A report on the Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013

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 Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013 at MFDC, Imphal

Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013 at MFDC, Imphal

The day is august 31st of 2013. A somewhat lazy Saturday with a clear sunny sky which lulls the town. Everything seems calm, quiet and ordinary on the surface but as they say "there's a calm before the storm" and this storm was quietly brewing at MFDC.

There is a different energy building up at MFDC as the team members of WOL Media works with much enthusiasm and is bustling with activities as they prepare to mark a historical moment with the first ever Red Carpet Event in Manipur. Of course there is a lot of confusion on set but things starts to fall in place as the time ticks closer to the much awaited moment.

As the clock struck a little after 4:30, Guru Rewben Mahsangva was the first to grace the Red Carpet in simple casual denims. The train of familiar faces that followed thereafter was overwhelming! To name a few, we had senior journalist and socialite Yambem Laba accompanied by his lovely wife.

We were also fortunate enough to have Ex-Union Minister Th. Chaoba on the Red Carpet dressed in a simple all black collared shirt and trousers.

Our very own Olympian M.C Mary Kom greeted us in a pink epaulette-studded top and a soft pink traditional Kom wrap-around with a blue border and minimal make-up as she posed for the shutterbugs.

Amongst the make-up artists, we had Tom Sharma who was seen after a long time and also Jenny Khurai who attended the event.

 Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013 at MFDC, Imphal

Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013 at MFDC, Imphal

Singer cum actor Sadananda walked down RC in a simple deep Muave and grey formal wear. Kaiku wore a charcoal grey blazer with black satin lapel accessorized with an aviator shades. Gokul was seen in a silvery grey suit over a darker monochrome shirt.

Also to be seen on the Red Carpet were the female stars like Bala Hijam in a simple cream Kanchipuram saree with a beautiful border accessorized with bangles and a clutch and soft make up. Abenao wore a rose pink traditional Rani over a gold embroidered blouse and left her long tresses loose on one side. Singer Sushmita wore a knee length black dress with a high waisted belt. A simple middle parting bun and studded wedge shoes completed her look. Soma dazzled in a fuschia pink wear which was a cross between our traditional and contemporary fashion, accessorized with bangles, dangling earrings and an oversized cocktail ring.

The senior artists and pioneers who attended the RC stuck to the theme and while the men looked calm, composed and sober in the ethnic wear, our ladies shone in our beautiful traditional, looking elegant and graceful as ever with soft smiles.

The female protagonist of the movie Tonthoi wore a modified contemporary version of the "Mapan Naiba" phanek draped over by a sheer translucent embroidered "phi". A high bouffant hair, smoky eyes and burnt orange lippie completed her look.

The cast and crew of the movie lit up the evening in fabulous ethnic wear as they walked down the Red carpet including the director Mr. O. Gautam in a simple white "pheijom" or loincloth.

 Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013 at MFDC, Imphal

Red Carpet event on 31st August, 2013 at MFDC, Imphal

Bands like The Fringes, The Dirty Strikes and The Recycle were also present.

Designer Master Ingocha of Reseacaaf who was the Designer of the WOL Media team also walked the Red Carpet with his assistant.

A lavish dinner buffet was set up with eight items on the Menu by The Classic Hotel who was also the hospitality partner. And a light snack & drink was serviced by Rosa fast food. Among the sponsers were Colour & Space, Nachom and Presto.

A brief feedback from those who were present at the screening of Beragee Bomb left us with the notion that this is a movie which a normal, ordinary person can relate to. Anyone of us can encounter such an incident in our everyday lives. A movie with many new talented faces and witty and humorous dialogues. Well noted directror Romi Meitei also mentioned that this is a breakthrough and the beginning of a new genre in our film industry.

As for the Red carpet event, All in all, a grand evening of glitz and glamour with the premiere of a light hearted, comedy movie Beragee Bomb which promises to leave u roaring with laughter throughout.

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o Red carpet event at premier of 'Beragee Bomb' on 31 August 2013 :: Part 2

o Red carpet event at premier of 'Beragee Bomb' on 31 August 2013 :: Part 1

* Nimi Rajkumari is from WOL Media and can be contacted at wolmedia(dot)imphal(at)gmail(dot)com
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