film industry is a kind of platform for socialization, a big family or a team where once you get involved in the company of the crew, one can forget all the worries for a while.

Her point of view is that the Manipur film Industry today has advanced a lot comparing to earlier days. The only problem is the technical shortcomings.

Peoples she like and dislike: She admires people who are jolly, humorous and frank. She hates people who criticize others without knowing what themselves. She gives all her credit to renowned director Romi Meitei for his guidance and generosity.

** First Webcasted on November 16 2010


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