Nirmal Kangjam :: Prominent name in Model world of Manipur


Nirmal Kangjam

Nirmal Kangjam

Name: Nirmal Kangjam alias Jogamani
Address: Pisumthong Nongthongbam Leirak
Height: 5'11
Date of Birth: 7th March
Zodiac sign: Pieces
Educational qualification: Graduate-Manipur University
Favourite food items: Non-veg.
Hobbies: mingling with friends, listening to romantic music
Profession: Model/Actor

Nirmal is among the prominent names in the glamour industries of Manipur. After successfully earning a slot in the world of local modeling market as a bold figure, he is now vying to conquer the Manipur film industry.

He has appeared in about 11 music albums so far. In addition to that three music video albums are on the verge of release and with three offers to act in the local film. Remarkably, Nirmal is also an employee of the government of Manipur but he wishes to refrain from further detailing it.

Nirmal Kangjam

Nirmal Kangjam

He can be described as one of the longest surviving male model of the uncertain and limited local market of modeling. But fighting against all odds, standing where he is today is not an easy task. Nirman described himself as enthusiastic artist who always grew up with the dream of art since his childhood.

Undeterred with the painstaking task of knocking every possible corridor of local producers or designers only to be ignored or unnoticed, his strong determination and relentless efforts finally paid off in the year 2002 with an opportunity to compete in the Elio man hunt contest.

This contest was a major turning point that led him to his much anticipated dream. He manages to reach till the semi finals.

In 2003 he received an offer for an ad project to promote two local singers; then came his debut as a full-fledged model to walk on the ramp along side with other top local models in a show "Freeway Fashion Parade, at GM Hall, Imphal, in 2004. He has participated in about 45 shows and choreographed 15 shows besides representing top local fashion institutes and designers in the state. RESEACAAF, Blue Ocean Academy (BOA), Trends, Aruna Academy of Creative Art. Etc. are institution to name a few.

Despite being a successful model a sense unsatisfactory to his zeal for art continued to stalk him which led him to produce his first music video entitled "Model".

Music director cum singer Sorri Senjam was the playback singer but the album got delayed with its release as it collided with another music video project entitled "Nachom" reassuring his quest to be a complete artist. The video was directed by Bony and Tommy and hit the market as his first video. "Model" was however released after his sixth music video.

Lately Nirmal is planning to test his skills in film industry with three offers in hand.

He believes that taking up a new challenge without long term assessment is not a good idea. "I am very sensitive of the outcomes and if I feel it is not going to take me any further I am not pushing myself for the challenge" he said.

Nirmal Kangjam

Nirmal Kangjam on the ramp

Observation: He observed that the Manipur glamour industry, especially the modeling industry in the state is a harsh environment for a person to survive. He claimed that the reason behind him surviving was due to his determination coupled with his status as a being a government employee.

He further observed that in order to make the market more efficient and sustainable, government needs to frame a policy to boost the market. He believes that the modeling market will expand in the state, however will take time.

Future plans: Although he is slowly expanding his reign even in the film industry, Nirmal said that he will firmly grip the modeling industry for it is his launched pad. He expressed his desire to help in developing modeling profession and has plans to open his own institute in modeling choreography.

Message: In order to become a successful model one must be hardworking, confident and at the same time regular planning must be done on every move.

Credits: he gives his credits to Kumarjit, Iche Mimi, Doren, Brojen, Birjit, RESEACAAF, BOA, D'mantra, Bony and Tommy.

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* This profile was first webcasted on July 21, 2011


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