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Miranda TK Maring *

Patterns by Karan Thokchom - A designer showcase , a fashion show in Hotel Classic, Imphal in 29 April, 2012

Patterns by Karan Thokchom - A designer showcase at Imphal on 29 April, 2012
Pix by Tiken Thokchom

Being home to dozens of boutiques featuring trendy clothes, fashion accessories, and home decor items, one can proudly proclaim that Manipur is a land of fashion. People here like living KINGSIZE life. Thus, when it comes to clothing and style, there is no compromise whatsoever.

Luxury is what the city socialites believe in. To cater to their taste of all things extravagant, a fashion store at Gambhir, Leima, Paona Bazaar, Boutiques on the roadside of Deulahlane and second hand markets at Lamphel, Checkon and behind Pologround can easily satisfy their desire. These shops will lure any passerby. He/ she would be tempted to check in and grab anything besides its price.

As a patriarchal society, most of the husbands would leave for office in the morning and the wives who stay back at home would rather watch Korean serials instead of doing the household chores.

And when their eyes started to become red from exposing to longer duration in front of LCD screen or when their ears get tired of hearing the so called popular word 'uppaaa' /'sarange', stressing at the end they would take a walk at second-hand markets in search of the same shirt, dress, pant, bag, shoe, accessories that the Korean actors had worn in the movie.

After all, people here believed that second hand things are imported ones. Not to be left out, a second hand shopkeeper would scream 'KOREAN TOP' if he spots a lady shopaholic. This in turn grabs the attention of a shopper ultimately.

Asians are known for their intellectual sense of fashion, and so is with the people in Manipur. This is the reason underneath why people in our state prefer Korean movies than the ever-popular Hollywood & Bollywood flicks.

Yes, economically we are not that strong but this cannot be the reason why we opt for second hand garments. It is because Westerners are much ahead in terms of fashion and since second hand stuffs are imported, we chose it. Because we don't want to be listed in the fashion Magazine's fashion disaster list, but in the top list of fashion icons.

Ladies and gents would turn up looking chic and trendy at any event, either marriage or birthdays, etc. And one can easily imagine that you are attending one of the world's biggest fashion events though it's not the 'Cannes'.

All clothes are priced decently, especially the dresses which we thought were great value for money for the stunning designs they came in. Starting from shorts, pajamas, T-shirts, jeans, palazzo pants, assymetrical skirts, maxi dresses, everything is available in vibrant colour.

Definitely, Imphal is a fashion hub and the destination of shopping spree for all fashionistas and shopaholics.

* Miranda TK Maring wrote this article for Hueiyen Lanpao (English Edition)
This article was webcasted on May 28, 2012.


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